What is Shopify Hydrogen?

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Shopifyโ€™s market capitalization is now bigger than that of SAP. Today Shopify is a gigantic ecommerce cloud platform based in Canada. With a completely new look for the store, new developer tools, editor and investments in infrastructure, Shopify stores are now going to be much faster and better. All of this is good news for the 1.7 million merchants from 175 countries running their ecommerce stores on the platform. On June 29, 2021, Shopify announced a slew of updates around its platform.

Whatโ€™s Shopify Hydrogen?

With Shopify Hydrogen you can build ecommerce sites that are both dynamic in nature and fast. Hydrogen is built on JavaScript and React and comes with a toolkit and components that let you build a unique store from scratch.

Hydrogen, a React framework tool lets developers build customer storefronts with Oxygen, a platform to host them. Oxygen is part of the infrastructure investment that provides 100+ regional server locations for Oxygen. The team will also add rewritten checkout APIs that will enable store owners to sell up to 300,000 items in 8 minutes without blinking an eye.

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What is Oxygen Hosting?

You can use Oxygen hosting from Shopify to host Hydrogen storefronts on Shopify. Oxygen is deployed regionally all across the globe. As a result your site loads in milliseconds.

Commerce-ready Components

Use Shopifyโ€™s library of React components like the cart, variant picker, the media library and more on Hydrogen. The Hydrogen platform ensures that all of these components integrate seamlessly with the platform. This saves you plenty of time.

The flexibility that Hydrogen and Oxygen provides lets merchants store their data on a single platform. This makes data retrieval simpler enabling both customization and flexibility.

Developers and merchants will now have even more potential to create unique experiences that will define the future of commerce on the internet with Hydrogen.

New customizations to the Shopify Liquid platform, the template language that helps divide web and mobile pages into sections. This enables users of the platform to add and edit app extensions.

Hydrogen simplifies how you build and host custom storefronts. Developers can forget about the complexity of customizations needed and truly focus on building store experiences that help their brands stand out from others.

What do you think of the Hydrogen platform? Do let us know in the comments below.

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