Keeper Review: Is This The Solution To Password Security?

Who's Keeper? What Do They Do?

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Password security is a big deal for individuals and businesses alike. But while some might get away with reusing their passwords (after all, over 23 million account holders still use the password ‘123456’), businesses can’t afford to treat their cybersecurity so casually.

Keeping your business accounts and data secure is essential for both employees and customers. Not only does this prevent significant scandals and the threat of legal action, but you'll also go a long way to protect your business's bottom line. After all, over 33% of victims of compromised accounts stop doing business with companies that leaked their data.

And who can blame them? These days, with the right tools, password security isn't difficult to maintain.

This is where Keeper Security enters into the frame. So, in this article, we’re discussing exactly what Keeper does and whether they do it well.

Let’s get started!

Keeper Review: What's Keeper Security?

Keeper Security homepage

Keeper is a cybersecurity software founded in 2011 that millions use to protect their passwords and private information. It’s a zero-knowledge and zero-trust platform, utilizing modern cybersecurity strategies to keep your data safe.

Keeper acknowledges that over 81% of data breaches result from weak password security. As such, it has developed a suite of business password management tools to protect companies of all sizes, no matter their industry.

Keeper aims to:

  • Mitigate the risk of data breaches
  • Boost employee productivity by removing the need for password resets
  • Strengthen compliance standards

Users can download the Keeper Desktop App v16.0.0 on the following operating systems: Mac, Windows, and Linux. Alternatively, you can download it to your mobile device (mobile apps are available for Android and iOS).

…that said, let's take a look at Keeper's core functionality in more detail:

Keeper Review: Keeper’s Main Features

Keeper's value proposition is simple: Protect your passwords and simplify password security for safer data handling within your business.

But how exactly does Keeper achieve this?

Below we've listed Keeper's core features that make the software a cybersecurity asset:

Keeper Has a Zero-Trust, Zero-Knowledge Security Architecture

Keeper uses best-in-class security infrastructure complete with a zero-trust framework and zero-knowledge security architecture.

For the uninitiated, ‘zero-trust' is an initiative that prevents successful data breaches.


Namely, by eliminating “trust” from an organization’s network architecture. Outdated security models operate under the assumption that all users act responsibly. In contrast, the zero-trust framework acknowledges that this sort of trust makes data vulnerable. As such, everything/everyone trying to access your system has to be verified before its granted access.

A zero-knowledge password manager like Keeper also ensures that only you know what's in your systems. It keeps proof that you have the right key. However, Keeper doesn't have access to the key or all of its information. In short, it means Keeper’s employees can’t access any user account data.

Secure Password Generator

Keeper can generate strong passwords for you and your employees. Then, with the Keeper-fill browser extension, these passwords auto-fill into the apps and websites you use, so you can continue to access information quickly without compromising security. You can opt to save a password every time you register a new account with a website.

This browser extension even lets you search for the passwords you've generated for any particular website. So you won’t ever struggle to remember your log-in details.

KeeperFill works alongside the following internet browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Opera.

File Storage, Password Storage, and Shared Folders

Keeper also protects your sensitive files, documents, photos, and videos across unlimited devices. You can create shared folders, subfolders, and passwords to manage individual records and encrypted folders across teams.

Each employee also gets a private vault to store and manage their passwords, files, and confidential data.

Keeper enables you to access this secure file storage from one intuitive dashboard. It comes with a password importer tool that lets you import passwords directly from your internet browser, other password managers, or a CSV file. You can also share logins with trusted friends or colleagues by simply selecting the sharing option for that entry in your vault.

Record History and Version Control

Each employee gets access to a complete history of their records. They can review previous versions, restore and recover older documents, and see what's changed over time.

Role-based Access

You can define employee permissions and customize access based on the roles and responsibilities of your team.

Record-level Encryption

All data is encrypted at the customer-device level for an unlimited number of devices. This uses layered, record-level encryption to protect your credentials, metadata, and files. Basic two-factor authentication is enabled, including SMS, TOTP, smartwatch, and FIDO U2F.

Keeper also offers visibility into your password security via its reporting and auditing tools. This helps you enforce internal controls and maintain compliance standards.

Lastly, Keeper reports on all activity so that you can review access history.

Keeper Review: Pricing

As we’ve been focusing on Keeper's business features, we’ll start with its business plan pricing. This costs a simple $3.75 per user per month and is billed annually (for $45 a year). If your team is larger than 100 users, you’ll have to contact Keeper's sales team for a custom quotation. A 14-day free trial is also included.

You can also purchase add-ons for this plan, including:

  • The advanced reporting and alerts module costs $10 per user per year and grants access to enterprise-grade custom reporting and alerting.
  • Secure, effortless file storage: This starts at $125 a year and provides access to Keeper’s Cloud Security Vault, where you can securely store and share digital assets.
  • Keeper Chat: This costs $20 per user per year and provides hyper-secure messaging to protect sensitive workplace communications using the highest level of privacy.
  • Breachwatch: This costs $19.99 a year if you're a Keeper Unlimited or Family Plan customer. This provides dark web monitoring for stolen account data and informs you if a password in your vault matches any passwords associated with previous breaches.

Other Plans:

  • The Personal Password Manager: For $2.91 per month, this provides secure and unlimited password storage, password generation, auto-fill, and access across unlimited devices. Students get 50% off.
  • The Keeper Family plan: For $6.24 per month, you get access to five private vaults on top of Keeper's personal features.
  • Keeper’s Enterprise Plan: This is suited to larger businesses handling super sensitive data. This comes with single sign-on authentication, SCIM, and Azure AD provisioning, email auto-provisioning, automated team management, and access to the Developer APIs for password rotation and backend integration. If this is of interest to you, you'll need to get in touch with sales for more info.

And while we’re here, we also want to tell you about Keeper’s free features. For example, Keeper Chat has a free version for secure messaging across all your devices. This comes with end-to-end encryption for messages at rest and in transit. It's a suitable option for families, friends, and colleagues. With the free Keeper Chat, all your messages are stored in a secure digital vault and even protected with a ‘self-destruct' against cybercriminals.

The Keeper website also provides free data breach scans for businesses and individuals, which come in handy for identifying any cyber risks.

Keeper Review: Customer Support

Keeper Documentation Portal

Suppose you have any concerns about cybersecurity or need help with Keeper's services. In that case, you can contact Keeper support or read their self-help documentation. On their website, Keeper provides lots of user guides and helpful tips and tricks. Video tutorials are also available.

You can also register for Keeper's free Q&A technical support webinar. This is a great opportunity to find out more about Keeper and ask questions about the service.

If you need to get in touch, support is available 24/7. You can contact the team via live chat or send in a ticket to utilize Keeper's call-back service. There's also phone support available during the hours of 10 AM – 5 PM CST.

Additionally, Keeper provides an online resource library where you can browse trending topics on cybersecurity and review tips on keeping your business and enterprise safe. Here you'll find blog posts, datasheets, white papers, infographics, webinars, and case studies!

Keeper Review: Keeper's Pros and Cons

Before ending this review, let’s take a quick look over the key advantages and disadvantages of using Keeper:

Keeper's Pros 👍

  • Keeper provides some unique security features, like the encrypted messaging service.
  • Keeper offers a diverse range of cybersecurity tools.
  • Keeper is praised for its ease of use, especially its intuitive dashboard.
  • Keeper boasts tight security protocols with strict zero-knowledge and zero-trust policies.
  • You can easily access and edit all of your logins and generate strong new passwords.
  • The browser extension is a valuable tool for auto-filling passwords and saving yourself the hassle of resetting login details if you forget them.

Keeper Cons 👎

  • The many add-on protection features can get pricey if they're essential to your business.
  • Keeper doesn’t come with an automatic password changer like its competitors Dashlane and LastPass do.

Keeper Security: Our Final Verdict

Keeper is a diverse and effective password manager for personal and business use alike. It provides a vast range of cybersecurity services via easy-to-use software with affordable monthly pricing. Keeper's toolkit is nothing short of extensive and comes with an encrypted messaging app and browser extension.

All in all, its industry-leading security framework and simple user interface make it great for both IT managers and end-users.

So, do you want more control over your password security? Do you need to protect a team of employees who access sensitive customer data? If so, a tool like Keeper is a must-have. Give its free 14-day trial a shot! Alternatively, are you considering one of Keeper's competitors like 1password? Either way, let us know what you think in the comments box below. Speak soon!

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