The Ultimate Receiptful Review

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Ecommerce receipts have the unique power to boost sales and accelerate growth.

Although receipts may seem like an afterthought for you, they are wonderful opportunities to engage your users and bring them back to your site–especially considering receipt emails generally get higher open rates than your marketing newsletters.

For example, some of your receipts could include the following:

  • Surveys
  • Coupons
  • FAQs
  • Product related information
  • Return details
  • Support links
  • Testimonials about the product
  • Related products for more buying
  • Referral program reminders.

We have searched around quite a bit for certain apps that allow for automated receipts, but many of  them aren't all that customizable. Some of the offerings in platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce are decent, but nothing crazy.

That's when we stumbled upon Receiptful.

The folks at Receiptful are quite adamant on generating a receipt system that not only looks like it's super modern for the user, but also expedites the process to the point where the ecommerce webmasters hardly know it's even running in the background.

Receiptful Features


The main course of the Receiptful buffet is the receipts. These are super easy to design with the drag and drop editor. The company also provides several templates for you to get started with. Brand it to your own desire, and include a coupon to prompt people to come back to your store after a purchase.


You'll also notice that other information is listed towards the bottom of the receipt. Include the actual monetary value of the user's receipt purchase, and list links to your social media pages, support modules and physical address.


Abandoned Cart Emails


Receiptful uses conditional logic to check if a customer made a purchase or not. If a purchase was completed, it will not send an email to that person. However, if that user abandons the cart, Receiptful shoots out a certain email that relates the message to what they were buying.

Recommendations Widgets


Integrate your online store to bring up certain recommended product links when a receipt email goes out. This combines well with abandoned cart emails and the receipts, considering both will help boost your conversions and get people buying more stuff from your store. You have the opportunity to customize this however you want, before the emails and recommendations go out. For example, you can include product titles, change the header size and adjust the number of products that popup in the email.

Follow-up E-mails

One of the areas that makes Receiptful more unique than other receipt apps is the feedback feature. Sometimes you'd rather just get customers to fill out a survey after a purchase, and that's what you can do. In fact, it's one of the more simple designs we've seen, since the receipt just provides a quick smiley face or frowney face for users to click on and give you their feedback. After that, you can see the information in reports and contact the customers who were not satisfied with the customer service or product they received.


Receiptful Pricing

To start out, every single plan comes with a 14 day free trial. In addition, if you don't mind Receiptful putting its own branding on your receipts, you can use the platform for free, with an unlimited amount of orders.

However, if you're not into the whole Receiptful branding thing, the following choices are available to you.

  • Hobby – Pay $19 per month for up to 50 monthly orders.
  • Startup – Pay $39 per month for up to 100 monthly orders.
  • Professional – Pay $89 per month for up to 1000 monthly orders.
  • Business – Pay $199 per month for up to 10,000 monthly orders.

Keep in mind, all of these plans have the following features:

  • Unbranded Receipts
  • Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Recommendations Widgets
  • Follow-up E-mails
  • Supercharged Search
  • Conditional Logic
  • Store & Customer Analytics

Also, if you opt for a yearly payment plan, you receive two months for free.


Receiptful Support

The Receiptful support team seems to be okay for those who are going to only search out their own solutions. A blog is provided for you to learn even more about the system, and your best bet to receive a quick response is probably the Twitter page. However, they don't really advertise anything in terms of email or phone support. That's fine, but before you start paying for Receiptful, we recommend reading up on how to configure your receipts.


That said, the content online is extremely helpful. The company has a Help page, which is basically a long list of FAQs for you to scroll through. The Receiptful email list keeps you in the loop, but the main reason we still give Receiptful a big thumbs up for support (regardless of the fact that they don't have much direct contact,) is because of the Receiptful Academy.

This area on the website provides tips, tricks, articles, videos and more resources, serving as your own little training course.

Who is Receiptful Best For?

Interestingly enough, Receiptful works on a few different levels. We understand that some small businesses and startups have no problem including some branding for Receiptful on their receipts. If this is the case, go at it with this app. You get everything for free, and it's most likely going to be better than any other online receipt program you've worked with.

What about if you're interested in a white label plan? Well, this just depends on how many sales your store processes. This is outlined in the pricing area above, but we think it's pretty reasonable across the board. After all, small companies only have to pay around $16 per month, and the largest customers are at $166 per month.

Overall, Receiptful is the cleanest automated receipt program I've seen, and a free plan is offered if you're on a budget. We recommend it to anyone who's just getting started with digital receipts, or for those who are sick of some of the clunky old systems.

If you have any questions about this Receiptful review, please let us know in the comments section below. We'd also like to hear about the apps you use for your receipts.

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