What is Comma Separated Values (CSV)?

Comma Separated Values (CSV)

What does Comma Separated Values (CSV) mean?

A type of file that is used to store data values. CSV files are used when the transfer of product feeds is necessary. CSV is a relatively simple and common file format that is widely supported by scientific applications, consumers, and businesses. While CSV files are still in use for some legacy applications, they have become largely obsolete due to the data exchange possibilities of the XML format.

One of the most popular usages for CSV is the moving of tabular data between two otherwise incompatible programs. Although the data may be incompatible, most documents can be exported using variations of CSV to ensure that they will be readable when they are transferred to their destination, an example being the transfer of information from a data file to a spreadsheet of another format.

CSV files were very useful for web developers, since they are text files and are easy to create and modify. Many banks still use CSV files to allow customers to download and save tabular data.

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