$2,000 Ecommerce Marketing and Technology Science Scholarship

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Calling all marketing students and students of technology science! This is the Ecommerce Scholarship page, where we ask you to submit your application to potentially receive a contribution to go towards your tuition and school supplies.

At Ecommerce Platforms, we strive to locate products, platforms, marketing tools and tips so that entrepreneurs and ecommerce professionals can establish the most effective systems for selling anything from new inventions to eBooks. The ecommerce space is drastically changing on a regular basis, so it's important for us to keep a finger on its pulse and guide business people of all experience levels through the tumultuous and intriguing world of online business.

Once we locate an eCommerce platform or website add-on or effective marketing tool, we test it out and share it with our readership.

That's what we do on a daily basis, so this scholarship was designed to get you thinking creatively about selling online, building your own ecommerce tools and figuring out new ways to market products, whether they're ideas rattling around in your head or items you'd like to sell in a retail shop.

We're looking for scholarship applicants to write a 500-word essay on the following:

How can great marketing impact the world? What have you done to showcase your passion for building and marketing new products, whether it be through a past internship or working on a new online business in your garage? Can you talk about a new product or business idea that could fare well in the ecommerce world? What about this new idea is going to benefit potential customers and make their lives easier?

If you're more into the technology science area, feel free to talk about your aspirations as an ecommerce developer or designer. Are you currently working on an idea that could potentially improve the way ecommerce professionals work on a daily basis?

Please submit your response to Ecommerce Platforms. After that, we'll review all responses and the winner will receive a $2,000 check to be spent on tuition fees and supplies for school.

The whole point of the scholarship is to understand what types of ideas you have in terms of marketing or ecommerce development. We encourage you to get as descriptive as possible, even if you haven't necessarily made a prototype for your product or constructed a wireframe for your ecommerce store. Whether it's an interesting technique for ecommerce marketing or a cool new form of hiking boots, we want to hear how you plan to make it happen.

Feel free to include everything from diagrams to sketches. You can also simply decide to write an essay describing your experiences and ideas. Designs are excellent to see, but you're not required to submit them if you're not comfortable with that.

The deadlines for the scholarship are strict, so make sure you pay attention to those dates. We will be holding this scholarship program twice per year.

How to Apply

Upon completing your work, please send it to the following email address: catalin(at)ecommerce-platforms(dot)com

It's required that you submit your application through your school's email address. This is one of our vetting methods for figuring out whether or not you're actually in school.

Your submission should also include the following items: 

  • A PDF or image copy of your current student ID (make sure it's not expired)
  • A 500-word (or less) essay which answers the questions we outlined above. Once again, please include any designs, sketches, drawings or other materials that might strengthen your application.

Please submit all of your documents in PDF form. We prefer formatting to be in Times New Roman, 12-point font and double-spaced.

Dates to Remember:

  • Submissions open on September 15, 2017
  • Application deadline: November 15, 2017 (extended to 25th Novemeber)
  • Scholarship winner announced: 11th December 2017

Note: This scholarship program is over.

Requirements for Eligibility

We only accept candidates who show proof that they are studying and enrolled with an accredited school program. You must be at least ten years old to apply, so the ages are really open to just about anyone. The scholarship competition is considered an international one, so don't feel like your school might be disqualified for its location. Terms and conditions apply. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the scholarship, feel free to reach out to:

Ana Farr
[email protected]
Community Manager, Ecommerce Platforms
Ecommerce Platforms,
4 Elder Street, London, UK, E1 6BT

Terms & Conditions

  • You must be a student enrolled in an accredited high school, college or university.
  • Employees and contractors who work with or alongside Ecommerce Platforms are not eligible.
  • Applications are accepted until 11:59 PM PST on the 25th of November 2017. Applications sent in after that deadline are not eligible for the award given out on the 30th of November 2017.
  • Applications will only be considered if written in English.
  • All formatting and technical requirements of the application must be met for consideration.
  • If you have any problems with the terms and conditions or the eligibility requirements, please do not apply for the Ecommerce Platforms scholarship. Void where prohibited.

How will Ecommerce Platforms pick the winner?

  • A multitude of criteria is considered when selecting a winner. Some of these criteria include the quality, innovation, and extensiveness of the content submitted.

If I win, how will I be paid?

  • Each winner will receive $2,000 USD.
  • All scholarships are non-transferable. The payment is made in the form of a check to the educational institution attended by the student.
  • Each winner must have submitted all proof needed to show they are a current student.
  • There will be no cash awarded to winners.
  • Receiving a scholarship is contingent upon all the terms and conditions and upon eligibility.

Scholarship Winner for 2017:

We received over a 100 incredible applications for the Ecommerce Marketing and Technology Science Scholarship.

The winner is Kamilya Zhabykbayeva from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

We are publishingKamilya's submission here. We love her insights about what marketing could or should be.

Also, we'd like to suggest that instead of a candy box Kamilya cut choose something that's more suitable to ship worldwide- something less bulky, like seed paper with local flower seeds from different countries and information about their vegetation etc. (food for thought)

Here is Kamilya's submission:

How Marketing Brings Us Together

Marketing is a true art form. While it's mainly associated with business, it is really a part of the humanities. Marketing helps businesses grow but it also creates something even more special. It forces interaction and supports networking. Many people can discover new things and meet new people through great marketing. New ideas and communities can be developed through these interactions.

When you think about the country you live in and think about a foreign country that is very unfamiliar to you, you may assume that you can't relate yourself to that country. However, when you think about how many successful brands have grown globally, you will realize that you probably have something in common with others.

For example, Apple has flourished across the world. Almost everyone has an iPhone or some device made by Apple. The marketing done by Apple is familiar to people around the world. A global community has been created by Apple using their marketing strategies. Whether they use the internet, billboards, or even their own Apple stores, they always bring people together.

Personally, I think great global marketing can truly help bridge gaps between distant communities. I want to help connect people by introducing my own product into the world. I am currently working on a product that could help this happen. My product is called “Yummy Box”.

It is a small box that can be filled with various treats and snacks. The catch is that certain boxes would be associated with a certain country and filled with candy and goods from the corresponding country. Along with the candy, a small postcard with fun facts of its country would be provided to really engage the customer into the product. It could be sold domestically but selling this type of product to a different country would spark interest in customers causing them to gain knowledge about another country.

As a citizen from Kazakhstan, I would really like to create communities between Central Asia and the USA. I plan on creating an online site that I can share with friends and people that I know from other countries. Since my product uses different nationalities, a website that is accessible to many people would help support the product. The website would have to be translated into several languages so it can easily accessible to others. Having a website in multiple languages automatically helps collect traffic from extra sources.

Great marketing has the potential to impact the world by bringing people together. In a world of borders, different governments, and language barriers, marketing can help overcome these obstacles that divide people. Tolerance for others can be built and energized by creating networks and communities of people.

I think my product; “YummyBox” is just one possibility of ideas that can help marketing influence the world in a positive way. I hope to continue pursuing my marketing goals and to see people of different nations come together through my work and the work of future inventors.

Congratulations Kamilya 🙂 Kamilya will receive 2000 USD towards her tuition and other college expenses.

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