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Should You Download and Use This App?

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Dropshipping is huge right now, so it’s only natural to want a slice of this booming market. With the convenience offered to new online sellers and the choice it unlocks for consumers, dropshipping is popular worldwide.

Although getting started with dropshipping isn’t complicated or expensive, you can save yourself tons of time using an app that connects you with the best dropshipping providers and products for 2022.

Cue, MerchMixer.

This simple Shopify integration allows you to dive right in, with over 50,000 exclusive products across 30 product categories to choose from; no matter what you’re hoping to sell, MerchMixer could be the solution.

So, in this MerchMixer review, we're taking the app under the microscope to see what it offers entrepreneurs, how much its costs, where it excels, and where it lacks.

There's lots to cover, so let's dive in!

MerchMixer Review: What’s Dropshipping?

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of MerchMixer, let's ensure we're all on the same page with what ‘dropshipping' means. The idea behind this eCommerce model is simple. An entrepreneur lists products to sell online that are made/provided by a dropshipping supplier.  When an order's made, the dropshipping supplier is notified. The dropshipper then picks, packs, and ships the order directly to the customer.

Consequently, online store owners can launch their business without investing, warehousing, or shipping inventory. The entrepreneur pays the dropshipper the base rate for the product and sells it at a marked up price to make a profit.

With all that said, how can MerchMixer help you get started with dropshipping?

Here’s the answer:

MerchMixer Review: What's MerchMixer?

merchmixer homepage

MerchMixer is a US dropshipping app for your Shopify Store. As previously stated in this review's intro, MerchMixer offers a catalog of over 50,000 dropshipping products across more than 30 product categories.

Below's just a taste of the kinds of product categories MerchMixer has on offer:

  • Electronics
  • Apparel
  • Kitchen and home office supplies
  • Pet supplies
  • Toys
  • Cleaning products
  • Masks
  • Gaming accessories
  • Jewelry

…and much more!

With MerchMixer’s team of expert buyers negotiating prices, you can rest easy knowing you're getting a good deal on wholesale products. This goes a long way to empowering you to generate higher profits with every sale you make.

Once you’ve chosen the MerchMixer products you want to sell, they’re added to your Shopify store. From there, MerchMixer handles everything else, including order fulfillment and shipment, whenever a customer order comes in.

Sounds convenient, right?

MerchMixer warehouses and ships all its products from the US for faster, more reliable shipping. Typically, this takes between two and seven business days.

Best of all, the prices listed in their product catalog already includes US shipping, so there's no need to factor this into your comprehensive pricing strategy.

MerchMixer Review: How Do I Start Using MerchMixer?

merchmixer shopify app store

To get started with MerchMixer, you'll need to follow the steps below:

1. Link Your Store

Head over to the Shopify App store and search for the “MerchMixer” app. Once you've located it, simply click ‘Add app.’ This will then prompt you to enter your Shopify store's URL. Then just approve the connection on Shopify, and you're good to go!

Once you've done that, you should be able to access MerchMix from your Shopify dashboard to start growing and adding products from their catalog.

2. Find Products to Sell

To start finding products to sell, launch MerchMixer from your Shopify dashboard and click ‘Find Products.’ This will bring up the MerchMixer product catalog. You can kickstart your search by entering terms of interest into the search bar, like “headsets” or “speaker,” and filtering the results by price range and category.

3. Import Products to Your Store

Once you’ve found a product (or several) that you want to sell. Click “import selected” to import them to your Shopify store. Back in your Shopify backend, you'll find the imported items in the products section. From here, you can manage them and view their stock.

It’s as simple as that! MerchMixer also works in conjunction with apps like Spocket and Oberlo so that you can expand your product research even further without interference.

MerchMixer Pricing

merchmixer review - pricing

We have good news – you can sign up for MerchMixer for free today and start selling dropshipping products without any prior investment. However, the free plan comes with some limitations, so as your brand grows, it's worth considering an upgrade.

The Free Plan

Here you can import up to 100 products to your Shopify store. But, with the freemium package, you won’t benefit from the best prices MerchMixer has to offer. You also don't get access to live chat support or exclusive products.

However, all plans come with email support, one-click product imports, professionally written product sales copy, real-time order tracking, and 7-day shipping. You also get sales reports, real-time inventory syncing, and price margins are automatically applied.

The Pro Plan

The Pro plan will set you back $49 a month and increases your import limit to 1000 products. You’ll also get better prices as negotiated by MerchMixer’s buyer team. Additionally, you unlock live chat support, exclusive products, and access to the expert onboarding webinar.

The Premium Plan

For $99 a month, you can benefit from the best dropshipping prices, and you can import an unlimited number of products. Besides this, the Premium plan doesn’t offer many new features, other than the store strategy report.

MerchMixer Review: What's MerchMixer’s Return Policy?

MerchMixer works with more than 100 vendors, each of which has different returns policies. This means you’ll have to refer to the relevant returns policy for each product. If the manufacturer does offer returns, MerchMixer has a 15-day return window upon delivery. All you need to do on your end is to go to the ‘Approved Order’ tab and click ‘Report Issue,’ and MerchMixer will handle the return for you.

MerchMixer Review: Merchmixer's Pros:

There’s plenty of benefits to using MerchMixer, most notably:

Automatic Inventory Updates

You'll always know what's in stock with MerchMixer's automatic inventory updates. With this info to hand, you're better positioned to decide which products to sell.

Real-Time Order Tracking

You can pull up the status of any order at any given time by checking MerchMixer's real-time order tracking. Within seconds you can see whether:

  • An order's been received,
  • An order's been fulfilled.
  • An order's on its way for delivery.

One-Click Product Imports

Importing one or several products is literally as simple as a single click. Just select the products you want to import and press a single button to get it done. Removing products from your store is just as easy!

Predictable Profit Margins

With shipping already calculated into MerchMixer's base prices, you can rely on consistent profit margins. And thanks to MerchMixer’s buyer's team, you'll also benefit from lower wholesale pricing.

Fast US Shipping

MerchMixer boasts all US-based warehouses dotted across the United States so that customers receive their orders quickly. You can expect shipping times anywhere between two and seven days (no matter which pricing plan you're on). Fast shipping = happy customers!

Generous Import Limits

One hundred products are quite a lot to import for free! It's undoubtedly enough for you to get started with a well-stocked online business. This is generous, especially compared to competitors like Spocket, who only offer 25 products on their free plan. The same holds when comparing MerchMixer's cheapest premium plan, with 1000 products on offer compared to Spocket’s 250.

MerchMixer Review: MerchMixer's Cons

All apps come with their drawbacks, so here's MerchMixer’s:

There's No Phone Support

MerchMixer doesn’t offer phone or priority support on any of its plans, so if that's something you're looking for in an app, you're out of luck. That said, live chat support is available with all its premium plans.

There's No International Shipping

MerchMixer is excellent if you have a US customer base. However, this isn't true for international audiences. They only ship to Domestic USA, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. There are also no immediate plans for shipping outside of the USA.

It Only Integrates with Shopify

MerchMixer is a Shopify-only app, which means that you can’t run it on any of these, or any other, large eCommerce platforms:

  • Amazon
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento

…to name a few.

No Customization

At no pricing tier does MerchMixer enable you to customize your packaging. So,  you can’t include thank you notes or branded materials inside orders to enhance the customer experience.

You Can't Contact MerchMixer’s Suppliers Directly

MerchMixer handles any issues you have with the products and/or suppliers. You can't get in touch with the dropshipping suppliers directly, so if a problem arises, you’ll have to use MerchMixer as the middleman to sort it out. Needless to say, this makes finding a solution slower and more complicated than just being able to handle it yourself.

Limited Online Resources

All of MerchMixer's online resources are written by a single individual, who also creates the explainer videos. While this is undoubtedly a valiant effort, none of these resources go too in-depth, nor can we view any of the products or categories without signing up to MerchMixer.

That said, this app is still relatively new, so it's not too surprising there are limited resources online. Hopefully, its help center will expand shortly.

However, if you’re looking for a well-established app with more social proof and extensive help documentation, this isn’t the one.

MerchMixer Review: Who Should Use MerchMixer?

MerchMixer is a brand-new Shopify dropshipping app for store owners looking to sell high-quality US products from reliable dropshippers. If your audience is strictly US-based, this service is an affordable way to get started with dropshipping.

MerchMixer offers generous import limits and comes with all the crucial features you need to track and manage your stock. This includes live inventory updates, tracking, and one-click product imports.

The online resources might be sparse at the moment, but you shouldn’t need much help. MerchMixer is incredibly easy to use. You can start selling new products with just a few clicks, and importing is as easy as selecting products and clicking a single button.

That said, MerchMixer isn't right for online store owners with an international reach or for those wanting to customize their packaging.

All things considered, MerchMixer offers a pretty good albeit basic service, making it a great starting point for those new to the dropshipping game – it's not the best fit for international enterprises.

Have you tried out MerchMixer’s free plan yet? You can easily use it in conjunction with Oberlo or Spocket on your Shopify store. Let us know how you liked their products and services in the comments below. Speak soon!

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