360Learning Review (Feb 2023): What to Expect

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Welcome to your 360Learning review, designed to tell you everything you know about a platform built for collaborative learning. 360Learning is a Learning Management System (LMS) which helps creators to launch learning programs for their community.

Compared to many of the other learning solutions available today, 360Learning is still relatively unknown, but it’s starting to gain more popularity.

Unlike other learning tools, the biggest thing that makes 360Learning unique, is that it’s a “collaborative” system. This means that you get all the benefits of a learning service, combined with a strategy designed to bring people closer together.

Aside from the collaborative experience, you’ll also unlock a variety of content creation and integration tools when you use 360Learning.

Let’s take a closer look.

360Learning Review: What is Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is a unique concept in the digital world, and part of what makes 360Learning so compelling. The solution helps teams to learn quickly and remain people centric. 360Learning is perfectly suited for an environment where organizations are struggling to provide learning opportunities to distributed teams. Since the pandemic, it’s become increasingly difficult to bring people together, not just for remote working, but for learning too.

Collaborative learning, according to the 360Learning team, is a training solution intended to help employees share their knowledge. In other words, people learn from each other, and absorb knowledge from a wider community. It’s essentially a group educational experience, but it’s hosted in a cloud-based environment.

Collaborative learning is an alternative to top-down management styles and cooperative learning strategies, as it gives students more control over their own education. 360Learning believes this tool helps people to work together in teams with more creative thinking and problem solving.

The core components of 360learning include:

  • Automation: Reduce admin costs and complex work by around 60%. You can certify employees according to the latest regulatory requirements, streamline the learning experience and schedule training sessions according to your needs.
  • Enablement: Client-facing teams get all the support they need with video evaluation, mobile content creation, and so much more. There are easy tools for onboarding new clients, a selection of solutions for software adoption, and plenty of bonus help available.
  • Development: Onboarding and supporting employees is quick and simple. You can start a new employee in the system in no time. Off-the-shelf content gives learners access to a range of best-in-class content options too.

360Learning Review: Course Creation

360learning homepage

As the only learning platform focused specifically on teamwork and a bottom-up approach to education, 360Learning provides a unique experience. This is a service that places the focus on decentralizing content creation and boosting interaction, even with staff who are remotely distributed. The learning platform offers a comprehensive LMS experience.

When you sign up as an admin with 360Learning, you’ll instantly have access to a course creation system which guides you through each step of the building process. The course system is very easy to work with, with drag-and-drop modules, reports, and video or text boxes.

If you already have content available, 360Learning allows you to leverage those resources wherever they are, to keep courses engaging and increase upkeep. The authoring tool is quick enough to help you build your course on your own in as little as 11 minutes, and you can collaborate with colleagues on editing too.

For extra guidance, 360Learning has small dialogue boxes in the building system which offer hints on what you might want to add to improve the learning opportunity for your audience. The idea behind this collaborative learning platform is that you’re not just creating a single course for your audience, you’re building multiple in-depth learning opportunities.

You can create entire batches of courses for your employees to focus on each month, choosing themes that make sense to you. Because the learning experience is heavily self-directed, there’s less pressure on the team leader to guide their audience through everything.

360Learning Review: Pricing

360learning pricing

360Learning pricing is an important thing to consider if you’re planning on using this service as your comprehensive educational tool. Pricing can definitely affect the overall rating of any learning solution. The cheapest “Team” package starts at only $8 per month.

The Team solution comes with absolutely no commitments to worry about, because you can cancel at any time. All native features are available in the service and mobile app. There’s webinar and self-recording functionality, third-party integrations, gamifications, and a learner activity dashboard. You’ll also get course completion tracking.

The second package, “Business” doesn’t come with a set price. You’ll get all Team features, as well as nested groups and local admins, integrations with single sign-on and API support. There’s an impressive 99% SLA, email support, a knowledge base, and customer success. To get the price, contact the team for a demo.

The Enterprise package also doesn’t have a transparent pricing structure attached to it. This is pretty common in the software space, though. The Enterprise offering includes all the features of Business, as well as access to tools for building an expert community easily, prioritizing initiatives by impact, following up on course creation, and course quality management.

You can unlock expert academy functionality, reward the best courses with bonus assets, ask the community about what to do next, interact with influencers, and so much more.

360Learning Review: Designing for “Learning Needs”

While other legacy platforms for elearning add interactive elements and collaboration into the mix at higher pricing levels, that’s not true for 360Learning. Alongside excellent customer support and mobile apps on Android and iOS, 360learning supports the development of online courses that are all about collaboration.

The aim of the 360Learning platform is to help companies design for educational needs. The collaborative nature of the platform makes it easier to collect information from employees and discover what they need to accomplish learning goals. You can find learning “needs” according to the company and build your entire strategy around those.

The overall course creation experience is quick and simple, because there’s no complex storyboarding to worry about. There’s a “cheat sheet” page, which helps you to see guidance on what you might need to add on each learning segment, and there’s a question tool with multiple formats too. This means that you can add a variety of different kinds of questions to a course to really mix things up.

Video is an option within every course, which is ideal at a time when a lot of employees and students alike are benefiting for more visual content. The video features allow you to add questions mid-content or deliver tasks as your employees watch. There’s also the option to set up screencast demonstrations if you’re showing your employees how to use certain pieces of software.

One thing that’s particularly impressive about 360Learning is how easy it is to keep your courses updated. If you need to go in and add more information, or change something, you can simply jump into your courses without having to start from scratch.

360Learning Review: Collaborative Feedback

Unsurprisingly, the collaborative learning platform from 360Learning constantly encourages course creators and business owners to connect with their team and learn from them. There are reactions so your employees can demonstrate how they feel about specific pieces of content, plus you can set up feedback loops which require your staff to leave reviews and testimonials after each session.

For better team connections, the 360Learning system comes with access to a full collaborative learning hub, which you can adjust according to your needs. The hub allows for peer-to-peer learning by encouraging people to share their thoughts and skills in a safe environment.

One particularly compelling feature is the opportunity to embed gamification and challenges into your campaigns. You can set up specific tasks for your employees to accomplish outside of the learning courses and reward them for their work. There’s the option to assign “achievements” to people, and even list your employees on a leaderboard.

It’s not just feedback from your staff that you can gather and leverage either. Business leaders can record group feedback videos or give guidance one-on-one for team members that need it most. There’s also a translate-as-you-build service for companies who might need to design courses for people in different parts of the world.

If you believe someone in you team has some valuable information to share, you can also invite them to become a content creator and start sharing their own content too.

360Learning Review: Learner Engagement

Training courses on 360Learning are specially designed for businesses where teamwork is important. No matter your company size, you can create training programs that support the growth of your team without the need for excessive human resources management.

As a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrants for LXP, CLMS, and course authority, 360Learning is gaining a lot of attention for a new approach to collaborative education. To help ensure absolute adoption from your team members, the online courses from 360Learning are built with ease-of-use in mind. You can access API integrations to build functionality into the existing apps your employees already use. It’s even possible to support employees in learning through LinkedIn.

Along with an excellent interface and onboarding experience, for both desktop and mobile devices, 360Learning also includes a project management feature. This extra SaaS functionality is great if you’re onboarding new employees and want to keep track of their position in the learning cycle.

From an engagement perspective, 360Learning ensures everyone has buy-in within your team. The user-friendly solution with access to social media integrations can adapt to suit your needs. Anyone can create webinars and courses to support their teams, allowing employees to see what it’s like to work with the best LMS too.

There’s a fantastic set of content management and automation features, and 360Learning notes that about 91% of its users complete the courses they take, compared to just 20% on average for the industry. Course creation takes only around 11 minutes, and 60% of the process is self-directed for your employees, reducing the stress on team leaders.

360Learning Review: Ease of Use

It’s easy to be impressed by 360Learning and its unique approach to education. Whether you’re teaching according to SCORM requirements, introducing some health care insights for your team, or implementing a full review of everyday practices, 360Learning has you covered. There’s even learning analytics for mid-size to large enterprises.

Despite offering an easy way to deliver and track online training for bigger companies, 360Learning is still simple enough to use if you’re a smaller company. Anyone who wants to streamline the learning process without relying on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can benefit from this software. The UI and UX are easy to use, and the course creation environment feels wonderful to work with.

Online training through 360Learning is an excellent experience, designed to make all employees feel as comfortable as possible creating content. You don’t need a lot of technical skills to use this training software, and you can check out various review sources and blog post content online for guidance too.

Learners can even create their own profile to keep track of their skill optimization. All that, and you also get integrations with a broad selection of other LMS tools, like SAP SuccessFactors and CornerStone. There are integrations with LinkedIn Learning, And a variety of connections to education providers like Skillsoft and Edx.

360Learning Review: Finishing Thoughts

As an all-in-one elearning platform which works on Android, Apple phones and the web, 360Learning is a fantastic investment. With high-level customer support, and an interactive interface, companies can build immersive learning experiences in everything from management consulting to sales. Plus, there’s scope for employees to create their own courses.

A unique take on learning, 360Learning allows you to empower your employees and track their success in real-time with a host of amazing tools and analytics systems. Integrations with apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce and an open API make the experience wonderfully flexible. The value for money also seems quite impressive, though there’s limited transparency around some of the packages.

Ultimately, there are plenty of things to be impressed about as you examine a tool like 360Learning. It’s the perfect way to bring your employees together in a way that encourages knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer interactions, without compromising on things like analytics and insights. Though quite different from many of the other educational tools out there, 360Learning is definitely worth a try if you’re looking to empower your team.

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