The Best WordPress Plugins for Selling Tickets to Events

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WordPress is an exceptional option for ecommerce professionals looking for more control over their online stores. It does require a little bit of extra work (finding your own hosting, transferring domains, setting up WordPress,) but you gain full control over your online shop, you get to easily add and adjust CSS and HTML, and the options for expanding your site are endless with the help of plugins. WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress ecommerce plugin, but it doesn't have any features for selling tickets. That's why we want to explore the best WordPress plugins for selling tickets to events.

The cool thing about ticket sales plugins is that you have lots of options. Some of them are made to work with WooCommerce, while others are perfectly fine without WooCommerce. In short, it doesn't matter how your site is currently setup. You can start peddling tickets no matter what.

Therefore, keep reading to learn more about our favorite WordPress plugins for selling tickets, and feel free to demo all of them until you find the one that works best for you.

Tickera (Starting at $49 per year plus a $70 one-time fee)

WordPress Plugins for Selling Tickets - tickera

Tickera isn't the least expensive, but it's one of the more advanced WordPress plugins for selling tickets. The plugin offers support for WooCommerce and non-WooCommerce sites, with multiple themes and add-ons to make the process easier.

Checking in attendees can be done with scanners and mobile ticketing interfaces, and you can accept payments from all WooCommerce payment gateways. What's cool is that you can let your customers pick their own seats if that's part of your event, and they even have features for discount codes, multiple events and barcode readers.

Event Tickets Plus (Starting at $99)

WordPress Plugins for Selling Tickets - event tickets plus

The Event Tickets Plus plugin is recommended by the WooThemes company, and it allows you to make event listings on your website while also selling tickets for those events. Make limits for all of your ticket types, and include QR codes to speed up the check-in process.

We enjoy how you can specify expiration times and put the tickets on multiple websites if you have various platforms to sell on.

Amelia ($59)

amelia wordpress booking plugin

Amelia is a simple yet powerful automated booking specialist, working 24/7 to make sure your customers can book appointments or events and pay online even while you sleep.

Events can be used in Amelia for various occasions, from basic one or multiple days traveling tours, scheduling conferences to set up group training, or classes that repeat for some period of time. For whatever you need, you can create one or multi-day events, that can repeat and even have assigned employee that works on your everyday services.

Eventbrite Tickets (Starting at $99)

Since Eventbrite is already pretty much setup for you to start selling tickets, there's a good incentive for you to integrate it into your WordPress site. The pricing is on-par with other alternatives, and it integrates the Events Calendar plugin with the Eventbrite ticketing system.

Therefore, it lets you generate an event with ticket sales on Eventbrite. After that, you can display the event on your website. Everything is pretty much taken over by Eventbrite after that, including ticket sales, QR code creation, the shopping cart and emails with event information. Just keep in mind that you'll need both an Eventbrite account and the two plugins discussed here.

Ticket Tailor (Starting at $25 per month)

The cool thing about Ticket Tailor is that you don't have to pay any fees when selling a ticket. It also has support for both PayPal and Stripe, making it easy to collect payments. Order management tools are there for reviewing and reissuing tickets, and you also get a barcode scanning system for when people come to the event.

We like that you can export all of the data to share with other people in your organization. Furthermore, the Ticket Tailor plugin provides integrations for both WordPress and Facebook, expanding your reach to all sorts of potential customers. Along with ticket customization, discount codes and 10 languages to work with, the Ticket Tailor plugin is a solid choice.

Cart66 WordPress Event Registration Plugin (Free With Cart66 Membership)

This plugin is only useful as an add-on to the Cart 66 ecommerce system. Many people use Cart66, and this is the solution provided by the Cart66 company. Overall, you can decide which events you would like to have. Then you can make your own custom forms for those events. For example, you could have people punch in sizes for t-shirts and which type of meal they would like for lunch.

It's one of the more customizable event signup forms, and it also has a completely secure payment page. The plugin lets you create discount codes for all events and tickets, and you can include downloadable material that people may need to bring to the event. For instance, you might have a sheet with instructions or maybe a dress code for a conference.

WordPress Event Calendar WD Add-on (Starting at $25)

The WordPress Event Calendar WD Add-on must be paired with the Event Calendar WD plugin. The combination has both an events calendar and a ticket selling interface complete with email invitations and support for the PayPal payment gateway. The only unfortunate part is that there aren't any options for other types of payment gateways.

The email templates are completely customizable, and it allows for getting feedback from event attendees. Not only that, but it features a full barcode scanning system for when people come to the actual event.

Events Plus (Starting at $49 per month for a complete WPMUDEV membership)

The Events Plus plugin (from WPMUDEV) helps out with events and meetups, allowing for you to accept RSVPs and sell tickets for all events. The plugin integrates with Google and Snazzy Maps to guide people where to go, and it includes a beautiful event countdown to build buzz about the event.

Two payment gateways are allowed, including PayPal (read our PayPal review). What's most interesting is that you can import events from other services. So, if you have a full calendar on a different software, you can transfer them all over.

Open Tickets (Free)

This is one of the few acceptable free plugins. It has basic features for managing and selling your tickets, along with a full calendar of events.

You can show everything from venues to events and give your customers either physical or digital copies of their tickets. Along with decent reporting and a scanning system, the Open Tickets plugin might be all you need.

FooEvents (Starting at $59)

FooEvents integrates with WooCommerce to instantly sell tickets from your site. You get everything from free mobile check-in apps, ticket inventory management and branded HTML tickets.

I like the fact that this plugin comes with a CSV export, and you gain access to multiple ticket types.

FooEvents starts from $49 dollars for the main plugin, however it can be purchased as part of a bundle too.

Which WordPress Plugin for Selling Tickets is Best for You?

If you need something for free, go with the Open Tickets plugin. If not, I'd highly recommend more powerful solutions like Tickera and Eventbrite Tickets. Overall, all of these WordPress plugins are great for selling tickets, so take them for a spin and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Una duda, ¿Cómo se venderían los tickets en la entrada del evento?
    O sea, vendo online y reservan sus asientos, pero y en la entrada del evento? Tengo que vender las entradas desde la web también?

  2. I personally tried Ticket Tailor and I feel this is the best option if you are using WordPress. It is very easy to use loaded with full features. It is cheaper than other ticket or event plugins available.

    1. Ticket Tailor was nice but didn’t have much if any Box Office feature. If you don’t need that than just about any ticketing solution. Ticketor had a great Box Office and everything else, but was a little more expensive. osConcert ($150 one time fee, not mentioned here as it is not a WordPress plug-in but a stand alone solution) is so far the best self-installed and run solution I’ve found – its Box Office feature is not fantastic, but functional. I’ll try OpenTickets and MyTickets next.

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