We Accept Credit Cards: 16 Editable Vector Designs for Your Website (Free Download)

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Youโ€™ve probably noticed that credit cards are gaining ground, unless, of course, youโ€™ve been on a mission to the moon during the last decade. Not only are they gaining ground, but they are essential in any ecommerce enterprise.

Now that weโ€™ve settled this, it's good to also know that credit cards come in various colors, have several backgrounds, and each has its own special features. Some mightier than others, but all good for commerce. That's why you shouldn't miss to add “We Accept Credit Cards” sign from your online shop.

Similar distinctions can be spotted with the myriad of ecommerce platforms out there. Virtual payments are not limited to credit cards, but it is a convenient and easy to use form of payment worldwide. To keep up with the times and make the most of the opportunities, an impressive majority of ecommerce platforms accept credit cards.

We Accept Credit Cards: Download the Full Pack of 16 Editable Designs


Download the set

Letting your public know from the start that you accept their credit cards is a step closer to keeping them on your site, confidently and calmly browsing for the goodies youโ€™ve got on offer.

This set of icons helps you embrace the brave new virtual world, and gives you a helping hand so you too can say it out loud: โ€œWe accept credit cardsโ€! Well, you decide the tone, thatโ€™s why this collection comes in many sizes and styles, from retro to minimalist. To perfectly tick all the boxes, these vectors are editable too. And free of charge. Any online shop can get their hands on these beauties and make the most of their quiet, colorful power.

These… accepting vector icons that come in various formats can be used for personal and/or commercial purposes. Have a good look at them, give them some credit (ha!) and accept them in your circle of trust. Happy downloading!

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  1. This should be updated to include Paypal, apple pay, google pay, samsung pay, wepay, etc options as these are just the 4 major ones…

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