How to Make Your Packaging Picture Worthy + Eye Catching Examples

On a daily basis we see over a thousand different packaging designs, some of them we stop to look at, and others we simply walk past without even noticing them. Last week we looked at how important packaging is for your ecommerce business, and today we will look at five things you  can do to really make your packaging stand out, as well as provide you with some eye catching examples.

1. Keep it simple

It is important that you do not try to do too much with your design, keep it simple. Try this as a example, pretend you have 4 seconds to find the most important information on your packaging. Were you able to find it? If not then your packaging needs to be simplified. Next imagine that you are an 80 year old grandma can you read the most important text on the packaging?

2. Keep it consistent

If you are selling a range of products within the same brand, then keep the packaging consistent. If you have seven different products, then do not confuse your customers by having seven different packagings, keep them consistent so they can see a trend in the packaging.

3. Emotional influence

Remember from the previous article 35% of the survey respondents actually stated that they had watch an unboxing video in the past, and of those 55% said they ended up purchasing the product because of this video. In other words emotions play a very large role in the products we purchase, if we feel as if the packaging is appealing to us, then we are much more likely to purchase the product.

Eye Catching Examples

Some of these are actual product designs, while some of them are just ideas and suggestions for how the packaging could have been done better.

Festina Watches


Bzzz Armenian Honey


Thelma’s Treats


Smirnoff Caipiroska peel able bottle


Coke Vintage Packaging


Kraft Macaroni and Cheese 




Kleenex slice of summer


Pasta La Vista



Juice Skins



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