What is Organic?

OrganicWhat does organic mean?

When talking about SEO and marketing, organic refers to results from search engines that show due to the relevance of the query, and not because of paid adverts or other non-organic processes

Organic SEO includes the writing of keyword rich articles and content as well as the back linking of articles to relevant content and to your own website. Organic SEO is often referred to as white hat SEO, whereas more underhand techniques than can be seen as not fully legal are sometimes known as black hat SEO.

Black hat methods are often employed because a webmaster doesn’t have the patience to wait for organic SEO benefits to materialize. While a black hat SEO campaign can rapidly boost the search visibility of a website, these methods could also lead to the site getting deindexed, or banned from search results completely. Many sites that use black hat techniques do so because they are low quality to begin with. So, even if a site is not banned from the search engines, there is a good chance that the poor quality of the site will reduce its traffic naturally over time anyway.

Organic SEO can be achieved by:

  • Optimizing relevant content on web pages
  • Adding more external and internal links pointing to the page
  • Including metatags and other onsite SEO principles.

Organic SEO methods mainly rely on the relevancy of the content they offer. Some of the benefits of organic SEO include:

  • Highly relevant content leads to increased click-through rates, as well as better onsite metrics such as time on site.
  • Search engine results last longer, and can even improve as time goes on if the page experiences a low bounce rate.
  • Generates user trust for the entire site, which could lead to increase natural inbound links.
  • Very cost effective when compared with paid advertising.

Organic SEO will bring the best results for your traffic although it will take longer to increase your conversion rate than if you used other techniques such as paid advertising. Websites using organic SEO are often seen as akin to living organisms, growing and adapting to user needs as time goes on.

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