Blog Explained: Everything You Need to Know

What does blog mean?

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A blog is a name for an online publication or journal that will include shorts posts and articles. These posts will be organized by the date they were published, and normally you will find that you have the opportunity to comment on the posts. The term blog came about from combining the words log and web, the primary use of blogs having been for personal publication.

BlogHowever, the use of blogs is now far more widespread and they are now widely used as a social media strategy for clever online marketing. With almost the entire population owning at least one social media account, social media has enjoyed a transition from a place to connect with old friends to a way to sell your product or service on a global scale.

Blogs have traditionally been written by a single person, however multi-author blogs are becoming increasingly popular in 2018. Blogs have also typically been focused around a single topic or niche, although there are blogs that can cover a wide variety of topics. In truth, there are blogs on every imaginable topic and in many different formats and varieties. The only real constant is that they are web based logs.

Blogs also have some other similarities. Most blogs contain something called the archives, which is where you can see all the posts ever written on that blog. Archives are often listed chronologically, but could also be listed by topic. Most blogs also use comments, which means you have the opportunity to interact with the author of the blog.

Blogs are unique in that they are authored by people from around the world, of all ages, religious backgrounds, political leanings, educational levels, and on every topic you can think of. Blogs are a universal means for the average person to share their thoughts and opinions with the world.

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