17 Ecommerce Conversion Boosters [Infographic]

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To start an ecommerce business that sells, itโ€™s not enough just to move your inventory online. Success in online selling requires a smart strategy. If your web store doesnโ€™t generate the desired level of profits, you can try and fix that following some of the tips listed in this infographic.

The infographic serves as a checklist of proven tactics for the optimization of your conversions. Here, you can learn about anything from the skillful use of images, videos and colors at your e-store to the improvement of its payment, checkout, and search options.

Blocks of the Infographic take the shape of puzzle pieces. Such a structure has been chosen to stress its appeal โ€“ bring together as many pieces as possible to increase your conversions. Different colors make it easier for viewers to distinguish different groups of issues highlighted in the Infographic.

The ig is created by TemplateMonster.


We hope youโ€™ve enjoyed the infographic and you are welcome to share your feedback in the comments. Did you find the advices helpful for your web store? Which tips are you going to follow? Is there anything you will avoid, and whatโ€™s the reason for such a decision?

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