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An In-Depth InstaRise Review + Exclusive Discount


Social networks have been huge since the start of the decade. Facebook was the first behemoth that took off. Whatsapp followed, with a huge user base running into the billions.

And then came along Instagram.

While there is a lot of advice on how to market to users using Facebook's brilliant ad platform, many marketers are still to tap into Instagram's highly active community.

And then I came across some stats:

  1. Instagram has the most sought after user base for brands of all sizes- millennials who fall in the 18-24 age group and earn between 50,000 and 75,000 USD
  2. Almost half of the users on Instagram also use it for product discovery
  3. And then the stat that floored me- Instagram has 30 times the engagement rate of Facebook, a much larger organic post reach, all with an advertising platform that is as robust as that of Facebook (if you've forgotten, Facebook owns Instagram)

I was shocked.

But I was convinced- I had to get into Instagram. And I decided to do it for our in-house ecommerce project:

So I created an Instagram account for Matcha tea and set up a process to post curated content regularly.

Well- we began getting likes, comments, and followers, but few clicks to the actual website, and no real traction. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone and study what it took to gain traction on Instagram.

Dozens of blog posts and recommendations later, I came across InstaRise, an Instagram Marketing course by Angelo Lo Presti and Giles Thomas, the founder of AcquireConvert. It looked promising, so I reached out to Giles directly about the course.

The course turned out to be a game changer for me. I now know more than I've ever known about Instagram marketing, and so I thought I'd write a detailed review about InstaRise. And even better- turns out the course is geared towards ecommerce marketers. Giles was kind enough to offer a discount for our readers too. (if you'd like to straight away see the discounted course, go here)

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Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin and Blockchain in Ecommerce


There are several trends influencing the ecommerce industry as a whole, but arguably the most visible of these is accepting cryptocorruencies as a payment method, given the astronomic rise of the Bitcoin price.

When it comes to payment processors in ecommerce sites, the talk used to be about credit cards, PayPal, COD (cash on delivery), et al. But now it’s shifting towards bitcoins and digital currencies.

Digital currencies are the future of ecommerce. Bitcoin was founded in 2011, but back then it was hard to imagine that it could be put to any kind of practical use.

Local currencies couldn’t be converted to bitcoin easily and, as a result, no retailer would even think of accepting bitcoins as payment. But things started changing gradually, particularly over the past 3 years.

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The Art of Upselling and How You Can Use It to Boost Revenues Using SendOwl


Our previous generation didn’t have it so easy. Now almost anyone can become an entrepreneur without breaking their bank balance to generate capital.

There are a number of online platforms, such as Shopify and WooCommerce, and tools based on these platforms that can help you choose and identify products to sell. They’ll help to sell them as well!

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UPS vs. USPS: Which Is Better for Your Ecommerce Store?


There’s nothing more satisfying than getting your ecommerce business set up and generating your first sale. Once the sales and revenue keep coming, you begin to think of yourself as an entrepreneur.

Setting up an ecommerce store isn’t as hard as it probably was earlier. With platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and others, you are given all the technical support you need to get your ecommerce store up and ready.

You can also hunt for ideas on stuff to sell and select products you like or are more suited to your ecommerce intentions and resources. But for the sales and revenue to keep coming in, you need efficient delivery of the merchandise to your customers. That’s where you build trust and goodwill.

And I’ll be frank: it’s not easy to choose carriers.

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Ecommerce A/B Testing – 5 Step Guide


I’ll be frank. A/B testing on eCommerce websites is overrated.

Unlike most ‘CROs’ preach, changing colors and tweaking fonts are only going to give you very marginal improvements in conversions and click-through rates. It takes quite a bit of trial and error to understand what creates a positive experience for users on eCommerce websites.

It takes even more effort to identify the standard elements on eCommerce sites and determining how they can be A/B tested to try and improve conversions.

You’re in for a treat today.

I’ve done all the work for you. I’ll show you 5 eCommerce A/B testing ideas that have the most potential to increase your conversion rates, and thereby your revenue.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a solid idea of what to A/B test on eCommerce sites, how to do it, and maybe even have enough ideas to offer this as a service to your ecommerce clients!

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Ecommerce Link Building: 3 Super Scalable Ways to Build Links to Your Ecommerce Store


Link building today is a disaster.

It is being abused to the core, and bloggers are wary of random strangers asking for links. Although there are legitimate ways to build links, most of them are not scalable.

And with millions of blog posts being published every day, ‘content’ has become a buzzword, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be seen in all the noise.

With all that being said, links are still the most important ranking factor. When you have great content, wonderful user experience, and design, the only missing element is links.

Today, I’m going to blow the lid off some link building tactics that have worked very well for us. And yes- these aren’t new tactics. But I’m going to show you how you can scale these processes sky-high, and how you can build links in one of the toughest verticals out there- ecommerce.

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