KarDone Shopify Theme Review

Is This The Right Shopify Theme for You?

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It takes roughly 0.05 seconds for website visitors to form an opinion about your website. The moral of the story? You have to create a knock-out first impression and quickly with your web design.

However, where customization freedom is concerned, Shopifyโ€™s free themes are wanted. While they're solid, good-looking templates, there isnโ€™t too much you can do to spruce them up.

This is where premium themes are worth their weight in gold. But, with so many to choose from, it's hard to know which to go for. This is where a powerful multi purpose theme could be the answer. In light of that, weโ€™re reviewing one such solution: KarDone by ZEMEZ.

Letโ€™s dive right in!

KarDone Shopify Theme Review: About KarDone

KarDone has been around for over four years and is a very highly-rated theme on TemplateMonster.com. In short, KarDone is a ready-made Shopify theme that can be used for websites across all sorts of industries: car parts, fashion, building materials, accessories, drones, pets, travel, and more.

But, what does that mean?

KarDone boasts a diverse range of pre-built stores that you can adapt to your needs. This means there isnโ€™t too much work for you to undertake (unless you want to do lots of fine-tuning). Just find your niche, and work with what KarDone offers. Simple, right?

As its name suggests, KarDone was initially a theme built for the automotive industry. But, as we've already hinted at, it was expanded to incorporate lots of different skins and versatile tools to meet various sectors' needs.

KarDone Shopify Theme review

Now that we've covered the basics, let's take a detailed look at what KarDone has to offer:

KarDone Shopify Theme Review: Design

KarDone boasts a wide variety of skins to suit the needs of a vast range of industries, including:

  • Automotive (auto parts)
  • Medicine
  • Travel bags
  • Fashion
  • Stationery
  • Sports equipment
  • Tools and equipment
  • Pets
  • Winter fashion
  • Barbershops
  • Furniture
  • Flowers
  • Drones
  • Wholesale
  • Healthy food

All 16 skins come with ready-to-use stores that you can further customize. The theme is also entirely responsive, meaning your Shopify store will look fabulous no matter what device visitors view it from.

The theme works alongside Shopify Visual Builder, which allows you to edit, add and reorder sections and customize them to suit your tastes. You can easily modify colors, typography, the sidebar, the main menu, your siteโ€™s favicon, product views, and more.

KarDone Shopify Theme review

KarDone Shopify Theme Review: Integrations

KarDone integrates with Growave, the all-in-one marketing solution. This empowers customers to leave product reviews, create wishlists, subscribe to loyalty programs, participate in referral schemes, social sharing, and more.

If you've installed KarDone and want to sign up for Growave, youโ€™ll get an extended 30-day trial.

KarDone Shopify Theme Review: Key Features

KarDone comes with a range of features that make customization easier, most notably:


Create a complex, customized drop-down menu with multiple categories. This is a must-have for stores with a wide range of products comprising several product types.

Product Quick View:

Customers can preview your products and product information in a lightbox. This means they donโ€™t have to load a new page and interrupt their shopping experience. There are even single-click buy buttons to enable shoppers to purchase from there!


KarDone allows you to set a price per currency for each of your products, allowing you to provide a better international customer experience.

Google Fonts:

You can quickly utilize Google Fonts to change your site's look and expand your customization options.

Sliders and Product Carousels:

KarDone makes it easy to feature your products professionally. Sliders make it effortless to present important information on your homepage, like promotions, new products, and sales. There's also the carousel function, which enables you to showcase many products in a gallery format on your home page.

High Speed:

KarDone scored over 85 points in Google's insights tools, which means it's lightning-fast for a great visitor experience (and better SEO!)

KarDone Shopify Theme Review: Ease of Use

KarDone is effortless to set up and use. Just pick the pre-built store you like the look of, edit in your brand details and update it with your images and products. Anyone who doesnโ€™t want to dive deep into their website's design or code can quickly create a great-looking website using this multi purpose Shopify theme.

KarDone also offers professional technical support. All requests are manually processed by their support staff, who aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

KarDone Shopify Theme Review: Pricing

On Template Monster, for one site, KarDone is available for $139. This includes all future updates and six months' worth of user support. When this runs out, you can purchase an additional six months of support for $97.

ZEMEZ also offers a few other services for this theme. If you have $749 to spare, you can purchase the all-in-one quick store setup. Here, ZEMEZ handles your theme's installation and even populates the template with vital pieces of content and products. Theyโ€™ll update your business details, taxes, and logo and configure your website's navigation with your preferred menu categories and permalinks. The team will also SEO optimize your store to boot!

Alternatively, if you just want a helping hand with installation and setup, you can purchase this for $49.

KarDone Shopify Theme Review: Our Final Thoughts

If youโ€™re looking for a multi purpose Shopify theme with an abundance of ready-made stores to choose from, KarDone could be an excellent option for you.

The beautifully designed skins donโ€™t require much work where web design is concerned and come with a range of features that are sure to impress your shoppers.

That said, KarDone is undoubtedly one of the more expensive Shopify themes for what it offers. There are others with similar functionality and more skins that come cheaper. But if you want a trusted theme with first-rate customer support that also provides extra services, go for it!

Have you ever used the Kardone Shopify theme before? Or, are you considering purchasing it? Either way, tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments box below – we'd love to hear from you!

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