Synthesia Review 2023: What Does This AI Video Generator Have to Offer?

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Do you want to create videos where a model speaks on behalf of your company? Do you intend to develop training materials for your staff? Perhaps you need to generate how-to videos to guide your audience about your solutions?

If you nodded along any of these questions, you may want to check out, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered video generation platform that turns your text into high quality videos with voiceovers.

But what exactly is Synthesia, how does it work, and is it worth your time and money? To help you find answers to these inquiries, here is a detailed Synthesia review that guides you along various aspects of this Synthesia AI solution.

What is Synthesia?

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Synthesia is an AI-based video generation service that creates videos and voice overs from text. It uses deepfake technology, a portmanteau of “deep learning” and “fake,” to generate these videos from a popular subset of AI that is known for its use of patterns and information from a large set of data.

By using deepfake, Synthesia can use the images of pre-saved human models or custom avatars to have them present what you want them to say through your text or script. This objective is achieved by manipulating and adjusting the expressions of these models as well as the movements of their mouths for a near-perfect lip-sync to your provided speech.

Synthesia can also generate synthetic voices through your text or script. These generations emulate human voices, tone, and inflection. In turn, the videos that are created through Synthesia can be a mix of visual models and voiceover tracks that perfectly match your script’s overall tone and intention to engage your audience.

What Are the Benefits of

There are quite a few benefits of using AI to generate high quality videos, with some of them including the following perks.

  • Cost savings
  • Quick output
  • Various use cases
  • Intuitive interface
  • High quality content
  • Enhanced engagement

You can take a closer look at each of these advantages below.

Cost Savings

Shooting your own videos, doing voice overs, and adding effects can take a lot of resources from your end. By using Synthesia’s services, you can cut down these costs through the virtual models, voiceovers, and video editing tools that the platform brings to the table.

Since Synthesia is a web-based platform, it also saves you from spending a fortune on dedicated video editing software as well as the computers that could run these resource-consuming programs. This adds to the cost-saving benefit of the service.

Quick Output

Producing your own videos from scratch along with voiceovers and post-production effects can take quite a bit of time. When you are working with professionals such as models and voiceover artists, this is one of the reasons that adds to the overall costs of your video production.

During your Synthesia review, it is important to consider that the platform lets you generate new videos within a few minutes of kicking off the process. This goes a long way towards helping you create singular videos in tight deadlines or multiple videos for larger projects.

Various Use Cases

One of the biggest advantages of Synthesia is how you can use the generated videos in different settings. Whether you want to create presentations, sales pitches, how-to tutorials, or introductory videos, you can depend on the platform to fulfill your needs.

With different templates, human avatars, and voiceover options, you can easily find a combination of visual and sonic elements that meet your requirements for several situations. You can also choose between preset templates or customize them to your liking. This stands out as a major benefit during the Synthesia review process.

High Quality Content

While many AI-based video content generators are now available, Synthesia takes the cake through the high quality of the video and audio that it provides for your scripts. Leveraging deepfake technology in a highly efficacious way, its virtual human avatars almost perfectly emulate the movements of human presenters during their speech.

The voice overs that Synthesia does through AI also follow this quality of results. Many of these voices sound highly natural and can easily be used in place of professional voices in certain situations. As compared to other platforms of a similar nature, Synthesia stands out with the realistic nature of its generated video and audio.

Intuitive Interface

Synthesia is a way for the layperson to use AI and deepfake technologies without having to go through a steep learning curve. The platform sticks to this approach and makes its solutions highly simple to use. With a point-and-click interface, generating videos is no different than browsing the web.

This also holds true for video editing tools that Synthesia offers through its solutions. No matter if you want to showcase an existing video or add your own logos to the video that you are generating, you can do it without any frustrations.

Enhanced Engagement

By using Synthesia for creating short-form video content, you can enhance the engagement of your website, social media channels, and audience communication. Since you can use these videos for a slew of settings, the versatility further adds to this benefit.

While creating videos can ask for ample resources and a significant amount of time, the benefits that Synthesia offers makes this task a lot easier as compared to using conventional methods for video production. This helps you elevate your engagement through videos without stretching yourself thin.

During an in-depth Synthesia review, these benefits highlight exactly how advantageous can Synthesia be for its users and how you can reap these rewards for yourself.

What Are the Disadvantages of Synthesia?

While Synthesia has many perks, it also has some drawbacks that include but are not limited to:

  • Limitations on video minutes. The starter level plan called Personal only gives you access to up to 10 minutes of finished video. The corporate plan adjusts it further but at an additional charge.
  • Pricing for higher tiers only available on quote. You do not see the pricing for the Corporate plan on the pricing page itself. This takes away the transparency of the process until you contact the Synthesia team.
  • Limitations on the number of slides. The Personal plan lets you make videos with up to 6 slides per clip. You can increase this limit with the Corporate plan, but that comes at an extra cost.
  • Evolving technology. Since the public usage of deepfake is an evolving space, you may run into some trial and error with the approach such as slightly out of sync human avatars or synthetic-sounding voice overs.
  • No discounts on annual payments. While Synthesia provides you with an impressive deal on its starter Personal plan, it doesn’t offer any discounts on annual payments like its competitors do.

Despite these disadvantages, Synthesia still comes out on top among many other similar services due to the high quality of its deepfake videos and audio, as well as the ease of use of its video editing capabilities. In turn, any Synthesia review from a critical eye still provides the platform with some brownie points.

What Type of Features Does Offer?

In order to ensure that the videos you generate provide natural results with video and voice alike, Synthesia offers different tools to help you create AI and deepfake videos with human avatars.

While performing a Synthesia review, you can consider the following features as the platform’s most compelling offerings.

Wide Selection of Avatars

One of the biggest points that set Synthesia apart from its competitors is the sheer number of human avatars that it offers to its audience from the get go. This provides you with an extensive cast of human avatars that you can use as models in your videos.

In total, Synthesia provides you with a selection of over 90 human avatars that are made using the images and likeness of real people. These avatars include men and women of different ethnicities and backgrounds, which allows you to ensure that your videos and your brand remains as diverse as you may want it to be.

These avatars are segmented into two categories. Over 65 of them are available in the starting Synthesia plan, while the remaining 25+ are offered through the premium plans. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose between these subscription categories with ease.

Ability to Create Your Custom Avatar

If you want to take personalization to the next step but without spending a fortune on video production, you can create your own custom avatar with Synthesia.

This avatar can be of your own self, an official ambassador of your business, or a professional model who agrees for you to use their likeness in Synthesia. After completing the process of taking images for the avatar, you can have Synthesia create a deepfake model for you.

From there, you can use your custom avatar in the same manner as you would use any of the preset human avatars. During your Synthesia review, this flexibility to create multiple videos with a distinct image of your brand can be a massive plus point.

Extensive Options for Voiceovers

Synthesia provides you with a wide range of options for generating AI-powered voiceovers. This goes over 120 languages and accents. These options are available in both masculine and feminine sounding voices, with different tones that could match the type of video that you want to create from scratch.

While these voiceover options are artificially generated, many of them sound incredibly natural. Depending on the language, the accent, and the type of tone that you are looking for, you may easily find a combination that emulates a natural voiceover.

The premium plans allow you to record your own voiceover and include it in your videos. This option works best if you are trying to have a professional voiceover artist narrate your video or handle the topic at hand.

Video Editing Templates and Tools

Synthesia also provides you with a suite of video editing tools such as templates, backgrounds, and text annotations to enhance your generated videos. You can also add your own videos to the clips that you generate through the platform. All of this is managed by Synthesia’s web-based solution.

This is yet another factor that works in the platform’s favor for any Synthesia review. Since you don’t have to install standalone software or go through a steep learning curve to edit your videos, you can shape up your videos to your ideal visual presentation.

In addition to existing templates, you can also create new designs. Besides integrating your brand’s logos and pictures, you also have access to approximately 5 million stock images and videos for free in the starter plan itself.

How Much Does Synthesia Cost?

Synthesia has two pricing plans in place that let you access its features on a monthly subscription. Besides these plans, you can add your own custom avatars on the service for $1,000/year.



This is the starting plan that lets you create up to 10 minutes of videos per month. You can use these minutes within a single video or break them up into 10 videos of 1 minute each.

This plan gives you access to all of the most sought after features of Synthesia, including but not limited to over 65 human avatars, over 120 languages and accents for voice overs, and over 50 pre-built templates. You can also use custom backgrounds and gain access to approximately 5 million stock images and videos.


Price Available Upon Request

This plan sets you free from the restriction of creating up to 10 minutes of video per month. Instead, it gives you the flexibility to choose how many minutes of videos you would like to create each month and gives you the pricing for your customized plan.

This option has everything from the Personal plan, with the addition of over 25 premium human avatars. You can create custom avatars, while also being able to use premium Shutterstock assets. This plan also lets you upload your own audio and allows you to use your own fonts.

When you opt for a corporate plan, you can also get priority support that includes the creation of your custom branding template, video sharing page, as well as procurement-friendly videos. Additionally, you can get paid premium services such as video editing, strategy, and management.

By industry standards, the pricing structure for the Personal plan is pretty competitive. When it comes to the Corporate plan, quotes can vary on a case to case basis. But overall, it still provides you with comparatively accessible costs when put side-by-side with other competitors.

In this section of the Synthesia review, the platform holds a distinct edge against its competitors. The only aspect where it falls short is that it offers no discounts on annual payments like many of its competitors do. But when you consider that the pricing is already accessible, this problem does not overshadow the platform’s value proposition.

Who Can Use Synthesia?

Synthesia caters to a variety of segments that include but are not limited to:

  • Business owners. If you want to create a distinct branding image for your business without significantly burdening your bank account, Synthesia can be the answer to your needs.
  • Marketing professionals. If you have an instance where you want to create engaging content for your clients, you can turn to Synthesia’s offerings in order to develop interesting videos that hold the viewer’s attention.
  • Content creators. If you are trying to look at new ways to develop attention-grabbing content for your audience or clients, Synthesia’s use of the trending deepfake technology can go a long way.
  • Training experts. Working as a training executive can require you to create an extensive range of materials. If you don’t want to continue talking for hours for multiple takes, you can use Synthesia and its human avatar technology for your sessions.
  • Hobbyists. Whether you are an AI aficionado or a deepfake enthusiast, you can use Synthesia to further explore the technology and get a firsthand experience of its advances.

What Type of Videos Does Synthesia Make?

Through Synthesia, you can create a range of videos including but not limited to.

  • Service announcements.
  • Sales pitches.
  • Staff presentations.
  • Product tutorials.
  • Training material.

But that’s not all, since the usage of Synthesia is dependent upon how you approach the portal and how you want to utilize its offerings for your personal or business advantage. This versatility paints the platform in a good light during a detailed Synthesia review.

How Easy to Use is Synthesia?

Synthesia is quite easy to use. From the minute you login to the platform, you can expect to enjoy a process that is nothing short of a breeze.

During this process, you can:

  • Choose your avatar.
  • Pick your narration voice.
  • Enter your text or script.
  • Select your template.
  • Personalize your template.
  • Add text, logos, images, and videos.
  • Insert your own audio.
  • Integrate stock images and video.
  • Add background music.
  • Complete additional editing according to your requirements.

After going through these steps through your web browser, you can have Synthesia generate the video for you within a few minutes. This makes the otherwise daunting task a walk in the park for everyone, even with minimal to no experience of video editing or AI execution.

Effective Tools Can Unlock Immense Opportunities

The modern world places an emphasis on content, customer support, and presentation. So whether you are looking to create explainer videos with AI avatars, have a simple powerpoint, or have professional videos to share with your audience, it is necessary to understand the value of the right tools to help you become more efficient.

This is where an AI tool with key features like an AI presenter that can account for different languages, boost your marketing videos, and help you with your onboarding process genuinely comes into play.

Synthesia studio helps companies with Synthesia video options to cut costs in various ways.

Whether a firm wants to create training videos or general marketing videos, a tool like Synthesia helps to open up opportunities to more amateur video maker talent. It enables a video creator with minimal video editing skills to spend a little time with tools present and to have quality output when it comes to animations and other video content.

Indeed, tools that can help beginners, blogger professionals, and general freelancers to enhance their functionalities without expensive equipment and large budgets for film crews can certainly bring about a slew of benefits.

In a world where costs continue to rise gradually, being able to access professional actors, a simple video creation tool that can account for text-to-video, video presentations, and video templates with ease can help immensely.

It will enable startups and individual professionals to present a professional appearance while they create videos that can have an impact on their organization, customers, and the world.

Should You Give Synthesia a Try?

In today’s day and age where AI and deepfake have become highly trending buzzwords, you can find solutions that are similar to Synthesia at every step.

While all of these services claim to obtain highly impressive results, many of them fall short at delivering your ideal outcome through their video generation services.

But Synthesia’s high quality, intuitive design, and overall realistic results make it surpass many of its competitors in these departments. This makes the platform’ solutions to be absolutely worth it for many users.

In order to establish your own Synthesia review that comes from a place of knowledge, you can create a trial video through the platform itself. This gives you an idea of how capable the platform can be against your specific level of expectations.

Afterwards, you can easily determine whether Synthesia is worth the time and money for your overall needs with an AI video generation and production platform.

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