Creating a Custom Brand and Logo for Your Small Business with Tailor Brands

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Ever wondered why Gucci is so darn expensive?

Yes, I know stuff about quality and all, but let’s be honest here. You can find almost the same quality for a fraction of Gucci’s price.

So, what’s the fuss about Gucci?

I’m no fashion expert, but I know one thing for sure. It’s mostly about the brand. Sorry to say, but consumers have this cult-like following of some brands.

A lot of it has to do with a brand’s consistency when it comes to quality. Maintaining great quality throughout is a great way to drive customer loyalty. But, all in all, the journey begins with the branding process.

And how do you create a brand with the potential of growing as big as Gucci? Any specific software out there that can save you the trouble of hiring designers?

Fortunately yes. And that’s precisely what this post covers.

We’ve tried out numerous tools already, and Tailor Brands’ is one of the few that have stood out from the rest. So, here’s a detailed guide of how you can use Tailor Brands for not only designing a logo, but also building the whole brand image.

What Is Tailor Brands?

Tailor Brands is many things. But most importantly, it’s a combination of graphical features and machine learning. And the result is a multifaceted design software that leverages AI for intelligent branding.

The whole point behind creating Tailor Brands was to make the brand-building process easier for online merchants and site owners. You don’t have to rely on graphical designers, marketing professionals, and self-proclaimed “branding experts” anymore.

Instead, you simply take advantage of Tailor Brands’ tools to creatively design your own unique business brands. And no, you don’t need any graphical or coding skills to proceed. Plus, the whole platform is priced fairly reasonably to grant small business owners the same level of privileges as large heavily-funded enterprises.

tailor brands homepage

Make no mistake though. We are not talking about logo design alone. Tailor Brands goes above and beyond logo design to help you with also the subsequent process of driving your brand campaign. Consequently, it’s widely renowned as an all-in-one branding solution.

💡 So far, more than 3 million individuals have used Tailor Brands for not only creating their company logos, but also managing their social media branding campaigns.

Ok, I know what you’re probably thinking at this point. How can a design tool double up as a marketing solution? What’s the point of using Tailor Brands if you can access social media marketing tools?

Well, the fact is, Tailor Brands is not a marketing tool. Although a fraction of its tools leans towards social media promotion, Tailor Brands handles the whole framework very differently compared to standard marketing tools.

It essentially uses a creative design approach to drive campaigns across social media for increased brand exposure. With it, you can design unique templates for your YouTube channel art, LinkedIn banners, Facebook posts and covers, as well as Twitter and Instagram posts.

tailor brands social tools

Then to top it off, Tailor Brands throws in an analytics engine to keep tabs on the resultant campaign numbers. Not the standard social media metrics though. But rather, it has tools that are capable of going much deeper to track critical performance indicators like your brand’s engagement patterns across social media and the web.

Other notable features offered by Tailor Brands include a branded business deck, branded presentations, business cards design tool, master design tool, social media schedule optimizer, etc. And to help you sharpen the efforts accordingly, you also get brand strategy advice from real professionals, as well as 20% off Weebly’s packages in case you need a site.

Quite a solid set of tools here, I must admit.

But which type of user is Tailor Brands targeting with all that?

Who Should Consider Creating a Brand With Tailor Brands?

Previously, brand design and positioning were processes reserved for selected professionals only. You needed a lot of tech skills and years of experience to create brand logos and the accompanying campaign graphics. Using design software tools was no joke. Everything was pretty complicated back then.

At least up until the likes of Tailor Brands were introduced. They have now democratized the whole branding process by providing smart design tools that are simple enough to be used by anyone. And by that, we mean just any random individual regardless of their design experience.

So, of course, you can proceed to use Tailor Brands without any technical skills. It only takes a couple of clicks, typing, plus mouse pointer dragging to design a unique brand.

tailor brands branding tools

Thankfully, Tailor Brands even saves you the trouble of starting from scratch. The software comes with an array of professorially-designed templates that work well with its underlying AI engine.

That said, the customization process itself is quite straightforward. Tailor Brands has an intuitive interface for editing template elements like color, font, size, overall layout design, etc.

Now, it’s worth noting that there are no design surprises here. What you see on the preview display is basically what you’ll ultimately get in the end. Tailor Brands has a very responsive system that applies even the slightest graphical changes in real-time as you edit.

And once you’re done, you can proceed to download your designs as Vector EPS files for offline printing, as well as JPEG or PNG in case you intend to use them in soft copy. The images are all degenerated in crisp high definition and you should be able to zoom in without any form of distortion.

All in all, therefore, Tailor Brands provides a favorable balance between brand design flexibility. It’s the type of tool you can take use to create all sorts of custom brands without any technical skills. Or in short, a web-based solution that saves you the cumbersome process of learning how to design with Adobe.

The whole thing will cost you as low as $2.50 per month, while the most advanced tools can be unlocked for $9.99 a month.

👉 If you decide to check it out, here’s the detailed procedure of designing a business brand logo, followed by the branding campaign management process on social media.

How to Design a Unique Business Logo with Tailor Brands Online Tool

No, you don’t even have to sign up to start designing your logo. You can proceed as soon as you land on Tailor Brand’s main site.

tailor brands guide design a logo

Type in your desired brand name and hit “Design”

On the following page, Tailor Brands AI engine will begin requesting for your business information so it can generate relevant logos. Therefore, give it your industry details and describe the business briefly before clicking Next.

tailor brands enter industry

What type of logo would you want for your brand? Tailor Brands gives you three options- Initial Based, Icon Based, or Name Based. Specify what you desire and move forward.

tailor brands logo type

The next part depends on what you chose on the previous step. Tailor Brands displays various style categories of your selection so its AI engine can learn more about your preferences.

tailor brands icon type

There are multiple stages of options. So, continue specifying how you’d want your logo until the bar is filled to the brim.

It’s worth noting that you’re free to restart if you make a wrong selection along the way.

tailor brands logo style

The AI engine will then go to work and generate multiple brand designs for you. The entire process only takes about 2 seconds before Tailor Brands throws in its registration form.

At this point, I’m presuming you’re a new user. That means you need to register accordingly to continue. And a quick way to do this would be simply proceeding with either your Facebook account or Google credentials for free.

tailor brands sign up

That’s all it takes and voila! You finally land on the design part. And thankfully, Tailor Brands’ machine learning will have done the heavy lifting already, to provide you with a host of logo options.

You can make your selection right off the bat, especially since Tailor Brands’ suggestions are usually stylish and tempting. But, I’d advise you to keep your options open by taking your time here. Scroll further if you need to, until you find that perfect logo for your brand.

When you find the best logo, you can click on Customize if you’d want to make changes. Otherwise, choose “I Love It” if you’d rather use the logo the way it is.

The customization process itself is pretty simple and straightforward. You’ll see a neat editing window with all the basic elements placed on the left panel, while their corresponding customization options are lined up at the top tab.

If you’d want to tweak the text, for instance, Tailor Brands allows you to switch between different fronts, specify the letter spacing, as well as change the overall text style. That means you could make your letters thinner, bolder, or more elegant to suit your preferences.

In case the color doesn’t seem right, you’re free to play around with various color combinations for the logo and its background. Tailor Brands even provides different pallets of colors that work well together to help you come up with an elegant logo design.

The Layout element, on the other hand, offers multiple alignments plus arrangement options for your logo. You could, for example, have the text beside the icon or alternatively place it right below the icon. The choice is yours.

You might want to try out different icons on your logo and see how they blend in with the text. The Icon section of Tailor Brands’ editing window provides a wide range of great options based on your style preferences.

And while you’re at it, consider tweaking the sizes a little bit and review the corresponding transformations. You never know- simple changes here and there could ultimately create a genius logo design.

But, remember to keep it simple and elegant.

Sadly, however, Tailor Brands can only allow you to tweak it after you purchase one of its packages. I guess they made this rule to prevent cases of copyright theft.

So, to get full access to the editing options, click on the Finish button at the top right corner and the system will take you to the purchase area.

tailor brands tweak logo

On the purchase area, you should be able to tell right off the bat that Tailor Brands’ pricing is quite reasonable compared to other design tools on the web.

There are three subscription packages with varying feature options. Basic is the cheapest plan at $9.99 per month if you choose a monthly billing schedule. It’s just enough for designing logos and watermarks, as well as downloading the subsequent images in high quality. Other than that, Tailor Brands will grant you full ownership of the logo.

tailor brands pricing

However, since a logo alone wouldn’t be enough for a modern business, you might want to check out the Standard plan. This one offers better brand design capabilities since you’ll be able to leverage the Tailor Brands’ Master Design Tool, Business Card and Stationery Tool, plus the Branded Business Deck.

Then to top it off, Tailor Brands will allocate an unlimited amount of storage space for your designs, which perfectly supplements the extensive library of more than half a million icons and images that you get as part of the package.

All that will cost you $19.99 a month at most. And that’s only if you choose the monthly billing option.

Now, if you want the full branding experience, you have no choice but to settle for the Premium plan. For $49.99 a month on a monthly billing schedule, it takes things up a notch by providing social media brand promotion features.

That means stuff like the Tailor Brands’ Social Schedule Optimizer, Social Media Analytics Tool, and Social Media Auto-Scheduler, along with over 1,000 design templates for all the major social platforms.

Not a bad price for any of the three plans, I must admit. But, it turns out you can make yours cheaper. Tailor Brands is willing to offer you a 70% discount if you pick the annual billing option.

💡 That alone translates the Basic plan’s $9.99 a month to $3.99 a month, while the Standard package reduces from $19.99 a month to $5.99 a month. Then interestingly, the Premium package drops all the way from $49.99 a month to $12.99 a month.

Now that’s a good bargain overall. However, as if that’s not cheap enough, Tailor Brands goes ahead and offers additional discounts to subscribers who commit for longer. Its two-year billing option pushes the Basic package to $2.50 a month, Standard to $4.99 a month, while Premium goes down to $9.99 a month.

Whichever you choose, Tailor Brands is pretty flexible when it comes to payments. Apart from the standard Visa and MasterCard, the site supports Diners Club, JCB, and Discover credit cards. Or alternatively, you could simply checkout via PayPal.

And when you’re done, you can customize your logo further or download it immediately. Either way, that’s only the first part of the brand creation process. The next involves branding even your business cards and other stationery items.

Most importantly, however, you need to supplement your efforts with a solid social media campaign.

So, how exactly do you push your brand on social media using Tailor Brands?

How to Build Your Business Brand on Social Media Using Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands, to begin with, makes it easier to simultaneously manage multiple campaigns on different social media platforms. Its Social Tools feature comes in handy for combining your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram campaigns on one centralized dashboard.

Consequently, you can proceed to design an attractive brand layout and then post it on all your accounts at the same time.

Come to think of it, however, I guess the peak times for your audience might not be the same on all of these social platforms. Or perhaps, you’re planning to run an aggressive campaign with numerous posts each day.

Whichever the case, Tailor Brands saves you from the cumbersome process of publishing manually over and over again. The trick is to time your posts with the scheduler and leave Tailor Brands to do the publishing for you.

Then get this. If things start getting a bit hectic and you find yourself running out of post ideas, Tailor Brands has an impressive trick up its sleeve. You can leverage this Autopilot thingy to automatically generate intelligent content suggestions based on your overall preferences.

The Suggestion Mode is particularly ideal because Tailor Brands’ AI engine will come up with some solid ideas, which upon your approval, the system will proceed to post them accordingly.

But then again, your chances of running out of ideas are pretty slim since Tailor Brands Design Studio provides a range of stylish templates for your social media campaigns. Plus, you can cleverly alternate between them and content from the rich social media post library.

As a result, you’ll be able to maintain a good tempo over the long haul. Just enough to keep your audiences engaged for a successful brand launch and growth.

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