How to Find the Right Voice & Create the Right Content for Online Shops

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I had to find my own writing voice, nobody else volunteered to do it for me. I've built several online communities, blogs and web pages in the past to know how a different medium requires a different voice, but in the end it comes down to being able to take that voice and apply it to everything you write.

Curated, researched and correct product pages will definitely make more sales than those product pages which simply list the name of the product, and the price that it goes for. It's not necessary to have a separate copywriter for your product pages, but if you feel that you're not up to the task – finding one is not going to be expensive.

Great copy will usually give the reader a craving for more, it will explain why the particular product is good and why he should consider buying it right away.Well, that is usually the plan, anyway. It comes down to being able to persuade someone into clicking the magical buy button. How do we achieve this?

Unique and Original Copy for Separate Products

You're selling organic socks, that's great. You're also offering them in different colors, and sizes. You're probably offering some in different material as well. All of this, it is important to the customer – for making the right choice – and so your job in copywriting is to mention all of these things, detailed thoroughly – so the customer never feels like he's been left out. If you think it is worth mentioning, then do it.

Keep the Customer on the Same Page

It's important that we provide all of the necessary information about a product within a single page, this includes giving the user information about the benefits of using the product he is about to boy. Otherwise, you're risking the user looking up the facts and benefits on other websites, which could lead to you losing business – just like that.

Emphasize the Call-to-Action Buttons

Try not to shove them in the customers face, but do make them easily accessible and visible to the naked eye. Simplicity is key when it comes to online stores, the more clutter there is – the harder it is for the customer to make a decision. He wants to learn about the product as much as he can, but he wants to do it without any headaches or overthinking.

Take Example from Shopify

You can tell that Shopify is a company built on top of its community. Shopify radiates kindness, support and great service. Their blog is a place to be – great for learning and seeing examples of copywriting – for those who're just starting out in eCommerce, and are looking to learn the curves of it all, as is their own Shopify Apps Store.

Shopify Apps Store

It becomes clear that they've thought their marketing strategy through – and it doesn't mean you can't borrow their ideas – and the App Store is very well presented, offers clear and concise call-to-action buttons, and has very descriptive product pages, like so.

Shopify Ecommerce App ShopPad

I've taken the sample snapshot from the ShopPadย page, and although you cannot see the full page, I do recommend checking it out yourself, to better understand the next sentence.

As you can see, the product page is very lightweight and easy to navigate. The scrolling navigation bar on top sticks with you – so at any given time you can swap back to the product pages.

note: Shopify has an extensive list of features available, as discussed in our original review of this platform. On the right hand side we see a nice and descriptive contact information, including phone number; website address; and email address, all of which are signals for trust and credibility. We see a nice intruductory video for the product itself, and below the video is a fully reviewed description of the product. At the very bottom, all of the reviews and testimonials that customers have left. My question to you is this: what is stopping you from creating such product pages? I thought so. It's all about investing a little bit of time for maximum return!

Read Online Blogs for Copywriters

The absolute best way to learn is by doing, and to find examples, tips and advice on new things to try out – I recommend any of the following online blogs that are closely tied/related to copywriting and general optimization of your online business or venture.

  • Copyblogger: Copywriting blog that has been around for a couple of years. Has as many as 30 employees. Provides insights and a collection of free eBooks that can be invaluable to the success of your eCommerce store and blog. Frequently features famous writers from all across the globe.
  • Copy Hackers:ย This vibrant community provides all the necessary tools and tutorials that you'll ever need to become proficient at copywriting. Great staff members and overall community makes for an easy learning curve.
  • ProBlogger: Managed by Darren Rowse – although now populated mostly by guest bloggers – it is a blog that you'll want to bookmark and read for a few weeks. It has thousands of blog posts, and while there is some repetition and recycling of content going on, you can find some great pieces for learning how to write a great copy that will impress the readers (customers) and the search engines.
  • Michel Fortin:ย Michel Fortinย is a copywriter, marketer, and consultant. In the last few years alone, he was instrumental in selling over aย hundred million dollarsย worth of products and services for a wide variety of clients, stretching hundreds of different and unrelated industries.

In total there are at least a hundred good articles that you can read and study on these sites, and it will take you some time to do it – but it will also take some dedication and discipline to put the things you learn in action. Without action, there won't be any results. I hope this will help you better understand how a good copy can affect the overall sales of your products, and I also hope that you will take the advice seriously and return to this post once you've made a steady progress, to comment and share you experience.

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