A Comprehensive .STORE Domains Review

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Are you looking for a domain name for your online store? If so, you're in in the right place. This review takes an in-depth look at new domains, specifically .STORE domains, and aims to answer all of your burning questions on the subject.

Sound good? Let's dive in!

Why .STORE Domains?

96% of Americans enjoy shopping online. This is a fact. So, it's hardly surprising more and more entrepreneurs are trying to establish a presence on the web.

This makes finding a strong domain name even more important than ever before- which is where a .STORE domain comes into its own.

Their innovative approach to domain names instantly links your site to retail. This immediately tells customers you've something to sell– which goes a long way in piquing their interest and establishing a relationship with them.

This is how it works:

Online sellers can search for their desired site name, but instead of registering their domain as a .com, .co.uk, .org (or whatever else) they round it off with .STORE. Therefore, these are a fabulous option for business owners working within the e-commerce and/or retail spaces.

A company called Radix manages the official .STORE domains.  They're currently the third largest ‘new domain registry' throughout the entire world.

They boast over 2.5 million domain names under their management. Plus, in addition to. STORE, they also manage .TECH and .ONLINE domain names as well.

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Current Problems Finding a Domain Name

Did you know, as many as 65% of checks for domain name availability fail?

This is because there's a severe lack of short names that adequately represent up-and-coming digital brands- that's if you want a traditional domain like .com.

Consequently, business owners are forced to resort to clunky-sounding domains full of unnecessary characters and misspellings.

It goes without saying, not only does this negatively impact SEO, but it also affects your brand image (and not for the better!)

The Benefits of Using a .STORE Domain

There are several benefits to utilizing a .STORE domain, so we've listed the main ones below:

They're Short

Due to the high availability of good quality domain names, you can nab a short name of your choice with .STORE. You don't need to change your brand, the spelling, or add unnecessary letters and numbers because your company name isn't available (as is often the case with .com, .co, and .co.uk) domains. Plus, the shorter the name the more memorable you are, which is essential for building a strong brand- win-win!


store domains


They're Relevant

A .STORE domain name tells people you're an online shop before they even enter. After all, clear communication is vital for managing your relationships with prospects- so why should your domain be any different?

They're SEO-Friendly

You may have heard a myth or two suggesting search engines don't recognize domains like .STORE. However, you should know this isn't the case. In fact, Google put this worry to rest in a post they published on their ‘Google Webmaster Central Blog.' In which they alluded that domain names like .STORE are just as SEO-friendly as traditional domain names like .com.

store domains


People Take These Domain Names Seriously

A fabulous example of how serious .STORE domains are was highlighted by www.magazine.store. The value of this deal sits at a whopping $200,000! Plus, Magazine.store is also used by the Meredith Corporation. This is the media house that owns some of the biggest magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens- how awesome is that?!

Customers seem to Like Them

Domains like .ONLINE, .TECH, and .STORE enjoy a 60% renewal rate. This means most people end up using these kinds of domains for the long haul.

store domains

Protect Your Business

The above point is especially valid if you own a brand that boasts a loyal following. The last thing you want is for another company to piggy-back off your success by using a domain name associated with your brand with a unique extension such as .STORE.

Save Your Money

Again, this point is particularly relevant if you already own a reputable brand name. There are tons of people out there who would willingly purchase these domains just to sell them back to you at a premium. This is why it's usually far more cost-effective to grab all the relevant domain names relating to your e-commerce store from the get-go. In a manner of speaking, you're protecting your business, especially as we've seen from the Meredith corporation a .STORE domain extension has potential to bring in steady revenue.

store domains

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Get Noticed in a Crowded Market of E-Commerce Stores

As the industry of e-commerce becomes more and more popular, it makes it harder for you as a brand to stand out. With a more unique domain name, you stand out from the crowd.

Who's Using .STORE Domains?

The word ‘store’ is recognized across the globe and is widely associated with retail, which is one of the many reasons why a plethora of businesses across an array of industries have adopted .STORE for their sites.

The numbers speak for themselves: over 200,000 brands across 175 different countries utilize .STORE domain names. From Fortune 500 companies to artists to startups, .STORE has something for everyone.

Some of the more notable users include:

  • Emirates, a leading airline www.Emirates.store
  • Stipe Miocic, a former UFC Champion www.StipeMiocic.store
  • Lorde, a Grammy award-winning artist www.Lorde.store
  • Boutir, a store-builder app www.Boutir.store
  • NBA, the National Basketball Association of North America www.NBA.storestore domains

What Are Customers Saying About .STORE?

Before parting with your hard-earned cash, it's always good to hear from other people who've already experienced the product you're considering.

So, I've compiled a few opinions from those currently using .STORE domains to promote their business (hopefully, this should give you a better overall picture of what we're talking about):

The Dude Perfect merchandise has a huge fan base and the collection is constantly evolving with the addition of new products and styles. We needed an online storefront that would make these products easily accessible to the fans of Dude Perfect. We chose DudePerfect.Store because it was an excellent name to brand our store with. Also, it has been intuitively memorable for our dedicated fan following which is brilliant.'Nate Murray, Merchline www.dudeperfect.store

‘We needed a simple yet brandable domain name for our official merchandise store. We chose .STORE because it aligned with our vision for this retail outlet as well as helped us create a clear visibility for it. .STORE is refreshing and gives us a unique way to brand and promote our storefront.' Emirates www.emirates.store

‘We chose a .STORE domain name because it was unique and refreshingly different from the standard .com/ .in, etc and it conveyed the message to our customers clearly about what we are- an online organic STORE! It has helped in creating our own identity to stand out in an otherwise crowded online marketplace for home-delivered organic produce.' George Mathew Co-founder www.petrichor.store

‘Compared to the typical .com, I think .store sounds more unique and is more suitable for young independent brands and online stores. It stands out and clearly indicates what our website or brand is about before anyone arrives on our web page.' Syuma Lau, Founder, www.LoveLoveFrog.store

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We Have a Deal for You

You can now get a .STORE domain at a reduced cost of $4.99 for the first year (the renewal is currently at $29 on get.store but varies if they transfer to another registrar). To access this special offer, use this coupon: STORE499 when you checkout at www.get.store

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Where Can You Buy a .STORE Domain?

If you don't fancy purchasing a .STORE domain directly from Radix, you can buy from one of over 100 trusted domain registrars and resellers across the world. Including GoDaddy, Wix, and Shopify.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using a .STORE Domain?

The most significant issue people have with .STORE domains are the cost of their renewal. After offering a competitive introductory offer, the price usually spikes.

Some customers claim their initial purchase was as cheap as $15 and then found they had to pay as much as $40 per annum to renew their domain.

Like many businesses owners wishing to protect their brand, they'll purchase every domain name associated with their company. However, they'll then have to pay a lot more once the first year passes.

This means startups on tighter budgets will have to assess which domains are worth spending the funds on- which can be a pretty tough decision to make!

store domains

Who Should Use a .STORE Domain?

If you're a business owner running an online store then a .STORE domain is a fabulous option for you.

This is especially apt if there isn't a ‘.com' option available. At present, customers recognize and trust .com domains more than other choices on the market. However, consumer mindsets are rapidly changing and .STORE is pioneering this field.

If you've any experience using this kind of a domain name or have any questions and/or comments on this, please feel free to leave us a message in the box below. We'd love to hear from you!

.STORE Domains
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