10 Must Have Tools for Conversion Optimization

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Did you know that 73% of companies have no idea as to why their customers abandon their shopping carts without buying? This is a troubling statistic considering the internet is filled with tools to help you understand why people don’t convert into paying customers, and most successful ecommerce stores run tests and reports to make changes for improving cash flow.

Since conversion optimization is so crucial in building a powerful online store, we wanted to put together a list of the best tools for conversion rate optimization. Keep reading to learn more.


verify feedback tool

Pricing: $19 to $99 per month

The idea behind Verify is to test a design or concept in order to bring in useful feedback from real people. Asking a few beta customers is not exactly the best way to figure out if your new idea is viable, so Verify lets you build your own surveys and watch people click around your site so that you know how everyone responds to your idea.

Improve your conversion optimization by analyzing how users think and feel when clicking on a button or filling in a form. The system utilizes thousands of enrolled testers, so you don’t have to go through any work seeking out your own test subjects.


MouseStats tool

Pricing: $16 to $120 per month

Mousestats is a user experience analysis suite that provides tools for visitor playback, heat maps and more. To start, the visitor playback information reveals exactly where your customers are moving and clicking while on your site.

The heatmaps are a less realtime version of the video feedback, but they are wonderful for consolidating data from multiple users to see which of your buttons, banners and forms work best. The suite also comes with micro surveys for collecting information from the customers currently on your site, and you can even see how your users respond to forms with nifty analytics.


Pricing: You must request a quote 

Usabilla considers itself a new standard in user feedback, and it’s a rather useful platform for optimizing your conversions. To start, the system works to bring you visual feedback so you can make changes to your site and understand exactly what makes your users tick.

You receive the ability to send out targeted messages, and a few of the plans recruit participants if you don’t have the time. Slide out surveys are a nice touch for connecting with your current visitors, and the custom feedback buttons make it a little easier to customize your feedback mediums. They have recently moved upmarket to focusing on helping the enterprise and most customers now pay between 1k-10k per month for between one and five years.


Woopra tracking tool

Pricing: $79.95 to 1,199.95 per month

The Woopra pricing may scare you a bit, but the $79.95 per month option is a great place to start optimizing for conversions, and the higher rate plans work wonders for enterprise level implementation. The idea behind Woopra is to bring you real time customer activity in one place. Take control of your user experience by viewing detailed customer profiles, and see real time analytics for evaluating what works.

You can also segment your customer based on tendencies. After you set up the segments they dynamically change when the people make different choices. Conversion rates start to improve when you take a look at the Woopra Funnel Reports, to pinpoint where your customers drop off and why.


UsabilityTools ecommerce


Pricing: You must request a quote

UsabilityTools is a conversion optimization platform to create a better user experience and make more sales. Starting off, the various products from UsabilityTools help you view how your customers interact on your website, pulling from form analytics and views from the user perspective.

Click tracking and visitor recording comes together in an easy to understand format, and the form tester is one of the more unique tools since you can figure out which of your forms is pulling in more leads.


Lopp11 ecommerce tool

Pricing: $158 to $825 per month

Lopp11 uses a simple three-step process to bring in more customers and turn those leads into cash. The tool starts by testing, then identifying, then converting. No coding experience is required to start a quick usability test for your customers, and the software includes design tools that help you create quickly and fit in with your own brand.

Invite participants through various mediums like a popup on your website, an email, Ethnio and Knowbility. Loop11 works in over 40 languages, and you can always bring in data through mobile devices. Create your own custom themes, and check out heatmaps and clickstream analysis.


TryMyUI tool

Pricing: $299 to $2500 per month

TryMyUI lets you watch videos of real users playing around with your website. You start by setting up your test. Then you can pick your target user to find the perfect demographic for testing. After that, the users test out your site and send you a video with them telling you what they think of the interface and when they get stuck at certain areas.

TryMyUI allows testing of mobile sites and apps, and you always receive a written response if you’re more comfortable with that, opposed to video. A unique feature is the impression testing, where a user sees the site for 15 seconds and you get to view their initial impression.


Polldaddy survey

Pricing: Free to $899 per year

PollDaddy is the ideal tool for building surveys and polls to gauge how your customers respond to certain products, services and design choices. You can build an unlimited amount of surveys and receive as many responses as possible.

Collect your responses through email, your website or even through mobile interfaces like an iPad or iPhone. PollDaddy includes sleek customization settings for branding your feedback modules, and powerful reporting and filtering is always a bonus for exporting your data or sending it to other people in your organization.


Naview main page

Pricing: Free to $119 per month

Naview is a prototyping and testing option for viewing user information and using this to optimize  your website. The idea is to build a prototype of your site before committing to anything. Quickly generate a site prototype without any coding knowledge. Make navigation menus, buttons and the entire user experience.

After that you can send out the prototype to your users, where they receive a local interface, so they aren’t distracted by anything else while testing your design.


UserTesting tool


Pricing: $49 per video

UserTesting is one of the more simple options on this list, since the company takes your website interface and sends it to their millions of user testers. This means that you don’t have to recruit anyone, leaving plenty of time for you to focus on your own business.

After that, you get video feedback in just a few hours, where the people walk through your interface and tell you exactly what they find frustrating. You have the power to moderate your tests, and you receive a dedicated project manager to run the show for you.


If You Care Most About…

Every company has its own needs, so if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to help your conversion optimization, try out options like Naview or PollDaddy. If you care most about video feedback, UserTesting and Mousestats are the ideal options. Lastly, I would recommend Verify for the most comprehensive, and affordable, testing environment. That said, if you have any questions about how to improve your conversion optimization, let us know in the comments.

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  1. Great set of tools. The main thing in the field of usability analysis, at least for me, is various heatmap software. Which one could you recommend besides AttentionWizaerd and VWO ( i`ve already tried the most popular of them – Hotjar, Plerdy and Crazzy Egg) – wanna try smthn new.

  2. Great set of tools. The main thing in the field of usability analysis, at least for me, is various heatmap software. Which one could you recommend besides Mousestats and lopp11 ( i`ve already tried the most popular of them – Hotjar, Plerdy and Crazzy Egg) – wanna try smthn new.

  3. For Online Retailers , I would like to take attention to the price optimization part of conversion.
    There are some studies demonstrate that the typical shopping cart abandonment rate for online retailers varies between 60% and 80%, with an average of 67.91% and %89 of consumers had abandoned the shopping cart at least once.
    For mobile it is estimated as %97.

    Pricing and timing are being shown as the main reason of these rates. In such cases Saas Solutions like Prisync.com could be helpful.

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