Best Fulfillment Center in New York and the Surrounding Areas

Look no further to find the absolute best fulfillment center New York has to offer.

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In order to make your shipping and fulfillment process more efficient and affordable, you must consider partnering with a third-party fulfillment center. Fulfillment centers typically offer software to integrate with your website, along with warehouses and workers to store, pick, and ship your products. If you live in New York (or Brooklyn, Long Island, etc.), there's no shortage of fulfillment centers and distribution services, seeing as how the east coast of the US provides direct shipping routes to places all over the US, to Mexico, Canada, and even Europe. In this article, we help you locate the best fulfillment center New York has to offer for your business. We'll compare the top contenders, talk about elements like pricing and locations, then explain the true benefits of each one.

As an ecommerce professional, it makes sense to look at New York fulfillment centers for various reasons. First of all, you'll find that New York is a wonderful central hub for sending products out to multiple locations. In addition, it's possible that lots of your customers are located in New York and the surrounding states. If that's the case, there's no reason not to have a warehouse and fulfillment center partner in New York.

The Best Fulfillment Centers in New York

When we say New York fulfillment centers, we're primarily talking about New York the state. Yes, there are some NYC (New York City) fulfillment centers, but those are usually smaller, local couriers meant to help with quick distribution throughout the city of New York. And when you think about it, most large fulfillment centers are located in rural or suburban areas with more space.

Therefore, our recommendations for the best fulfillment centers in New York include options that are either located in the state of New York or so close that they're still excellent choices. For instance, one of the best New York fulfillment center options is in New Jersey, but it's right on the border that it might as well be in New York.

Having said that, keep reading to learn all about the top New York fulfillment centers for ecommerce.

1. ShipBob – Overall Best New York Fulfillment Center

shipbob - fulfillment center New York

ShipBob has been making a name for itself by offering a global fulfillment network for ecommerce brands. What's great about ShipBob is that you gain access to several warehouses, fast shipping, and direct integrations to your online store platform. For instance, you can integrate with the likes of Shopify, WooCommerce, and Bigcommerce.

It's also an ideal option when looking for a New York fulfillment center. The closest order fulfillment and storage warehouse is not technically in New York, but it's right nearby in Edison, New Jersey. There are also two other warehousing facilities not too far away in Pennsylvania and Ottawa, Canada. With these locations, ShipBob offers two-day shipping to the New York City metropolitan area (as well as 2-day shipping to anywhere in the continental US, even from just one fulfillment center). Your partnership with ShipBob grants you tools for inventory distribution, inventory management, and order management. Furthermore, ShipBob has excellent customer service to ensure your orders get to east coast homes and offices (and the entire globe) in a reasonable amount of time.

What's more, is that ShipBob manages a larger network of fulfillment centers, so you're not only stuck with the warehouses in the eastern part of the US.


  • You gain access to software and tools that integrate with your ecommerce platform. Fulfillment solutions include inventory, shipment, and order management software.
  • All storage, packing, picking, and shipping get completed in the ShipBob warehouses, meaning you no longer have to worry about those tasks.
  • ShipBob supports platforms like WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Squarespace, Shopify, and more.
  • They offer a two-day express shipping program, including for Walmart as a preferred fulfillment provider.
  • The reporting and analytics from ShipBob help you understand sales, shipping times, and stock levels all from one dashboard.
  • Boxes, mailers, and packaging supplies are included so that you don't have to pay extra or provide your own (though you can use your own custom branded packaging, too).
  • There are options to include your own inserts in the packaging.
  • There's account management for high-volume vendors.
  • ShipBob offers international shipping to about 220 territories and countries. Some of the international fulfillment centers are around New York, along with options in Canada, Australia, the UK, and Europe.
  • You have the opportunity to apply for kitting services.
  • ShipBob offers an automated shipping rate calculator to get a stronger idea of what you'll be spending on shipping.


  • Edison, New Jersey (very close to New York)
  • Budd Lake, New Jersey (close to New York)
  • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (somewhat close to New York)
  • Ottawa, Canada (also somewhat close to New York)
  • Several Illinois locations
  • Texas
  • Several California locations
  • Tennessee
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Wisconsin
  • Kilkenny, Ireland
  • Melbourne, Australia


All ShipBob customers receive things like:

  • Discounted shipping rates.
  • Customer support.
  • Potential dedicated account management.
  • Advanced reports.
  • Standard mailers and boxes.
  • The ShipBob merchant dashboard.
  • Same-day shipping options.

You can also apply for a free quote since all online stores will have different shipping costs associated with their fulfillment operations.

As for the base shipping and storage fees, here's what to expect:

  • Receiving – $25 (flat-rate) for all receiving within the first two hours. There's a $40 per man-hour fee after that.
  • Storage – $40 per mallet per month. $10 per shelf per month. And $5 per bin per month.
  • Picking and packing – Four free picks come with the service. There's an added $0.20 per pick after that.
  • Standard packing – Free. This includes boxes, dunnage, and tape. All packaging materials are plain, but you can pay extra for custom materials.
  • Shipping – Varied rates based on destination, weight, and dimensions.

2. Shopify Fulfillment

Shopify fulfillment network - new york

Shopify Fulfillment empowers those who already use the Shopify ecommerce platform by offering a complete fulfillment network within the United States. It's only available when you make a Shopify website, so you either have to already be a customer or plan on signing up for Shopify in the future. Having said that, the benefits of going with Shopify and the Shopify Fulfillment Network far outweigh the cons. Overall, the Shopify Fulfillment Network provides an interface for you to run your store, manage orders, and design your website all in the same spot you'll take care of your 3PL partnerships, order fulfillment, and warehouse management.

And although Shopify doesn't currently have a fulfillment center right in New York, the New Jersey location is right over the border making it ideal for those interested in the best New York fulfillment companies. Not only that, but you have options to ship your products internationally with the network, using help from partners like DHL. Not to mention, the network offers a location in Canada for rapid shipping and cheaper rates going to the Canadian customers.

We thoroughly enjoy the prospect of combining your Shopify store with a built-in fulfillment network seeing as how it's often somewhat difficult to start partnering with a third-party logistics company. This way, you're able to track the health of your business, join a network that scales up with your business, and maintain the right amount of inventory without having to utilize two different dashboards. Finally, Shopify has an automated system for deciding where to store your products. Are most of the customers who buy a certain product from New York? Well, Shopify tells you that and mainly reroutes the storage of those items to the New Jersey warehouse.


  • Shopify Fulfillment works in tandem with your Shopify store. This means you only need one dashboard for selling, processing orders, and fulfilling those orders. Invoices include all costs from both the website builder and the fulfillment network. Not to mention, you're expediting the process by working with the same company for your entire supply chain.
  • You gain access to wonderful software for order and inventory management. It provides details on where it's best to store your products, along with tools for choosing carriers, setting delivery times, and even bundling products.
  • Shopify offers a 99.5% guarantee when it comes to the picking and packing accuracy.
  • The inventory management module offers options for product rules, inventory counts, bundling, and notifications.
  • You and the customer receive updates for all inventory movements, such as when a product gets delivered or moved from one warehouse to another.
  • You can count your inventory and get updates on when to resupply in certain warehouses. This is all managed through the Shopify dashboard or in the mobile app.
  • Shopify Fulfillment has a data control center for checking into customer data, managing real-time information, and using the end-to-end package tracking. What's great about this is that you can manage customer data from all sales channels in one place. Details from Amazon get placed in Shopify, along with other marketplaces like Etsy, Walmart, and eBay.
  • You can fulfill products through the Shopify Fulfillment Network regardless of the sales channel.
  • Shopify provides support for flash sales where they prep the products quicker and have them ready to send out once the flash sale is over.
  • You have options for B2B sales where Shopify fulfills products for multiple vendor relationships.
  • Shopify fulfills subscription-based products like monthly boxes. These are classified as bundles, and although they require an extra fee, you can choose special packaging and inserts.
  • They have smart technology for distributing your inventory all over the Shopify warehouse network. This takes the guesswork out of the equation and instead sends the items to the most efficient locations.
  • You have access to reporting and analytics to see how much you're selling and where your inventory is going.
  • Shopify has dedicated customer support through the phone or email for all ecommerce platform and fulfillment center users. The fulfillment customers also receive a direct customer support agent when they need help fast.
  • There's a smart replenishment tool that forecasts what's coming in the future (like sales and seasonal trends) for you to restock certain products and ensure there's enough for all customers.


As of this article, the Shopify Fulfillment Network includes 7 locations across the United States and 1 location in Canada.

Here's the list of the warehouses and fulfillment centers:

  • California
  • Georgia
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey (perfect for New York fulfillment)
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

As you may have noticed, this covers just about every region of the United States besides Alaska and Hawaii, and even those states can get their packages in a reasonable amount of time. We already talked about how the New Jersey location works out great for companies with lots of New York customers. The one in New Jersey should also allow for rapid shipping to states all along the East Coast. The Georgia and Texas locations cover all of the Southern states, while the Pennsylvania and Ohio fulfillment centers handle shipments in the Midwest. You also gain access to California and Nevada locations which come in handy for the Western states including Oregon and Washington.

Finally, the Ontario, Canada service center makes for a fairly central operation in Canada, as it offers fast shipping to most of the country, with some delayed times for the far-reaching North and Northwest.

Overall, these locations make us feel confident in Shopify's ability to fulfill orders in a reasonable amount of time while keeping costs low due to its expansive network. The downside is that you're not able to access warehouses in places like the UK, Europe, or Australia, leaving you to either not ship to those countries or to opt for something like DHL International shipping (which is still an option through Shopify Fulfillment).

And as for the best New York fulfillment companies, this is definitely one to have on your list.


We have two things to say about the pricing for Shopify Fulfillment. First of all, it's all consolidated into your standard month-to-month Shopify invoice. There are a few fulfillment tasks that get billed on different schedules, but you always know that you're paying through the same portal. This way, you can put down one credit card and check the invoice from Shopify to make for easy expenses and tax reports when needed.

As for the actual pricing of the Fulfillment Network, Shopify doesn't state a pricing schedule on its website. However, that's not uncommon in this industry, so you'll simply have to contact someone from the Shopify sales team to figure out what types of prices you require for your company. The good news is that Shopify states which parts of the fulfillment process have their own prices and which are included with your account. Overall, a sales rep will decide upon a price based on elements like needed storage, transportation, special projects, and the picking and packing.

Here are some things to consider when getting your free quote for Shopify Fulfillment:

  • Transportation costs – These costs are factored in based on the mail carriers you decide on, along with other aspects like the weight of your products and where they're being shipping to. The good news is that Shopify provides highly discounted rates for all customers, and that includes discounts for DHL, USPS, and UPS.
  • Flexible commitments – You're never locked into a contract with Shopify Fulfillment. Instead, you can opt out from the network at anytime, much like you can with the Shopify ecommerce platform itself.
  • Storage costs – These storage costs get calculated on a daily basis and depend on how much space you take in the warehouses to store your products. This is tallied by square footage and how many shelves and crates you use.
  • Special project costs – Some online stores never need to pay for special projects. For instance, Shopify charges a little extra for things like bundling, which not every store requires. However, you should keep that in mind if bundling is part of your business plan. Other special project costs include receiving and validating inventory for cycle counts and returns. These are far more common for all stores, so keep these in mind when factoring in your costs.
  • Picking and packing costs – Picking and packing involves Shopify warehouse workers finding your products on the shelves then packaging them with the right materials. All of these costs are wrapped into one bill, including the fees for packaging materials.
  • One simple bill – All of the fulfillment fees get placed on your regular Shopify ecommerce platform invoice. Not to mention, Shopify doesn't tack on any extra or hidden fees.
  • Custom pricing – Do you have special requirements for your ecommerce fulfillment? Everyone must contact a sales rep from Shopify to receive a custom quote, so be sure to tell them about any other special requirements for your ecommerce business. The best part about custom quoting is that you only pay for what you need, instead of other fulfillment companies where similarly sized companies pay the same price, even though they don't utilize the same resources.

3. Rakuten Super Logistics

rakuten - fulfillment center New York

The Rakuten Super Logistics services company sends to and from the east coast of the US with locations in Olean, NY; Scranton, PA; and Carlstadt, NJ, all of which are close enough to the state of New York, and NYC, to make it one of the most viable options for fulfillment in New York. Rakuten Super Logistics is known for its long list of integrated ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, and Shopify.

The fulfillment service also provides a nice network of warehouse locations outside of the New York area, making for a countrywide and global shipping solution for all businesses. Rakuten shipping partners include DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Ground delivery is handled in a matter of 1-2 days, and the order accuracy is known to reach close to 100%. Not to mention, Rakuten Super Logistics has several ecommerce fulfillment tools with options for smart filling, smart freight, and more.


  • There are three warehouse locations near the New York area, one of which is actually in the state of New York.
  • You can opt to ship elsewhere in the US with locations on the west coast and in the Midwest. Rakuten Super Logistics is also a global shipment service.
  • Rakuten Super Logistics offers an Xparcel service that optimizes smaller packages for faster speeds and less expensive shipping methods.
  • They provide a two-day shipping network and an order protection guarantee for all fulfillment and shipping.
  • Rakuten Super Logistics has an intuitive dashboard that integrates with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Bigcommerce.
  • Rakuten Super Logistics handles everything from picking to packing, and shipping to returns.
  • The Return Management System ensures a smooth delivery back to the warehouses for placing back onto the Rakuten Super Logistics shelves.
  • You can opt for a kitting service for bundling multiple items into one SKU.
  • Rakuten Super Logistics fulfills subscription boxes.
  • Additional products and services include climate-controlled storage and shipping, custom projects, and lot tracking.


  • Olean, NY
  • Carlstadt, NJ
  • Scranton, PA
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Miami, FL
  • Chicago, IL
  • Denver, CO
  • Austin, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Reno, NV
  • Anaheim, CA


All pricing requires a custom quote, which you can request on the Rakuten Super Logistics website. From our research, we found that the base fees from Rakuten are somewhat similar to that of ShipBob, with requirements to pay for things like custom boxes, some picking, and kitting.

4. RubyHas Fulfillment

rubyhas - fulfillment center New York

Ruby Has Fulfillment has its primary warehouse and headquarters in New York. There are also New Jersey and Ontario warehouses for additional New York and east coast shipping needs. What's great about the primary New York location is that RubyHas Fulfillment is able to provide same-day shipping to many customers on the east coast.

Other than that, RubyHas Fulfillment is an award-winning fulfillment service that caters to over 400 brands and has six locations for rapid shipping throughout the US and across the globe. The service offers software for integrating with your ecommerce store, and it provides distribution centers for packing and shipping your orders.


  • Warehouse locations in New York, and in surrounding locations like New Jersey and Ontario.
  • You can integrate with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, WooCommerce, and SPS Commerce.
  • There's a direct Amazon integration for selling on the popular marketplace.
  • You can use the API integration to connect your RubyHas Fulfillment software with any business program of your choice.
  • RubyHas Fulfillment offers domestic customer service to ensure precise and accurate orders at all times.
  • Your customers receive access to same-day shipping.
  • There's a return management program for your customers to send back packages and get them restocked on shelves.
  • RubyHas Fulfillment has services for sending out subscription boxes.
  • The entire Ruby Has Fulfillment software has features for warehouse and inventory management, all in one dashboard.
  • RubyHas Fulfillment validates addresses to make sure your packages go to the right places and so you cut down on fraud.


  • Bay Shore, NY (headquarters)
  • Dayton, NJ (close to New York)
  • Ontario, CA (somewhat close to New York)
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Commerce, CA
  • Mississauga, ON
  • Louisville, KY


All requested services from Ruby Has require custom quotes. We know the software and customer service come with your package, but there's no listed pricing to give you a better idea of what you would pay for storage, picking, and shipping.

5. Fulfillify


Fulfillify boasts a simple online fulfillment software where the customer makes an order, the warehouse receives the order, and then the Fulfillify workers start picking, packing, and shipping the items. Fulfillify has a New York fulfillment center, along with another one in nearby Pennsylvania.

Overall, Fulfillify gives you the opportunity to integrate with your online shop, automatically fulfill orders from the nearest warehouse, and focus more on the rest of your small business.


  • You can ship products from the New York warehouse or from neighboring Pennsylvania.
  • Two other warehouses are available for the Midwest and West coast.
  • Fulfillify offers over 350k feet of smart warehouses with automated features for shipping products out fast.
  • Almost 100% of UPS ground shipments get to your customers in 1-2 days.
  • The Fulfillify software integrates with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Volusion, and UltraCart.
  • You get fulfillment software with multiple shipping options, inventory tracking, and warehouse selecting.
  • Fulfillify offers same-day picking and packing.


  • Rochester, NY
  • Harrisburg, PA
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Reno, NV


We recommend you use the Fulfillify pricing calculator to obtain a solid look into what fulfillment will cost your business.

Here's an example:

The total comes out to $2,456 per month ($2.46 per order) for a setup ofย  1,000 orders per month, an average order size of 1 item, product storage with 10 pallets, and product receiving of 4 pallets per month.

Choosing the Best Fulfillment Center New York Has to Offer

As an alternative for those stores selling primarily through Amazon, you can opt for the Fulfilled By Amazon service since it has three New York locations in Staten Island, Liverpool, and Lancaster. FedEx also has some New York warehouses for ecommerce fulfillment.

In summary, here's a list of final recommendations to make a decision on your fulfillment center New York location and service:

  • ShipBob – This is an excellent all-around order fulfillment service and center with transparent pricing, multiple platform integrations, and plenty of free packaging materials. And the closest New York fulfillment center is right nearby in New Jersey.
  • Shopify Fulfillment – We like Shopify if you're currently using, or planning on using, Shopify as your ecommerce platform. This configuration gets you access to a large network of warehouses in the US and Canada, excellent carrier discounts, and a dashboard that handles everything for your business such as orders, website design, and order fulfillment. You also get one invoice for simple payments at the end of every month. Not many other fulfillment companies provide this type of service. And of course, one of the locations is in New Jersey, helping you get products to New York and East Coast customers as fast and efficiently as possible.
  • Rakuten Super Logistics – A powerhouse of a fulfillment company with one warehouse in New York and several close by. Benefits include its amazing shipping software, the Xparcel service, and support for major platforms.
  • RubyHas Fulfillment – Has one warehouse in New York and several others in the area. RubyHas is great due to its return management program, subscription box support, and inventory management software.
  • Fulfillify – A highly automated fulfillment service with locations in New York and three other spots. It integrates with Volusion as a bonus and is reliable for 2-day shipping.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about finding the best fulfillment center in New York.

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