Jasper vs. Copy AI: Which One is Better for Creating AI Content? (2023)

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With the availability of generative AI tools, you can now use the magic of artificial intelligence to create high quality content at a momentโ€™s notice.

As two of the most popular platforms in this category, Jasper and Copy AI stand tall as sought after choices for AI-based content generators.

But due to the popularity of these services, it can be difficult for you to choose a single option among them.

To ease this exciting yet puzzling journey for you, here is a lowdown on Jasper vs Copy AI. By going through this detailed guide, you can learn which of these tools is more suitable for you.

Jasper vs Copy AI: Quick Comparison

Both Jasper and Copy AI are built for business, where they can draft engaging product descriptions just as easily as they can write witty short stories for your presentations. This gives both platforms an extensive level of capability over different forms of writing that you can use and refine according to your own needs. This includes but is not limited to social media posts, ad copy, product descriptions, web pages, newsletters, and blog posts.

If you are looking for a quick overview of both Jasper and Copy AI, you may do well with a summary of both services before you embark on a side-by-side comparison. This Cliffโ€™s notes version lets you make a decision based on quick pointers instead of expanded reviews of each serviceโ€™s pros and cons.

Both Jasper and Copy AI Are Based on the Same AI Model

Known as Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3), the language model uses the artificial intelligence subset known as deep learning to process several layers of diverse information. This allows the AI system to generate cohesive content through short and simple text prompts.

Developed by research lab OpenAI, GPT-3 is considered one of the most impressive language models to generate content via AI. By using different settings and approaches with GPT-3 such as additional AI models like Neo X and T5, both Jasper and Copy AI provide their users with high quality content.

Jasper and Copy AI Benefit from a User-Friendly Interface

The GPT-3 system is available through an application programming interface (API), which makes it accessible via coding as well as interconnecting applications. This makes it difficult to use for anyone who does not have knowledge of programming.

By connecting their applications to the GPT-3 API and designing an intuitive user interface (UI), both Jasper and Copy AI make it easy for you to harness the power of this robust language model. In the comparison of Jasper vs Copy AI, this approach ranks both platforms at the same level.

Jasper and Copy AI Differ in Long-form Content Generation

While Jasper and Copy AI utilize GPT-3, they tweak the model and its available options to suit their own approaches. This results in slightly different outcomes when generating content via both of these platforms.

Both Jasper and Copy AI allow you to generate short-form content such as social media posts, digital ad copy, and product descriptions. But when it comes to long-form content generation such as detailed blog posts or articles, only Jasper rises up to the challenge in an optimal manner. This marks a stark difference between both solutions.

Jasper and Copy AI Have a Contrasting Front-end Design

Both Jasper and Copy AI offer you an easy UI to utilize their services. But they do so through slightly different designs. In this regard, Jasperโ€™s approach to offer its solution in the style of a content editor such as Google Docs works wonders for it.

Unfortunately for Copy AI, it lags behind Jasperโ€™s commitment to ease of use. While the Copy AI interface is still user-friendly, it lacks the modern content editing interface that can make many computer and workspace application users feel at home.

Jasper Offers Key Integrations That Copy AI Does Not Have

In order to make its platform more functional, Jasper brings some additional features with its value proposition. This includes integrations for search engine optimization (SEO), spelling and grammar check, as well as plagiarism check through third-party tools.

This seamlessness is something that Copy AI fails to emulate through its own platform despite offering an in-house plagiarism checker that you can count on for objective analysis. This has you turn to third-party tools outside of the Copy AI interface. In the comparison of Jasper vs Copy AI, this lets the former rank higher through its offerings.

Jasper Has Additional In-House Tools That Copy AI Does Not

Another thing that Jasper boasts of and Copy AI does not is its integration of in-house tools, namely Jasper Art and Jasper Chat. While Jasper Art is a separately-charged artwork generator that creates images through text prompts, Jasper Chat acts as a free virtual assistant that is tailored for business use cases.

In contrast, Copy AI does not have either of these capabilities. This makes Jasper surpass its overall offerings by a large margin, especially when you consider the buzz around AI chat assistants such as the GPTChat solution.

Copy AI Offers a Free Version But Jasper Does Not Have One in Place

By offering a free version to use its services, Copy AI has a major win up its sleeves in terms of exposure as well as user loyalty. This free version lets you utilize the solution for free, up to 2,000 words per month.

On the other hand, Jasper does not offer any free plan. It only provides you with the chance to avail a 7-day trial that is tied to your credit card submission. This has Jasper trail behind Copy AI in this segment.

Through these factors, it is easy to determine that between these comparisons of Jasper vs Copy AI, Jasper takes the cake as being the winner with its overall offerings. With that being said, it is still important that you go through these factors in detail to make an informed decision about the generative AI platform that you choose.

Functionality: Where Do Jasper and Copy AI Stand With Their Features?

First and foremost, you may want to learn about all of the important features that Jasper and Copy AI bring to the table. The following overview gives you the guidance to learn more about each platform.

Jasper Functionalities

  • Cloud-based Platform. The Jasper program is accessible through its own website, which saves you from the hassle of installing an app to use it.
  • Preset Templates. Jasper lets you utilize over 50 templates for business-centric content generation such as social media posts, product descriptions, and SEO text.
  • Long-form Content Generation. Jasper allows you to generate long-form content such as lengthy blog posts through simple prompts and information.
  • Multilingual Support. Jasper can generate content in over 26 languages with additional dialects such as British English and Brazilian Portuguese, which saves you from intensive translations in certain cases.
  • Third-Party Tools. Jasper enables you to use additional tools to improve the quality and efficacy of your generated text.
  • Additional AI Features. Jasper Art is a separate AI artwork generator that you can use to enhance the visual quality of your generated text. You can also use Jasper Chat to learn more about the platform and its functionalities via a conversation-based interface.

Copy AI Functionalities

  • Cloud-based Solution. Copy AI is available as a web app, which means that you do not have to go through the process of installing a program on your computer or device to access its features.
  • Predefined Templates. Copy AI offers over 85 templates for you to generate business-purpose text including but not limited to social media posts, digital ad copy, and emails.
  • Long-form Outlines. Copy AI can provide you with outlines for your long-form blog posts and other types of content, while also fully writing short-form content through simple prompts.
  • Multi Language Availability. Copy AI can perform its functions in over 26 languages and dialects. This enables you to generate high quality content for audiences across the world.
  • Additional AI Features. Copy AI does not have an artwork generator or a virtual chat assistant in place.
  • Third-Party Programs. Copy AI does not have third-party programs embedded or connected through its interface.

When it comes to functionality for Jasper vs Copy AI, Jasper surpasses Copy AI due to its expansive range of features such as long-form content generation, AI chatbot, and third-party tool integration.

Ease of Use: How Simple Is It to Utilize Jasper and Copy AI?

Both Jasper and Copy AI feature an intuitive UI and remain quite easy to use. But there are some differences between both services that you should know. The following details give you an expanded account of these distinctions.

  • Preset Features. Since it can be difficult to follow a string of text commands to get the exact content that you want, both Jasper and Copy AI use an UI with dropdown menus and helpful fields that make it easy for you to command the AI. For instance, if you want to write an engaging ad, you can direct the AI to write your text in a dramatic or witty tone. Jasper also lets you mimic the writing and speaking style of celebrities to create interesting content according to your needs.
  • Editing Interface Design. Both Jasper and Copy AI come with an editing-style interface that focuses on your convenience. While the software design is intuitive for both of the platforms, Jasperโ€™s front-end solution is slightly more user-friendly due to resembling a dedicated content editor such as Google Docs.
  • Chatbot Support. In order to make it easier for you to learn how to use the AI system and generate the content you want, Jasper offers its own chatbot by the name of Jasper Chat. At the time of writing, Copy AI delivers no such services.
  • Dedicated Team Support. Both Jasper and Copy AI offer support through their team, with their staff being available through live chat and social media platforms. You can also access training materials to understand how to use generative AI to create and optimize content.

With the use of Jasper Chat alone, the comparison between Jasper vs Copy AI is won by the former for this round. When you add the user-friendly design for Jasper, this distinction becomes even more justified.

Integrations: Which Third-Party Applications Are Compatible With Jasper and Copy AI?

Between Jasper and Copy AI, only the former offers third-party integrations to help you create and enhance your content. These include the following solutions.


As a plagiarism checker, Copyscape in Jasper is perhaps the most important tool to use while creating your content through an AI model. This world-renowned platform tells you how original your content is and lets you refine anything generated by Jasper until it is 100 percent free of plagiarism. You can get a discount for Copyscape when you subscribe to it through Jasper.


Grammarly is a spelling and grammar check tool that lets you improve the quality of your generated text through a perspective of widely-recognized written and spoken language rules. Grammarly is integrated into Jasper to let you utilize its functionalities without having to jump through hoops.


SurferSEO is a popular SEO service provider that lets you optimize your content for the search engines. This lets you increase your chances to climb up in search engine results pages (SERPs) and gives you the power to enhance your organic visibility. SurferSEO in Jasper comes at a discount to let you make every post a strong SEO addition to your portfolio.

When comparing Jasper vs Copy AI, these factors make it quite clear that Jasper provides you with more value for its subscription. This also brings you to the next section of the comparison, which happens to be the monthly pricing for the solution.

Pricing: How Affordable Are Jasper and Copy AI As Compared to the Other?

This is where you get to see the difference between Jasper and Copy AIโ€™s value proposition. The pricing details for each of these platforms are outlined below.

Jasper Pricing


Jasper has two types of pricing tiers available.

Boss Mode. Starting at $82 per month for 50,000 words per month, this plan gives you the capability to create long-form content such as lengthier and detailed blog posts through simple text and dropdown menu prompts.

Business. This is an enterprise-level package that is only available at requests. This is suitable for corporations that have a highly significant turnout for content every month.

Jasper does not have a free plan but offers a 7-day free trial after taking your credit card information.

Copy AI


Copy AI has a simple value proposition and only offers two tiers for its pricing plans.

Free. With 2,000 words per month, this plan includes 1 user seat and the blog wizard tool among other features. But it does not include multilingual support or access for the latest features. This plan does not require a credit card but includes a 7-day trial of the Pro plan.

Pro. For $49 per month, you can write an unlimited number of words each month. This has 5 user seats and also enables the features that are not available in the free plan.

If you have a requirement for over 20 seats, you can get custom pricing from Copy Ai.

Interestingly enough, this is also where Jasper falters and Copy AI gets ahead, only for Jasper to regain momentum again due to its overall features of creating long-form content, optimizing it through third-party tools, and offering AI support as well as artwork generation.

This makes the Jasper vs Copy AI comparison more interesting and brings it down to functionality just as much as it does in terms of pricing.

Which Tool Should You Choose?

If you want a comprehensive AI content generator that is able to create all types of content with minimal to no issues, Jasper might be the more suitable choice for you. With additional tools such as Jasper Chat, Copyscape, Grammarly, and SurferSEO, the platform becomes a full suite of solutions instead of an AI content generator alone.

On the other hand, if you donโ€™t have the requirement for long-form content, you may easily feel satisfied by Copy AI. Since the platform generates high quality content for a competitive price, it might just become your favorite option to draft copy that does not require a lengthy structure.

The best way to go about this process is to try the trial for both Jasper and Copy AI. This gives you a hands-on experience of both platforms and lets you be objectively critical of their shortcomings in the light of the information that you learn here. From there, you can make an informed decision to select your go-to AI platform.

But no matter whichever tool you end up choosing after the comparison of Jasper vs Copy AI, it is important to note that generative AI is still in its development stages. You may sometimes run into errors in composition, or often get information that is factually incorrect. To add to this tricky process, there could also be instances where your content might not get treated as fully original upon a plagiarism check.

As long as you are mindful of these issues, you can generate and optimize your content for a variety of use cases. This allows you to reap the benefits of generative AI while steering clear of any drawbacks.

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