The Ultimate JotForm PDF Editor Review for 2022

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Do you currently have the option for your customers to submit forms on your website?

This could be a registration form for an event you are running, or a form to gather feedback from your customers based on the usability of your website, or how satisfactory they found your checkout and delivery process.

If you do (and you should be) then how is that data collected currently?

It's probably just a mishmash of information that you copy and paste into a word document and then export into a PDF. Before sending it on to the relevant department.

Sounds like a lot of hassle right? Well, it is and it doesn't have to be any more thanks to JotForm's PDF Editor.

Let's say you get 300 responses from customers who are giving you feedback based on the timeliness and efficiency of your shipping. It would require some serious admin work to gather those responses into a decent working order, before sending them on to someone in your inventory team.

Now with JotForm PDF Editor, you can automate beautifully designed PDF documents that you can download, print or share with just a simple click of a button.

Who is JotForm?

Before we dive into this new feature it's worth letting you know who JotForm is.

JotForm is an online form builder that helps you create the following without using a single line of code:

  • Contact forms
  • Lead generation
  • Surveys
  • Event registrations
  • Online bookings
  • Applications

It's incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing you to create a form for your company in a matter of minutes.

JotForm PDF Editor Review: Features


The first thing you are probably concerned about with a PDF Editor is the flexibility and how it will represent your company.

At first, you can select from 15 different categories to find a template that suits your situation such as Invoice, Contract or Voucher. From here you are met with the dashboard screen and have the option to change a multitude of different things including adding/removing sections, changing colours and fonts.

You can even select a hex colour to match your company branding and also select your own background image to make your PDF instantly recognizable. It's a WYSIWYG tool that can be easily edited just by clicking and dragging. It requires no skill at all and could be done by anyone within your team without any training.

Background image editor in JotForm

You can also name the PDF file within JotForm to make it easy for you to find in future as well as choosing what size document you would like and whether it's portrait or landscape. All of this can be previewed as well before you have finished.

JotForm's customisable template

You can give the option to people to attach headshots to their form submission. This might be helpful for matters such as employment or if you are drawing up a contract for a partnership and you want to keep it on file.


Within the 15 different categories of PDF, there are over 100 templates. As you can see below there is something for everyone from more serious topics such as HR and business to forms that you can create for your marketing campaigns.

You can also add multiple PDFs within your dashboard area to work on them simultaneously. It's worth noting as well that each form comes with a watermark on the free version and you would need to move to one of their paid plans, which start at $15 a month, in order to get rid of this.

PDF selector


Quite an advanced feature on JotForm's free version is the password protection option.

Especially in regards to more sensitive documents such as invoices or contracts you may only want a few people to access them, therefore you can set a password just by heading to Layout Settings > Customize > Advanced > Enable Password Protection.

Password protection in JotForm


JotForm's PDF Editor makes it very simple to share your PDFs, which can help boost the relationship and communication between your work colleagues.

By clicking Print you can instantly print out your form in regards to the page settings that you specified earlier.

Share your PDF in JotForm

The Share button gives you a shareable link that can be instantly copied and pasted, additionally, there is a Send with Email option that allows you to send an email from directly within JotfForm, as long as you have this configured.

Electronic Signatures

An additional feature that JotForm has introduced since the release of PDF editor is the use of electronic signatures.

This can be done on both desktop and mobile by your customers. That means there's no need for them to print, scan or photocopy any signatures. Also if it's a contract agreement between yourself and another party you can return your signed agreement within a simple click as well.

Electronic Signatures in JotForm


A handy tool wouldn't be complete without some great integrations and JotForm's PDF Editor has just them!

If your team is already depending on popular cloud storage systems such as Google Sheets, DropBox or Box then JotForm seamlessly integrates with these.

JotForm PDF Editor Review: Conclusion

JotForm's PDF Editor is another fantastic tool in their already impressive catalog.

How intuitive and easy it is to create forms is the biggest benefit of the tool. Even the biggest technophobe in your company could pick this up, and due to its plug and play nature, create a well-branded PDF in minutes.

The add-ons such as cloud integrations and a password protected option, which are both available on the free plan, will make this incredibly popular.

Even if you want to get rid of the JotForm branding and were looking to create upwards of 25 different forms then $15 a month is very competitive.

Have you used JotForm's PDF Editor yet? Have any feedback on it good or bad? Leave a comment below and let's get the conversation started!

JotForm PDF Editor
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