Looka Review 2023 (Formerly LogoJoy)

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It’s no secret that machines have been ruling the world of production for quite some time now. But, admittedly, we never thought they’d start taking over even the field of design this early.

All in all, welcome to the era of AI design! And more specifically, welcome aboard the as we roll out the red carpet for AI-based logo creators.

So far, Looka is one of the few that are increasingly generating buzz not only among designers, but also online businesses, plus digital marketers. And for a good reason, it seems.

You see, it might seem like an ordinary logo maker at first. But the fact is, nothing could be further from the truth.

Under its hood is a AI machine learning engine that drives its entire logo design framework. And that’s the one thing that sets it apart from most of the other design software.

How good is it though? Can you rely on Looka to design an attractive logo for your business?

Stick with me as we uncover every critical thing about the whole platform. This Looka review goes deep into its underlying AI foundation to reveal how it works, its overall effectiveness, as well as the potential weaknesses.

What is Looka? Quick Overview

If you haven’t heard about it yet, then perhaps “LogoJoy” would sound familiar?

Ok, whichever term you prefer, they are one and the same thing. LogoJoy was launched as a logo maker back in 2016 and it later rebranded to Looka. But, despite the name change, the company baseline has remained the same.

Looka, in essence, was built to give entrepreneurs the chance to leverage the power of artificial intelligence for simple and low-cost designing of high-quality logos.

looka review homepage

An experienced graphic designer named Dawson came up with the idea after he noticed a common problem that most small startup entrepreneurs faced.

They desired great logos to help their brands hit the ground running but they couldn’t afford to retain professional designers. And the few that tried handling the job themselves always had problems coping with various design software.

So, he turned to AI for a possible solution. And the subsequent result, Looka, has since placed entrepreneurs at the center of their logo design processes. The solution’s machine learning engine managed to replace professional designers while considerably reducing the accompanying design costs.


Well, the process is pretty straightforward. At first, Looka essentially uses a complex machine learning framework to assess your business needs and design preferences. Its artificial intelligence system then generates an unlimited collection of relevant but unique logo options for your brand.

It doesn’t stop there though. Looka proceeds to hand you simple tools for customizing any logo you select from its generated options.

And no, you don’t need any experience or training to work on them. The process of making adjustments is as easy as tweaking your phone’s display settings. While you’re at it, Looka allows you to customize pretty much all the elements you’d expect typical design composition- including graphics, icons, fonts, etc.

All things considered, Looka is much faster than a professional designer using regular editing software. It only takes a couple of seconds to generate logos from your design preferences.

And you know what? In addition to all that, Looka is substantially cheaper than hiring a professional graphic designer.

So, of course, it’s something you might want to try out. Besides, designing with Looka is entirely free of charge. Well, at least until you get to the logo download stage. You can only acquire your logo in high definition after purchasing one of the plans.

But, we’ll cover all that in the Looka pricing section, along with the extras that come with its logo downloads- including Looka’s social media kit and a corresponding business card design.

What are Looka's Main Features?

Logo Design Process

Thankfully, getting started here won’t cost you even a single cent. And since Looka is entirely web-based, you should be able to design your logo without installing any additional software.

The process begins right from Looka’s homepage. You’ll find a field, on which you can enter your company’s name to get started.

looka review - get started

Then next comes the business nature stage. The primary goal here is to understand what your business is all about, and subsequently, determine the type of logo options that would be relevant for your field. So, go ahead and enter keywords that describe your business type.

looka review signup

After that is the part where things get more interesting. Looka will display a range of logo styles, from which you’re supposed to pick five or more options you consider to be the most attractive. This, of course, gives Looka an idea of your design taste and preferences.

Therefore, the more you choose, the better it’ll understand your personal inclinations.

looka review - integrations

The next stage is all about colors. More specifically, Looka will try to comprehend the precise color schemes you’d want on your logo. So, make your style selections and then specify 3 of your favorite color pallets.

looka color styles

With that information, Looka will proceed to request additional business details, including the name as well as the corresponding slogan. Your answers will ultimately be incorporated into some of the generated logos.

looka review - about brand

Looka will then request you to sign up by entering your name, email and account password. Or alternatively, you could simply register through your Twitter, Facebook or Gmail account.

looka review - signup

With all the information it has collected so far, Looka’s AI system goes ahead and generates an unlimited number of logo options to choose from.

Personally, I found the designs to be pretty attractive. Every single logo was unique and came with its own set of characters. So, I must admit- I was overwhelmed and spoilt for choice.

Well, the trick here is to take your time scanning through the collection. Try to assess as many options as possible before making a final selection.

If you’re lucky enough, you might spot a perfect logo that won’t require any adjustments. Otherwise, you’ll have to choose a decent one that you can customize further to align the design with your business.

But, get this. It’s possible to influence Looka further at this point by introducing additional symbols. You just need to search for them from the top right corner of the screen, and then select up to 5 based on your design preferences.

Now, don’t get me wrong though. Your logo options are not limited to one. Rather, you’re free to choose and edit as many as you want. You can play around with the editing tools until you have your perfect logo.

The editor itself provides multiple previews of your logo designs to help you get a good idea of how it’ll ultimately appear on branded items.

looka premium package

Another notable thing about this Logo Maker is its extensive flexibility. If you don’t like your logo options, for example, you can go back and restart the whole process from the beginning over and over again. There are no restrictions at all.

However, the most you can do after customizing your logos is saving or sharing them with friends. Downloads are only allowed after purchasing one of the plans, which we’ll discuss in detail shortly.

Unlimited Mockups

Looka’s system seemingly never backs down. It usually generates an unlimited number of design mockups to help you find that perfect logo for your business. That’s why every single page refresh translates to a new set of options.

Then guess what? It doesn’t stop there. Looka allows you to edit as many logos as you want while saving them.

That said, don’t expect to run out of logo designs anytime soon. You can rest assured that’s one thing that will never happen.

Branding Resources

If you choose to proceed beyond the customization stage, you’ll notice that purchasing a Looka plan entitles you to more than just a plain logo.

Now, remember the fundamental goal behind logo creation is branding? Well, Looka seemingly takes that very seriously because, in addition to the logo, it allows you to download a supplementary branding guide.

This resource comes with all the information you’d need about the colors and fonts used on your logo. Consequently, you won’t have any problem reproducing the logo over and over again as part of your branding process.

Color Varieties

Let’s face it. You can’t possibly use a logo in its original color every time. It’s always advisable to reproduce a logo in different colors so it can blend into a variety of backgrounds.

And that’s precisely what Looka does with your logo. It supplements the original design with additional versions of different colors for a seamless and easy branding process.

In essence, you’ll get a transparent background version, plus white and black variations on top of the original color. Subsequently, you can use the white and black versions to brand physical items for marketing, the transparent one on your site and products, while the official colored one would blend well with posters and business cards.

Vector File Options

Since you might want to resize your logo from time to time, Looka generates your logo downloads in different vector file options.

EPS and SVG, for instance, are two particularly outstanding vector files when it comes to that. So, Looka produces both of these alongside other file versions to help you adjust your logo dimensions without affecting the quality.

In other words, you should be able to use larger versions of your logo without necessarily compromising their pixels.

Social Media Kit

Social media is an integral part of digital brand marketing campaigns. So, to save you the trouble of re-editing your logo, Looka provides a complete social media kit with all the logo versions you’d need over the long haul.

When it comes to Facebook, for instance, the system generates ready logo image sizes that can fit on ad banners as well as company profiles. And the same applies to all the other popular social platforms, including Etsy, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Looka offers various logo files for each of them.

Ultimately, this helps you maintain a consistent brand image across all the social media platforms.

Lifetime Technical Support

Even after you’re done purchasing and downloading your logos, Looka will still have your back. It grants you endless technical support to provide assistance in case of any problems along the way.

Therefore, it’s totally acceptable to get in touch with Looka’s support team years after downloading your logo kit. They’ll proceed to help you with your logo just like any regular user.

Looka Pricing – Is It Good Value for Money?

After customizing your logo design, Looka will hit you with three different purchasing options. Here are their details:

looka pricing
  • Basic – At a one-off payment of $20, Basic is the cheapest pricing option on Looka. But, it only comes with one logo file without any additional versions. Not even the transparent ones.
  • Premium – This costs $65 and it’s ideal for entrepreneurs who need high resolution logo files for branding, printing and website display. The plan offers lifetime technical support, full ownership of the logo, unlimited logo changes, several color variations, and multiple high-resolution file types.
  • Enterprise – At $80, Enterprise is the most expensive option and provides extras above the Premium plan. You can expect supplementaries like $100 worth of Google Ads credit, business card designs, and a social media kit.

Who Should Consider Using Looka Logo Creator?

All things considered, the principal reason why they developed Looka was to cut out the middleman. Yes, that’s right. In short, Looka replaces the usual professionals in the logo design process by giving you’re the power to create your own logos.

So, of course, Looka is worth considering if you’re tired of the difficulties and complications of dealing with graphic designers. This tool seems to not only be cheaper, but also much faster compared to hiring typical graphical designers. Besides, its AI engine happens to be exceptionally accurate in reading our minds plus assessing the corresponding business needs.

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    Thank you for the information and the complete breakdown of how to use Looka.
    If I purchased a logo, how will I know its protected? For instance I have a circle with the name in the middle. That circle shape will be offered to someone else for their logo?
    Will I be in legal trouble?
    Sammy from London.

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