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SendOwl review

While the common perception that in today's digitally connected world, anything and everything is just a click away is generally true to some extent, there are certain things that are easier said than done in this context.

One of such things that is not ‘just one click away' is the ability to sell things. Well, yes, there are plenty of ecommerce platforms out there that let you create online storefronts to sell goods and services in a relatively easy manner, it still takes a good amount of time, effort, planning and execution to put everything together before you can actually throw the doors of your estore open. In view of this, if you have a few, simple things that you wish to sell online, going the traditional ecommerce platform way would probably be an overkill.

And this is where SendOwl comes in to the picture. Quickly put, SendOwl is a simple online platform where you can easily and inexpensively create a storefront and start selling products and services.


Here is my full review of SendOwl:

Who is it for:

SendOwl is suitable for you if you wish to sell any of the following types of products

  • Software
  • Subscriptions
  • Ebooks
  • Videos
  • Video Games
  • Comics
  • Music
  • Magazines
  • Audio Tracks
  • License Keys

Also, though they primarily label themselves as a ‘digital goods' selling platform, they do support selling of tangible products too. Some of the SendOwl features, however, make it a very useful platform for selling digital goods, as described below.

Secure Storage and Distribution:

All files (products) are stored securely and you can choose to release them to customers via either a timed link or a link with a preset number of download permissions. It would not be possible to download a file via a link once its time limit has expired or the number of permitted downloads are made. Videos can be configured to stream rather than getting downloaded.

Strong support for software and/or other products requiring license keys is also provided, with the platform taking care of tasks like generation, safe storage, issuing and distribution of keys. Protection for PDF files is offered by automatically stamping them with the buyers' names and email addresses. As you can readily imagine, buyers are less likely to share and spread files which are thus stamped.

Easy Customer Experience:

SendOwl allows you to offer easy buying experience to your customers in various ways. SendOwl interface


With the ‘Instant Buy' feature, for example, your customers can bypass the shopping cart-checkout routine to just pay and order/download with only one click. Another feature, called ‘Pay What You Want' lets customers do just that – so those willing to pay more can do so easily. Thoughtfully, an option to set a minimum price has also been provided so that your profit margins are protected.

Features to Help You Sell More:

A number of features are offered all of which can help you sell more in different ways. SendOwl dashboard One of these features allows you to create product ‘bundles' so that you can group related products together and encourage more purchase. You can also easily create fully trackable discount codes, with total control over redemption based on time period, specific product/s or spend amounts. What many might find to be the most beneficial feature is SendOwl‘s inbuilt affiliate system.

This system allows you to enroll and manage people interested in selling your products for a commission. As anyone familiar with online affiliate marketing operations would know, it can get fairly complex and time-consuming to set up such an operation for a vendor. SendOwl's affiliate system makes it very easy for you to offer this and enjoy the benefits of having a sales force without incurring any fixed costs.

Free Trial:

A 30-day free trial is offered on all SendOwl plans to let you explore and experience the platform.


Four paid plans are offered, starting at a very affordable $9/mo. moving up to a modest $39/mo., based on the number of products you wish to sell, the amount of storage and a few other parameters as can be seen in the screenshot below: SendOwl pricing


If you sell a large number of products (running into hundreds or more), you would probably be better off going with a traditional ecommerce platform many of which are covered in my top 10 ecommerce platforms chart. For selling smaller number of products, especially digital ones, SendOwl is certainly one of the best options out there! You can start your free trial here.

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