The Ultimate Bindo POS Review (2024): Get The Full Particulars

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bindo pos review

In this Bindo POS review, we’re taking a closer look at the features, pros, and cons of Bindo POS, a convenient point of sale solution based in the cloud. Ideal for both restaurant owners and retailers, Bindo is flexible, feature-rich, and relatively user friendly.

The question is, does Bindo offer the right solution for your business? Here’s everything you need to know to make the right decision for your company.

Quick Verdict

Bindo POS is an easy-to-use point of sale solution for small businesses from various industries. The solution comes with hundreds of features to explore, and even allows companies to manage their entire business from an iPad or tablet.

However, it offers limited integrations with third-party tools, and may be a little pricey for some organizations.

Pros and Cons of Bindo POS

Pros 👍

  • Wide range of built-in features
  • Integrations and API access available
  • Flexible payment processing options
  • Lots of unique hardware solutions
  • Integrated customer management tools

Bindo POS Features

Designed to support food and beverage, retail, and hospitality companies, Bindo POS is a flexible point of sale system serving businesses in more than 12 countries.

bindo pos review homepage for retail

It combines many of the core features you would expect from a POS system (such as payment processing and inventory management), with custom checkout solutions, CRM and loyalty tools, and reporting features.

Features can vary depending on the plan you choose, but generally include:

Payment Processing

While Bindo isn’t a payment processing company itself, its software is compatible with many payment solutions. The Bindo “Payment integration” solutions allow companies to accept debit and credit card transactions, as well as mobile payments via Apple and Google Pay, and more.

Bindo promises secure, lightweight, and simple payment processing, regardless of which merchant service provider you choose to work with. The company even takes a strategic approach to security, enabling military-grade protection for every transaction.

There’s also a handy “scan to pay” option within the Bindo app, which allows consumers to make payments simply by scanning a QR code.

Smart Register Checkout Customization

At the heart of the Bindo POS software is a “smart register” feature which allows companies to automate common tasks and simplify sales processes. The customizable checkout solution can help businesses to increase sales, by recommending relevant products at the point of sale.

Plus, companies can showcase product and pricing information to consumers in real-time, and apply discounts and promotions on-demand. Unlike some solutions for smaller business owners, Bindo also supports multi-store management, allowing you to share detailed information and workflows across various locations at once.

Inventory and Order Management

Many of the most impressive features of Bindo POS are linked to its inventory and order management technology. When companies scan an item, the software can automatically fetch information from a database capable of holding up to 10 million product details. The solution will also automatically update your inventory counts, so you never have to manually input data.

There are numerous advanced modules to explore too, such as ingredient tracking tools for restaurant companies, automatic notifications, and low stock alerts. You can even manage the full stock transfer process within your mobile point of sale system.

Bindo POS also includes a robust product matrix which allows you to easily search through your inventory, track information about different suppliers, and deal with purchase orders. You can even check order status information in real-time.

CRM, Loyalty, and Customer Management

One thing that separates Bindo POS from other leading toolkits on the market is its integrated CRM-style solution for creating and managing customer profiles. You can use built-in features to collect data about your customers, their contact details, and purchasing history in one place.

It’s even possible to track how much customers have spent during a specific period. Through Bindo’s ecosystem, retailers can also create customized, branded gift cards to increase sales. Plus, there’s support for loyalty management programs, so you can reward your VIP clients.

Analytics and Reports

Though Bindo doesn’t offer quite as many reporting options as some alternatives, it does provide relatively detailed insights into crucial business metrics and KPIs. You can create inventory reports, analyze income statements, and compare your best and worst-selling products.

There’s also access to various customizable sales reports, which you can download and share with your team. Bindo’s system can even automatically transform data into visual graphs. Plus, the technology integrates with leading tools like QuickBooks, so you can keep track of financial information for tax and compliance purposes.

Online and Mobile Sales

Like Square and Shopify, Bindo gives companies the freedom to build a custom storefront they can use to increase their sales online. Bindo’s team will develop an ecommerce platform specific to your business needs, and ensure its fully synchronized with Bindo POS.

It’s also possible to quickly integrate your existing ecommerce store with Bindo POS through a single line of HTML code. With Bindo acting as your payment gateway, it can handle all of the tasks of credit card processing for you, and ensure cross-channel inventory syncing.

You can ALSO automatically implement mobile ordering options for your customers, to allow them to scan, order, and pay from products wherever they are.

POS Hardware

Though it’s possible to run the Bindo POS software on your existing iPad or tablet, you can also expand the functionality of your toolkit with additional hardware. Bindo carries a variety of options to choose from, including mobile POS solutions for tableside ordering, and countertop registers.

Most solutions are offered by third-party vendors like Pax and Landi, but they still offer excellent functionality and ease of use. Bindo also works alongside a range of accessories, such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers.

Employee Management

Unfortunately, Bindo’s employee and staff management tools aren’t quite as advanced as those you can access from other POS vendors. However, there are some handy features built into the software. For instance, you can leverage PIN-based time clocks to allow your employees to clock in and out of their workplace digitally.

The reporting section in the software also offers useful insights into employee performance, shifts, and schedules. Employees can even use Bindo’s convenient cash management tool to track all of their transactions throughout each shift.


Currently, Bindo doesn’t provide transparent insights into its pricing, transaction fees, or even costs for hardware on the Bindo website. Instead, to find out how much everything will cost your business, you’ll need to request a quote from the Bindo sales team.

On the plus side, Bindo does offer a 14-day trial for its services, so you can always experiment with the functionality before you commit to a long-standing contract.

Where Bindo POS Stands Out

Extensive Collection of Features

Bindo’s POS software comes packaged with more than 300+ features, connected to everything from inventory and customer relationship management, to analytics. You can manage all of the features from within your Bindo dashboard, optimized for phones, tablets, and computers.

Additionally, there are options to extend functionality with unique modules, integrations, and even access to Bindo’s API solution. Bindo even offers features other vendors overlook, such as solutions for supply chain management and ingredient tracking.

Versatile Payment Solutions

Although Bindo doesn’t facilitate payment processing itself, it makes up for this caveat by giving companies complete freedom over which payment solution they choose to use. You’re free to select the merchant solution that works best for your customers, and your business.

Additionally, regardless of which payment processor you choose, you’ll be able to accept a variety of payment methods, while keeping your business and buyers secure. Bindo’s high-level security and data privacy features offer exceptional peace of mind.

Customer Management Tools

A built-in CRM solution makes it easy for vendors using Bindo to create comprehensive profiles capturing and recording all of the data they need to make intelligent decisions. With useful insights into your customers and purchasing habits, you can create more personalized sales and marketing campaigns. Plus, Bindo offers a range of features to help increase sales.

For instance, you can design your own bespoke app for mobile customers, create custom gift cards, and even design loyalty programs for your audience.

Fantastic Hardware Options

Bindo also offers a wide variety of hardware options to businesses who want to expand beyond simply using their iPad for payment processing and store management. You can access full registers and countertop systems for your store, as well as various accessories, such as barcode scanners.

Bindo can even support self-service kiosks, giving companies the freedom to empower their users to manage their own transactions without human support. Plus, there are various display systems available for front and back of house operation management.

Where Bindo POS Falls Short

The Pricing

Bindo does offer a 14-day free trial to customers to help them test the functionality of the ecosystem before signing up for a comprehensive plan. However, the business isn’t particularly straightforward or transparent about what business leaders can expect to pay.

There’s very little information on the Bindo website about the cost of hardware, transaction fees, and even software subscriptions. You’ll need to reach out directly to a member of the Bindo team to get a quote, which can make budget planning difficult.

Missing Some Advanced Features

Though Bindo POS is relatively feature-rich, it is lacking in certain areas. For instance, there aren’t a lot of advanced employee management tools available if you want to handle payroll and scheduling within your point of sale system.

The reports are also a little basic, although they will address most business needs by offering insights into inventory, cash flow, and top-performing products.

Alternatives to Bindo POS

Bindo POS is an extremely flexible, and straightforward POS solution, ideal for supporting retail, restaurant, and hospitality companies. However, it does have its downsides, such as limited employee management tools, and a lack of transparent pricing.

If you’re looking for an excellent alternative to Bindo POS, here are three great competitors:

1. Shopify POS

If you’re planning on selling both online and in-person with your point of sale solution, Shopify could be the ideal vendor for you. The Shopify POS solution builds on the ecommerce platform capabilities already offered by Shopify, allowing companies to create powerful omnichannel experiences.

Shopify POS is packed with useful features for not just inventory and order management, but also secure payment processing, and customer relationship management. There are even integrated marketing solutions to help you increase your sales potential.

Unfortunately, Shopify doesn’t offer a free version of its POS system, as even the “Lite” package requires a subscription to a Shopify ecommerce plan. However, the pricing is relatively affordable considering the feature package you get.

2. Square POS

square pos homepage - best pos systems

Often considered the best point of sale solution for smaller businesses, Square POS combines a feature-rich software solution, with dozens of hardware options designed to address different business needs. This easy-to-use technology offers everything from comprehensive customer engagement tools, to secure payment processing, powered by Square itself.

Plus, the offering can be customized to suit the needs of companies from specific industries, for instance, there’s a Square POS solution exclusively for restaurants. You can also integrate your software with a range of third-party tools.

The free version of the Square POS software is ideal for budget-conscious businesses, and Square also promises flat, predictable payment processing rates for all vendors.

3. Zettle POS

zettle pos

Ideal for companies looking for something a little more basic from their point of sale solution, Zettle POS by PayPal is extremely easy to use. It lacks a lot of the advanced capabilities offered by Bindo, such as a built-in CRM, and restaurant management tools.

However it does offer access to secure payment processing, powered by PayPal, as well as robust inventory management and order management tools. There’s a free plan available for beginners, making Zettle great for budget-conscious brands.

Plus, you can access a range of hardware solutions from PayPal too, including simple card readers and barcode scanners.

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