Easter egg hunt on your WordPress site

Who said that only kids can hunt for eggs during easter? Let your visitors enjoy an egg hunt on your WordPress site with the help of Gift Hunt.

While traditional egg hunts have their own benefits they probably wonโ€™t drive more traffic to your site and sales for your business. But the ones that you can manage with Gift Hunt, will.

For your Easter Gift Hunt sessions, you can use the Easter egg or the Easter bunny icons.

If you are going to communicate about it like an egg hunt then the egg is the better option.

And you also have the option to upload a custom icon for your egg hunt.

For your popup window, you can use the following copy:

  • Popup window title: You just found an Easter egg
  • Popup window content: Instead of chocolate, this egg was made from something else. To open your egg and get your gift, fill out the form below.
  • Popup content after form submission: You can find the gift that just popped out from your easter egg below. Weโ€™ve also sent it to you in an email.

You can also select the easter design for your popup window to spread the holiday spirit.

For the subject and the content of the success email you can use some easter related emojis (๐Ÿฐ ๐Ÿ‡ ๐Ÿฃ) as they are supported by Gift Hunt.

The easter design template for your success message will also come in handy when you set up an Easter egg hunt on your WordPress site.

You can find a demo Easter egg hunt on the following page: Easter Egg Hunt on your WordPress site

Take a look at our best practices guideย for a successful Gift Hunt campaign.

Get the plugin

Gift Hunt can help you drive more traffic to your website, increase the time visitors spend on your site and grow the database of your potential customers.

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