Best Practices for Selling Logo Designs Like Hotcakes

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Almost every brand has some form of a logo. In fact, for 75% of consumers, it's the most recognizable aspect of a brand's identity. 

So it's no wonder that even some small businesses pay upwards of $500 for their logo. For more prominent brands, this figure is even more lucrative. For example, Business Insider reports BP spent over 200 million on its logo redesign in 2008. 

The bottom line: selling logos can be a profitable business for new logo designers and seasoned pros alike.

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A Quick Sky Pilot Review: Everything You Need to Know

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One lucrative market opportunity in the digital e-commerce world is that of online course sales. Itโ€™s a booming market. While not everyone gets rich overnight, it's possible to earn a sizable income, even as a side hustle. In fact, by 2025, the e-learning market is predicted to reach as much as $300 billion.

If Shopify is your e-commerce platform of choice, several online course platforms are available to you. However, in this review, weโ€™re zoning in on one particular Shopify app: Sky Pilot.ย 

There's lots to discuss, so grab a cup of coffee, and let's get started.

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