Payline Data Reviews: A Transparent Payment Gateway with Online, In-Store and Mobile Solutions

Finding a reasonable payment gateway to use for your business is often like playing a game of golf: After much consideration, and lining up your shot, it seems clear that you've found the right route to the hole. However, a tree seems to always act as a barrier, then a friend comes up afterwards and tells you that a different option may have worked better.

Have you ever found yourself in that situation? The payment gateway industry is a fickle one, so you may end up getting hit by unexpected charges, while a a friend recommends a more suitable option after you've already gone through the work of setting up a payment gateway.

Our job here is to ensure that this doesn't happen at all.

We're constantly looking at payment gateways and ecommerce platforms so that you make the right decision the first time.

So, we wanted to outline an interesting solution for a payment gateway for those who are looking for both mobile, in-store and online payment collecting.

The company is called Payline Data, and at first glance I really enjoyed the setup of its website. The marketing copy isn't pushy or vague like many of the payment processors you'll stumble upon, and they offer some transparent interchange-plus pricing, which is one of the best ways of reporting for small to large businesses.


Overall, I like to look for honesty in a payment provider, and the Payline Data company not only has a solid sales team that will walk you through your options, but it only takes a few moments to really see what you can get on the homepage of the Payline Data website.

Payline Data has solutions for online transactions, as well as mobile and in-store options. You'll find some rather intuitive reports and insights on the backend, which comes in the form of itemized and broken down categories, as opposed to many other payment gateways that group together lots of payments in large categories, leading to a statement that's hard to comprehend.

Along with a booking module, clear pricing and a support team that's more accessible than the average, Payline Data is definitely worth looking into. So, keep reading to learn more about whether or not Payline Data is the right payment gateway for your company.

Payline Data Reviews: Top Features

The first area that online businesses are thinking about when looking at Payline Data is the merchant account. As we talked about above, you can have a merchant account for a brick and mortar, online or mobile store. So, food trucks and physical locations are included in the packaging as well. Unfortunately high risk merchant accounts are far too often going to damage your business down the road, so it's refreshing to see that Payline Data is not only low risk, but they don't make it that hard to gain access to the system.

The main selling point is that you gain flexibility with your payments, giving you a chance to improve your business and expand to other places. For example, we're starting to see lots of restaurants expand with food trucks. It would be nice if the restaurant's current payment gateway allowed for this, but that's not always the case. Payline Data, on the other hand, delivers platforms for both, bringing together your reports from every facet of your business.

The Payline Data platform utilizes automated clearing house (ACH) payments, which collect and group all payments in batches. Without going into much detail about the backend of the system, it's designed to decrease your costs and to get you paid quicker. ACH has a lower risk of non-payments, so that's why it can get the money you make in your account a little faster. It's also nice because the ACH system makes it easier to automate payments and setup recurring billing.


Other than the merchant account and payment gateway, a standout feature is the booking module. Although I understand not every company is going to use this, I can't stress how impressive it is that Payline Data has integrated a booking feature into the system. Therefore, if you ever plan on collecting booking forms from customers, it seems like a no-brainer to go with Payline Data.

Overall, the booking module collects form submissions at any time, and from any device or location. The mobile experience is pretty seamless, and it's been shown to achieve about a 65-80% checkout conversion rate in terms of booking for events and other things. You can register people as individuals or groups, and have a preset list to decrease the amount of confusion during an event. Heck, you can even include online waivers for more dangerous activities, while sending out automated emails if instructions are required for the events people are signing up for.

Payline Data Reviews: Ease of Use


Getting setup with a Payline Data account only requires a username and password. After that you'll be sent to the dashboard to view everything from your transactions to coupon management areas. The first page on the dashboard includes quite a few quick reports. For example, you can immediately see the following:

  • All time sales
  • Sales today
  • All time orders
  • Orders today
  • Sales this week
  • Monthly sales
  • Total customers
  • Average order volume

Although it's a simple feature, you'll notice that Payline Data offers a spot to set a sales goal for the month. This is a huge benefit for all of the businesses out there that are trying to benchmark and understand exactly how well they're performing. For some reason bringing that functionality to the actual payment processor is far better than having sales goals on a separate spreadsheet or piece of paper, because this is where all of your sales information is going to be on a month to month basis.

Other than that, the secure online checkout has simple tools for getting things implemented on your site. Subscription services, vault data and invoicing comes along with the gateway, and you can either place the gateway on your own site or ask for some help from the support team. Either way, it only requires a simple bit of code to copy and paste then get started.


As for mobile and in-store payments, the hardware is all given to you for a reasonable price, and it integrates with an online store if you have one. Processing EMV chips is supported, and the terminals come in the form of iPads with USB readers. What's interesting is that you're not only stuck with collecting payments from EMV chip cards. The system still works with magnetic stripe cards and options like Apple Pay.

Payline Pricing

Here it is. The pricing for a payment gateway. Generally we would walk through an insane amount of fees and weird reporting tactics, but this one is a little different. Since the Payline Data company uses interchange-plus pricing, all of the transactions are itemized to the point where you'll be saving money. It's all passed down to you in the pricing, and I'm pretty amazed how well Payline Data has done with showing off the pricing in a a clear way on its website.

Let's take a look at the various packages you can choose from:

  • Starter – Interchange + 0.5%, $0.15 per transaction, $0 per month. This is for companies that collect less than $5,000 per month.
  • Pro – Interchange + 0.2%, $0.10 per transaction, $15 per month. This is for companies that collect greater than $5,000 per month.
  • Online Starter – Interchange + 0.65%, $0.15 per transaction, $0 per month. This is for companies that collect less than $5,000 per month.
  • Online Pro – Interchange + 0.35%, $0.10 per transaction, $15 per month. This is for companies that collect greater than $5,000 per month.
  • Non-profit and Charitable Organizations – Interchange + 0.1%, $0.10 per transaction, $10 per month. This is for companies that are 501(c)(3) charities.
  • Volume Pricing – If you're processing more than $80,000 per month you must call the Payline Data company to setup a custom plan.

Payline Security

The EMV compliant readers are just one way that Payline Data embraces the world of digital security. These chips are known to protect customer data, so it's rather important to have this functionality when implementing a POS or mobile payment gateway.

Chargebacks are some of the more frustrating parts of running an online business, since they can often be fraudulent and send your company into the red. Basically, a chargeback is when someone claims they didn't receive the product (or something similar like that) so you're required to send the money back and potentially handle a fee as well. As you might imagine, it becomes a huge problem for many online businesses, so Payline Data offers programs like Verifi, Ethoca and iSpyFraud to prevent an excessive amount of chargebacks. It's also nice for detecting fraud before it happens, since you're better off worrying about your day to day than thinking about the people who are trying to scam you.

Overall, all of the transactions that go through your in-store or online processor are going to be completely secure, and the real-time fraud monitoring ensures that people are not going to take advantage of you when you're not watching.

Payline Reports

We've talked about this a bit above, but the reports somewhat tie into the interchange-plus pricing model, seeing as how the reports you see on the backend are going to directly effect how much you end up paying Payline Data. We also like this because the dynamic reporting and trending analysis combines well with your marketing tools, making the whole process pretty simple.

For example, the backend of the Payline Data interface provides top customer lists, complete with important attributes that come in handy when trying to target certain people. Total and average sales and order reports are all packaged into the dashboard as well, but the more useful information resides in the individual or group customer data. The reports cover four steps: Discover, Manage, Analyze and Grow. So, you can know who your customers are and where they come from, make pricing and inventory decisions based on this data, gather performance trends after making decisions and build your business plans based on the results.

Payline In-Store and Mobile Functionality

Besides the online payment gateway, Payline Data has in-store and mobile POS systems. Get a terminal and point of sale directly from them, and know that the hardware is going to match up well with the software. The mobile interfaces combine nicely with iPads and iPhones, while even the in-store solutions use iPads. It's all EMV compliant, so you have the most up to date platform out there.

What's cool is that you receive cloud based reporting regardless of where you collect the payments. This way, you can always open up a single dashboard to see how your business is doing. Inventory management is allowed through the mobile and in-store platforms, while it provides up to five devices for a monthly fee of only $10.

Countries Served by Payline:

  • USA
  • Canada

Payline Support


A phone number is always provided towards the top of the Payline Data website. This is reassuring considering it's often difficult, or impossible, to locate a phone number to ask a few questions from a payment gateway. The support knowledge base is a popular place for customers to go, especially if you're interested in doing your own research from articles and topics.

Go to the forum to chat with others who are using the system, or open up a support ticket to get a reply within 24 hours. The company gives out phone, email and address information, adding to the idea that it's a transparent company with nothing to hide. Oh yea, and it provides quite a few social media outlets if that's more your style.

Payline Data Reviews: Who Should be Using Payline?

Anyone who is frustrated with non-transparent payment gateways should take a look at the way Payline does business. In addition, I like Payline for companies that are going to be collecting booking information for events, considering the integrated booking platform is rather useful. Finally, it doesn't matter if you sell less than $5,000 per month or more than $80,000, because they'll work with you to find a solution.

Try Payline Data

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