Best Online Banks in Europe in 2023

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Do you live and/or work in Europe, an expat, or a freelancer planning to travel to Europe as a digital nomad? 

If any of the above apply, you’ll know it’s essential to have access to your money and for your funds to be safe and secure while you’re on the go. 

So, below, I'm looking at the best online banks in Europe, briefly summarizing what each offers so that, hopefully, by the end of this round-up, you'll have a better idea of which (if any) of these financial services best meet your needs. 

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A Juni Review: What Does This FinTech Company Have to Offer?

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When running your own ecommerce business, having a firm handle on your finances is imperative.

But, with so much for online store owners to keep track of, this is sometimes easier said than done! From their expenses and investments to payment processing fees, sales taxes, shipping costs, and income. It's safe to say there's lots to consider. 

This is where using the right mobile banking solution or financial platform becomes vital.So, today, we're looking at Juni, a FinTech solution that prides itself on providing financial services specifically for ecommerce merchants. Juni offers plenty of handy features that online merchants might need from a financial platform. For instance, cashback, multi-currency accounts, virtual cards, and insights – to name a few!

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Monese Review (2023): Is it The Best Alternative to Revolut?

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Have you reviewed your finances and feel you could manage your money better? For example, maybe you've split your banking across different online platforms depending on the use case, such as day-to-day transactions, savings, or investments? And now perhaps you're looking for a comprehensive solution?

With that in mind, today, we’re focusing on one digital banking option: Monese. It’s a digital banking platform as well as a money transfer service. In this Monese bank review, we’ll provide the low down on who Monese is, its pros and cons, its prices, what you get for your money, its functionality, and try to answer any questions you may have too. 

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Wise vs Monzo: Which Online Bank Is The Best?

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Mobile banking and transferring money online have never been more convenient. Two popular online banking and international money transfer services are Wise and Monzo. Both offer a range of services customers can use via their mobile apps. 

Wise is essentially an online account that enables you to send money overseas and get paid in different currencies. You can also use the Wise card to spend abroad. In contrast, Monzo is a fully-fledged digital bank. 

However, how do you choose between the two? 

Below we’ll look at their prices and features to help you answer that question. There's lots to cover, so let’s make a start.

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Monese vs Revolut: How Do They Differ?

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Monese and Revolut are both digital banking services offering a variety of benefits designed for business and personal banking. With their instant currency exchange and payment protection, they also make travel a breeze. Not to mention, it's easy to transfer and manage payments from the convenience of their mobile app (available on both Android and iOS).

But with all this common, where do these services differ? What's the best option if you're looking for a business or personal account? 

If you're trying to decipher the difference between Monese and Revolut's products and features, look no further. We're covering everything you need to know to help you decide which (if either) mobile bank is the best choice for you. 

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Wise vs Revolut (2023): Which Would Best Suit You?

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In this Wise vs Revolut review, we’re looking at two of the most popular solutions for sending and receiving money abroad.

Our first provider, Wise, specializes in making it as cheap as possible to send money in other currencies. Revolut, on the other hand, is a mobile banking solution with even more to offer. But, which one's right for your purposes? Keep reading to find out…

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