Shoplo Review: Is it the Right Ecommerce Platform for You?

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Are you still wondering which ecommerce platform is the best to launch your online store? With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to feel like a hamster on a wheel.

Shoplo stands out from other ecommerce solutions because of its multipurpose nature. It comes with unique tools including multichannel selling, customer support, and great online store features.

However, the chat feature isn't available as a stand-alone.

By the end of this post, you’ll have an understanding of how you can use Shoplo to set up your very own profitable online store.

Let’s begin!

Shoplo Review: What’s Shoplo?

Shoplo Website Builder homepage

Shoplo is an ecommerce platform that lets you start, grow and manage an online business. It has three powerful tools such as the online store that helps you to create and customize your online store, manage products and inventory.

Secondly, there is the multichannel selling tool that lets you sell in multiple places like your native web, social media, mobile, online marketplaces, pop-up shops as well as in brick-and-mortar locations.

Finally, the customer support tool includes live chat for relationship building, automatic marketing campaigns, and traffic monitoring.

Shoplo Review: The Platform’s Top Features

So what exactly does Shoplo have to offer?  Here is an overview of its best features.

Online Store Setup

We have tested several ecommerce platforms before and in truth, Shoplo has almost all you need to run an online store. One of the features that make Shoplo unique is how it pays attention to elements that affect the appearance of your store.

For starters, the layout has to be captivating enough to make web visitors curious about what your brand offers. Shoplo is intuitive and easy to set up that you don’t even need to hire a designer.

It provides the option to choose from a variety of free and paid themes. You can create your own theme using the theme builder as well. All this is made simpler through the drag and drop option.

Your navigation menu has an impact on the traffic and conversions you get on your store. Therefore, adhere to best practices so that it will be easier for your customers to scan your products.

Shoplo provides banners that help you highlight your latest products and inform customers about sales. These come in the form of single photos, picture slides or even a group of photos displayed next to each other.

Multichannel Selling

Picture this for a moment: You own an online store that sells handmade jewels. Then you manage to sell some handmade jewels across different sales channels including  Etsy, eBay, Facebook, Shopify, Amazon and Dawanda.

So how do you manage your inventory? How many times will you log in, change the numbers, update the photos and product descriptions of stock left? This is where Shoplo’s multichannel selling comes in.

This feature helps you to manage multiple sales channels from a single dashboard. Using Shoplo, you create a master inventory that consists of all the products you have for sale on all your channels.

The selected products get automatically listed across your sales channels. Therefore, when someone buys a product from any channel, stock numbers go down in each channel it’s listed in.

The price plans for Shoplo’s multichannel selling feature depend on the number of orders that you receive in your connected sales channel each month. To get an idea of how this works, here are the prices for the number of orders in multichannel.

Shoplo Website Builder - fee calculator

Customer Support

Shoplo’s customer support feature offers live chat so that brands can address customer complaints and issues in real time. This feature allows brands to send web visitors welcome messages as well as automatic invitations.

The customer support feature also allows you to perform a pre-chat survey. This helps you acquire the potential buyer’s information such as name, email address and telephone number.

With Shoplo chat, you can allow your web visitors to leave a message when you’re offline. You can, in turn, find these messages on the Tickets tab. It also offers the option to forward the messages to your email address.

The ‘eye catcher’ add-on is a visual element that lets you highlight your chat window. This encourages your customers to start a conversation with you.

Shoplo Website Builder - customer support

Inventory and Product Management

Products come in different sizes and colors that is why each of these values come as variants in Shoplo. To manage the inventory level of all products, you need to merge your products.

The merge process allows correct synchronizing of multichannel selling. This is why when you connect your primary channel, you automatically build the base for your master inventory.

SEO and Marketing

Shoplo offers full access to website code and editing options. You can edit Meta tags for your website pages to increase ranking. It also comes with an SEO analysis plug-in to monitor your product’s performance in search engines.

When it comes to marketing, Shoplo allows for integration with email marketing platforms such as MailChimp.  It also provides the option to create numerical or percentage promotions to boost your offerings to customers.


Shoplo organizes its integrations into different categories to make your search process faster. The categories include:

  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Marketing
  • Shipping
  • Sales Channels

Shoplo Review: Pricing

Shoplo offers four price packages that include a 15-day free trial for each. The best part is that it doesn’t require credit card information and contracts. The simplified purchasing process makes Shoplo a great option.

The Starter package costs $12 each month and covers 20 variants for each product. On the other hand, the Pro version costs $25 per month. It comes with no product limits and two language versions.

The Advanced package is the most popular option and costs $45 each month. Just like the Pro option, it has unlimited product limits and two language versions. Additional features include checkout customization, email templates, and abandoned cart recovery.

Finally, the Vip option covers all Shoplo goodies at $75 per month. It offers unlimited product limits as well as language versions. It also provides free live chat, email templates, abandoned cart recovery, checkout customization, and advanced reports.

Here is a breakdown of what each package offers.

Shoplo Website Builder - pricing

Shoplo Review: Who Should Consider Using Shoplo?

Shoplo’s intuitive design, as well as its drag and drop feature, make it easy to set up. For this reason, it’s ideal for beginners who want to build an online business from scratch.

It is also a good option for small businesses working on a shoestring budget. The Starter package is a great option to try out the product. The 15-day free trial on all packages can help you maximize on the Vip option.

Speaking of the packages, Shoplo really scales well. This means that it will grow with you notwithstanding the number of products you have to offer, sales volume, and the number of customers you get.

Shoplo Review: Verdict

Shoplo works for beginners, intermediaries and even advanced users ready to take their business to the next level. Its multichannel selling option ensures easy product management.

Nevertheless, the major challenge is that it doesn't have drop shipping integrations, forcing drop shippers to look elsewhere.

In spite of this drawback, it is a great ecommerce platform for someone looking for an alternative to Shopify.

Do you have any questions about this Shoplo review? Let us know in the comments section below.

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