WeCanTrack Review – Everything You Need to Know

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As an affiliate marketer, you need a comprehensive way to track your ROI. This is the only way to know for sure that you’re making the most out of your campaigns. However, if you’re taking affiliate marketing seriously, there’s a good chance you’re juggling multiple affiliate networks to maximize profit. However, keeping track of your growth across all these networks is easier said than done.

Enter – WeCanTrack.

Today, we're reviewing WeCanTrack to see how it can help you manage and optimize your affiliate marketing game.

There’s lots to discuss, so let's dig in.

WeCanTrack Review: What is WeCanTrack?

WeCanTrack Review

In short, WeCanTrack is designed to help affiliate marketers track their data across several affiliate networks. It works to collect, aggregate, process, and attribute data from the convenience of one centralized dashboard. In essence, this platform makes streamlining your affiliate marketing efforts much more manageable.  

That said, with regards to affiliate data, let’s take a closer look at what WeCanTrack has to offer:

  • Collection – WeCanTrack integrates with over 200 affiliate networks via its API, postbacks, and data scraping to provide a complete overview of all your affiliate conversion streams.  
  • Aggregation – Data is compiled and structured into a visual dashboard, allowing you to monitor your performance in real-time. WeCanTrack also autogenerates customizable reports on transaction value and conversion status.
  • Attribution – WeCanTrack generates in-depth data about your conversions, including engagement levels with your different ads and affiliate networks. 

WeCanTrack Review: Overview – How Does WeCanTrack Help Affiliate Marketers?

On top of everything mentioned already, here are a few other ways WeCanTrack assists affiliate marketers:

  • As sales performance across all your affiliate programs is collated into one place, you’ll save time logging into each affiliate network to check your sales performance. 
  • Generating transaction, advertiser, network, and sales reports is a breeze.
  • You can see where you're excelling and declining in real-time, making it easier to adapt your strategies accordingly.
  • WeCanTrack integrates with Google Analytics and social media ads like TikTok Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pixel, Snapchat Ads, etc.

WeCanTrack Review: WeCanTrack Features

Now that we have the basics let's dive into how these features work.


WeCanTrack’s main selling point is its centralized dashboard. From here, you’ll view all your affiliate data streams so that you can view their performance comparatively. 

To name a few, you can find data for:

  • Advertisers
  • Affiliate network accounts
  • Websites and landing page metrics
  • Traffic sources from your social media campaigns
  • Transactions
  • Commissions
  • Click-through rates
  • Sales

The benefit of their system is that all this data is automatically scraped for you. It’s then aggregated and stratified into tangible sales funnels. It even converts your sales and data into your local currency and time zone so that you can benefit from easy-to-understand data in real-time. 

You can leverage WeCanTrack’s filtering system to locate information from different advertisers, accounts, and networks to see how they compare. This data can also be extrapolated into visual charts, graphs, and reports to help you measure performance quickly and accurately. You can also easily export data into Excel or CSV documents. To do so, simply hover over the information table you want and download the report you’re interested in.

Last but not least, you can also customize your dashboard to meet your exact needs. For instance, you could feature certain events or networks to enable you to focus on specific projects.


WeCanTrack Review

When it comes to reporting, there are many options to choose from. For example, you can create reports for:

  • Landing pages – This provides an overview of your landing page’s performance. You can track multiple landing pages and gather the following metrics:
    • Sessions (user interaction within a given timeframe)
    • CTR (click-through-rate)
    • Conversions
    • Commissions
    • ECPC (earned commission per click)
  • Click pages – Similarly, this generates data on specific pages of interest where clicks occur.
  • Affiliate links – Lastly, you can create reports based on the specific performance of affiliate links across different pages.

Google Analytics Integration

WeCanTrack empowers you to monitor affiliate data through Google analytics. Unfortunately, as you may already know, Google Analytics itself doesn’t permit you to track affiliate links on websites that you don’t own. And although you can access traffic logs on your personal account, you can’t garner info about the conversions generated by your affiliate links.

However, the benefit of WeCanTrack’s integration with Google Analytics is that you can push your conversion data into your Google Analytics account. As a result, you can view the financial performance of landing pages, channels, campaigns with how they correspond to different demographics, devices, and locations. With all this info to hand, you’ll get a more accurate insight into why some links perform better than others. 

For example, if users aren’t responding to a link on one of your landing pages, you could look at who these users are and make a judgment about what the problem might be. For instance, if the majority of traffic comes from mobile devices, it might indicate that your page isn’t optimized for mobile. Armed with this info, you can make the necessary changes. Of course, this is just one example, but you get the idea! 

This integration also allows you to run A/B tests to see how different links perform. Once you know what performs best, you’re better positioned to optimize your campaign. You can also use Google Analytics’ segmentation features to compare different audience categories against each other. This is particularly useful if you’re looking for more information about your target audience to specifically tailor your marketing materials to better resonate with them. 

Google Data Studio Integration

The Google Data Studio integration lets you create more sophisticated reports based on various data points, including from data streams like:

  • YouTube analytics
  • Databases like MySQL, SQL, Big Query – just to name a few
  • Google Ads
  • Google Files

WeCanTrack provides a template for your Data Studio account. However, as we’ve already said, it also includes editing rights over your WeCanTrack dashboard, so you can customize it to suit your own needs. This includes adding Data Studio information to your dashboard.

Google Data Studio is easy to use, so non-technical users can easily create graphs charts, benefit from reports, and share them with their team.

Note: WeCanTrack’s Data Studio integration is only available from the Medium Affiliate plan onwards ($120 per month).

Social Media and Ad Network Integrations

WeCanTrack Review

As we’ve already hinted at, you can integrate data from various social media and ad networks, including

  • Facebook ads
  • TikTok ads
  • Snapchat ads
  • Microsoft ads
  • Google ads

Every affiliate link conversion across these platforms is tracked using a unique ID so that when a user clicks on a link, it’s traced through the necessary ad network and Google Analytics. Consequently, you can retrieve the sales, session, click-through rates, etc., that we spoke about earlier.

This makes it easier to track your returns on ad spend. Then with this info at your fingertips, you can eliminate unprofitable campaigns and optimize your best performers. Moreover, you can automate and optimize your ad bids based on conversion data. Needless to say, in the long run, this has the potential to save you a lot of time and money. 

WeCanTrack Review: How Do You Set WeCanTrack Up?

If you’re looking to set up a Basic WeCanTrack account, there are three steps to follow:

  1. Set up your account: If you haven’t already, you’ll need to register for a WeCanTrack account. Once you’ve provided some basic data, you can log in and start filling out the rest of your details, such as your billing and company information.
  2. Connect websites: Next, enter your website, Google Analytics information, and specify whether you have a WordPress account. If you have a WordPress website:
    1. Install the WeCanTrack plugin for WordPress websites, activate the plugin, and enter your API key. Enable and save!
    2. For non-WordPress websites: Otherwise, enter your website URL. Copy the generated JavaScropt tag from your WeCanTrack account, and paste it in the header of your website code.
  3. Connect data sources: Log into your WeCanTrack account and head to the data sources tab. Find the network you want to add and click ‘add a new account.’ You can then add a network by API or Postback URL.
    1. For API: You’ll need to copy the API key from your network account and add it to your WeCanTrack account when requested. (They’ll provide guidance on how to do this). 
    2. For Postback URL: WeCanTrack will generate a Postback URL, copy this and enter it into the relevant section in your network account.

WeCanTrack Review: Pricing

WeCanTrack Review

Every account with WeCanTrack offers the same data collection and reporting features. You’ll also have access to their Google Analytics and Ad network integrations. Additional features on top of that depend on your pricing plan.

It’s worth noting if you opt for a yearly subscription, you’ll benefit from a reduced rate. The below prices are based on a monthly basis. However, you can contact WeCanTrack to let them know you would prefer to pay annually for a 16.6% reduction. 

You can also cancel your subscription with no strings attached at any time. 

That said, here’s a quick breakdown of WeCanTrack’s prices:

Private Affiliate – $0

With this plan, you get all the features mentioned above for:

  • Five network accounts
  • 50 transactions
  • 2,000 clicks
  • 8,000 sessions

Small Affiliate – $60 a Month

Under this plan, you receive everything mentioned above for:

  • 20 network accounts
  • 500 attributed transactions
  • 25,000 clicks
  • 100,000 sessions

Medium Affiliate – $120 a Month

Here you unlock:

  • The Google Data Studio integration for advanced reporting.
  • You can generate custom reports for email and API-specific sales. 
  • Access to webhooks. This allows you to create workflow automations triggered by a specific event on your page. (For example, when a new visitor arrives, when someone clicks on one of your links, etc.) Of course, you can also track all of this info. 

This plan also covers:

  • Unlimited network accounts
  • 5,000 attributed transactions
  • 125,000 clicks
  • 500,000 sessions

Advanced Affiliate – $240 a Month

This unlocks WeCanTrack’s full capabilities. As well as receiving everything in the Medium Affiliate plan, you’ll benefit from advanced support. This includes access to a consultant who will provide monthly guidance on the best way to manage your WeCanTrack account. They can set up custom reports dashboards and provide personalized advice for your paid ad campaigns and audience setups.

This includes coverage for:

  • 50,000 attributed transactions
  • 750,000 clicks
  • 3,000,000 sessions

* If needed, you can request a custom plan if you exceed the Advanced Affiliate package’s limitations

WeCanTrack Review: FAQs

As we bring this WeCanTrack review to a close, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the software:

How Many Websites Can I Track?

There’s no limit on the number of websites you can track, no matter the pricing plan.

Is There a Free Trial?

Yes! There’s a 30-day free trial available. 

How Many Campaigns Can I Track?

Again, there’s no limit on how many campaigns you can run or track. However, if you’re overseeing multiple campaigns using WeCanTrack, you may max out your account limits for your price plan. In which case, you’ll automatically be moved up to the next price plan for the next monthly session. For example, the free account only allows for 2,000 clicks, after which you’ll be moved along to the Small Affiliate plan that provides for 25,000 clicks per month. Similar limits are placed on transactions, sessions, and network accounts.

WeCanTrack Review: Our Final Verdict

We started using WeCanTrack as we couldn't get all the data we needed from our previous affiliate data aggregation tool.

The first advantage that we benefited from using WeCanTrack was the attribution feature. Up until installing We Can Track we were only aggregating our revenue data from multiple platforms in one place, but we didn't have much data about the revenue source and user behaviour.

With We Can Track, we know from which specific click each sale comes, with all the click data available in one place (referring URL, campaign, position, source, medium, keyword, etc.)

The second big advantage for us is the data studio integration. Having all the data in Data Sudio allows us to build dynamic reports for each of our focus areas (new campaigns, Top affiliates, Google Ads, etc).

Finally, the integration with Google Analytics allows us, for the first time, to find all the conversion data along with the traffic data in Google Analytics.

We went for the Advanced affiliate package, as our traffic exceeds the limitations for the smaller plans, but we must say it is well worth the cost. Besides, the customer exceeded our expectations!

In short, we think WeCanTrack it’s a sure bet for affiliate marketers wanting to learn everything about their conversions from source to sale. But, what do you think? Tell us all about it in the comments box below!

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