Shopify vs Etsy vs Squarespace 2023: Let’s Battle It Out!

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To get into ecommerce, you’ll need an online platform to host your products. So here I'll compare three very different solutions: Shopify, Etsy, and Squarespace.

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Use Shopify to build a scalable online store with access to a wide range of eCommerce features.

Use Squarespace to showcase lots of imagery in the best possible light, and if beautiful web design and customization freedom is your priority. 

Use Etsy if you sell handmade items (physical or digital) and want to keep your business simple. Etsy is perfect for side hustles or testing a market's potential.

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Squarespace vs Etsy: The Simple Guide for 2023

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The debate of Squarespace vs Etsy for online sellers can be a complex one. These are two very different tools for online sales, but they can both help you to grow rapidly online. Here’s your guide.

It might seem like an odd matchup for an ecommerce selling showdown, but both of these tools represent excellent options for creative professionals. With both Etsy and Squarespace, you can build a “storefront” capable of generating sales for your new creative endeavours.

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