5 New FREE Marketing Tools for Your Store

We’ve talked about setting up your start up business, or picking the best ecommerce platform, but now it’s about time to see how you can promote it, how to get customers and how to keep them coming back. We’re keeping an eye on the budget too, so below you’ll find 5 free marketing tools you can employ in order to improve and increase your marketing campaigns. Take a look:


Riffle free Chrome app for Twitter engagement

This is a Google Chrome plug-in that helps you tweet… better. You can ‘riffle’ influencers Twitter accounts or just research competitors with it. So you get a lots of insights quite fast, mainly the user’s digital footprint, account information (Tweets, followers, location, etc.), RTs and the like, top hashtags, URLs shared and so on. The plug-in works with 15 Twitter platforms.


Circular Buffer app

It’s the open-source version of Buffer. Simple steps: write the tweet, post it to the queue and schedule it. You can also get email reminders (when your queue is empty, for instance) and upload pics. Easy to find your way around, free and customizable. It does the job.

Three Cents

Three cents iPhone app for polls

This is an easy-to-generate survey, crowd-sourced app. It basically allows users to pose a question to be answered by peers. The surveys are shareable and this app can gather opinions from anyone on any topic. Also, everybody can vote without downloading the app. You can make surveys private or visible to those you select, or you can send it to your email list. Big plus: you can include audio, picture, and even location media.

Adobe Voice

Adobe voice iPhone app

Quick, “drag and drop” video creation software based. You can record a story (about products, events, tutorials, etc.), choose from thousands of images and the app creates the animations. Then simply share it on Twitter, Facebook, email. Videos DO lead to higher conversion rates. Better try this trick too.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent free title generator

How cool is this? A title generator! How do they do this? The marketing company behind it combines its knowledge of viral structure with phrasing and your search term. The result? Titles and content ideas for blogs or feeds. Of course, you can modify titles according to your needs. Fun too.

Your turn now! I'm sure there are other tools out there you guys are using for marketing. Share some links with us will you?

Catalin Zorzini

I'm a web design blogger and started this project after spending a few weeks struggling to find out which is the best ecommerce platform for myself. Check out my current top 10 ecommerce site builders.