Orbitvu Review: A Superior Solution to Product Image Creation and Automation

An in-depth Orbitvu review for the ultimate product image creator.

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Taking professional product photos often ends up leaving you unsatisfied, with less-than-stellar results, or with an overwhelming bill for rendered photography services. The goal is obviously somewhere in the middle, where you can quickly produce incredible product photos without breaking the bank. That's where Orbitvu comes into the picture, as it offers compact photo studio solutions with simplified and automated product photography. In this Orbitvu Review, we outline how the Orbitvu system works, the benefits provided, and other important elements like pricing and customer service.

Orbitvu Review: How Orbitvu Works

Whether you're an online store owner looking for a way to take beautiful photos for hundreds or thousands of products, or you're a photography professional with ecommerce clients, the Orbitvu software and compact photo studio system provides the physical studio tools and software elements to speed up your process and make it more economical.

Orbitvu sells a collection of photography products that connect to its processing software and your online store. It offers a three-step process for taking professional photos, 360 degree spins, and videos, all while cutting down the amount of time spent and minimizing complicated photography configurations.

Here's what to expect when you take your own product photographs with Orbitvu:

Step 1: Automated Captures with the Orbitvu Equipment

Orbitvu offers several compact photography products combining elements like turntables, cameras, and lighting. We'll cover more about the individual capture products in the next section, but the idea is to take a product, place it into the compact photo studio and watch as it does much of the work for you.

They build some of these photo studios for smaller products.

smaller studios - Orbitvu Review

While others give you the room and hardware for full-fledged fashion shoots with human models.

bigger studios - Orbitvu Review

The devices generate multi-row 360 spins and multi-angle photos within a matter of minutes for each product, as they spin the product and grab five-shots per product, all presented before a clean background.

hardware photos

Orbitvu has an instant capture button to begin the process, along with the ability to scan barcodes for easier syncing and product management.

Finally, your photography session gets much easier with the provided templates from Orbitvu.

photo examples

Step 2: Rapid Post-production

After Orbitvu takes the photos, it sends the results to the integrated processing software to complete several edits. Many of these edits typically require significant time and professional experience, but the Orbitvu software instantly runs through the photo batches to remove backgrounds, sharpen the photos, and include effects like natural shadows, and colors.

the software - Orbitvu Review

You can add your own manual edits as well, but the overall benefit of utilizing Orbitvu comes from the automation, with everything from contrast modifications to color corrections.

Step 3: Instant Publishing by Syncing with Your Online Store

One problem with product photography is that uploading those photos to your online store takes a lot of time.

Orbitvu strives to remove that frustrating element of the process by directly uploading to popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. Not only is this faster than doing it yourself, but you can literally walk away from your computer to work on something else while Orbitvu uploads the photos to your online store.

publish to your store

In addition, Orbitvu supports uploading to other platforms like YouTube and FPT connections you have to your website.

Orbitvu Review: The Products

Overall, Orbitvu combines two facets of product photography to expedite the process. First, Orbitvu provides automation software for processing photos and sending them to your online store.

Second, Orbitvu offers unique, powerful studio systems for capturing the product photos, many of them based on the types of photo shoots you plan on conducting.

The photo studios include compact design elements with versions for small, medium, and large items. For instance, you could opt for one of the smaller studios, like the Alphashot Micro V2, for small items like jewelry. Or, you could get a studio for larger items and human models, like the Fashion Studio or Alphastudio XXL.

Each studio has its own capabilities and tools to make it perfect for certain situations, using backgrounds, turntables, and sliding camera mounts.

Here's an overview of the Orbitvu studio selection, with tips on which of them work best for specific situations and products:

Orbitvu Studios for Smaller Products

During our Orbitvu Review, we found that they recommend these photo studios when photographing products up to 3kg (6.6lbs). You'll also need to figure out if oddly shaped products fit into these.

The Alphashot 360

The Alphashot 360 snaps stunning photos of smaller products like jewelry, watches, and sunglasses.

The hardware components include powerful LED lights, a motorized turntable, and a built-in USB hub. There's a built-in sliding camera holder to position the camera and tilt it to focus on your product. The Alphashot 360 also provides doors on both sides, and a one-click button that you can customize for your own functions.

alphashot 360 Orbitvu Review

The software that comes with the Alphashot 360 includes the basics like multiple output files, and automatic post-processing. You also receive lights that you can control with the software, along with quick templates and automated background removal.

The Alphashot Micro V2

The Alphashot Micro V2 caters to those interested in boosting lighting and focus for product images. It introduces a closed environment with enhanced lighting control to show intricate details within your products. For instance, you might consider the Alphashot Micro V2 for jewelry or watches, or any products where finer details are expected in the photography.

alphashot micro - Orbitvu Review

Beneficial hardware components include interchangeable tables, side and inner reflectors for contract control, and an impressive lighting setup with moveable LED panels and spotlights.

The software unique to the Alphashot Micro V2 provides a color beautifier, templates, and a super focus tool. There's even a reflection effect that goes along with the intuitive light control. Finally, you gain access to a turntable speed controller to spin it at the perfect speed.

Orbitvu Studios for Medium-sized Products

These photo studios make the most sense for mid-sized products (25gb/ like 55lbs) like shoes and bags and some electronics.

Alphashot XL

The Alphashot XL combines solutions for videos, still images, and 360 spins, and it offers various camera positioning options to put your camera in the right spot.

The hardware includes a motorized turntable to get the ideal spins and 360 shots, along with six lighting panels, all of which you control independently. Some other things we enjoy include the sliding doors on both sides, the product positioning kit, and the product support holders that get automatically removed from the photos.

alphashot xl

In terms of the software with the Alphashot XL, it comes with templates, automated background removal, and automated post-processing. You can also control all lighting from within the software and automatically export images to your store.

Alphastudio Compact – Orbitvu Review

We love the Alphastudio Compact for medium-sized products that tend towards the larger side, or for items that have unusual dimensions. We're talking about small furniture (like chairs or coffee tables), handbags, home improvement tools, and electronics.

alphastudio compact

The Alphastudio Compact is still small enough so that it doesn't take up too much space, but it empowers you with some flexibility for slightly larger products. The Manfrotto camera stand helps with easy positioning, while the magic table assists with smaller products. The studio comes with high-powered LED lights, a product positioning kit, and side diffusers for switching between hard and soft light.

As with many of the other Orbitvu products, software for the Alphastudio Compact removes backgrounds, includes templates, and controls your lighting. And as always, you can directly upload your product photos.

Orbitvu Studios for Large Products and Human Models

The following photo studios from Orbitvu provide high-powered automation with more room to fit larger products and human models. We like these best for furniture, luggage, and other larger items. But in particular, they're great for fashion when you have live models.

Alphastudio XXL

Perfect for photoshoots with models, the Alphastudio XXL boasts a roomy configuration with high-powered LED lamps, camera positioning stands, and a motorized turntable for spinning your models or the larger products you place into the system.

alphastudio xxl

The Manfrotto stand is ideal for moving your camera, while the magic table is also provided with the Alphastudio XXL for placing it underneath products and watching it disappear during post-processing. Software features include the templates from Orbitvu, software-controlled lighting to make products look great on models, and several export features to send results to your store.

Fashion Studio – Orbitvu Review

The Fashion Studio takes it up a notch for clothing shoots. It's primarily designed for creating the ultimate atmosphere for fashion-oriented photo shoots, with powerful lighting, virtual mirrors, and visual signals to help your models.

fashion studio

Some hardware features that stand out include the sliding side panels, the motorized stand, and the model positioning kit. You also receive a large collection of lights, such as a fill light, a backlit background, and top lights.

The software package for the Fashion Studio incorporates software-controlled camera movements, clip merging for compiling photos, and various templates to set the models up with the perfect environment.

Orbitvu Studios for Flatlay Photography

The Alphatable and Alphadesk enable you to capture photos from above, where you lay products flat onto the table or desk and capture stunning photos within seconds. These products feature a quick capture button and powerful lighting, while Alphatable also features a motorized zoom options for your camera. There's also a top cover on the one to block unwanted light from other sources.

the tables - Orbitvu Review

In general, you would use the Alphadesk or Alphatable to spread clothing or fabrics atop the surfaces. Not every product has to be flat, but these make the most sense for when you want an overhead view of the item, like with tiling or accessories.

The usual Orbitvu software comes with the flat lay products, with additional tools for automated background removals and ghost imaging, an option for overlaying images when needed.

Orbitvu Review: Customer Support

Orbitvu goes above and beyond with its customer support team, allowing you to contact the company with questions through email or the phone. There's a global sales network to answer all questions before purchasing from Orbitvu, with locations in places like the USA, UK, Poland, and Germany.

As for online assistance, Orbitvu offers a blog where it covers topics like product photography, ecommerce, and productivity, boosting your efficiency while using these products, and making for a well-rounded collection of resources.

Orbitvu provides an intuitive knowledgebase and user manual area on its website for searching keywords or topics and checking out device manuals for each of its products.

support - Orbitvu Review

Along with the essentials, you gain access to an FAQ page and social media accounts, all of which are suitable for reaching out to Orbitvu or learning about each product.

Is Orbitvu Right for Your Business?

Orbitvu makes sense for all ecommerce stores with large product collections. It significantly cuts down on the time it usually takes to run a photoshoot, and it ensures your photos are high-quality and professional, while also syncing them with your online store for instant publishing.

We like Orbitvu for electronics, jewelry, and hardware, yet it also comes with a myriad of industry-specific tools for fashion and larger items.

Overall, Orbitvu provides the software and hardware you need to generate beautiful photos and upload them to your store within a short period of time. They even have demonstration videos that show someone shooting 500 images in 90 minutes. That's five images per product, along with a multi-row, 360 view of the item to place on your product page.

Seeing as how having a plentiful collection of product photos makes for more sales, Orbitvu looks like a rather appealing solution for those who've struggled to produce high-quality imaging in the past, or those who want to speed up the process and let automation do the work for them.

We highly recommend Orbitvu products for small, medium, and large online stores. You have the flexibility to choose the hardware you need for your product sizing, and all photo studios come with the automated software.

Check out Orbitvu here, and let us know in the comments if you have any questions about this Orbitvu review.

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