DSers Pricing 2024: A Complete Guide to Costs and Fees

DSers Subscription Costs, Fees, and Pricing Elements

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dsers pricing

Are you confused about DSers’ pricing structure?

Maybe you can’t decide whether it’s worth upgrading from the free plan to the paid service, or you’re wondering how much you’ll need to pay to run your business with DSers overall?

In today’s guide to DSers pricing, we’ll break down all the factors you need to know, to help you determine whether DSers is worth it for your business.

DSers Pricing Plans

Understanding the costs involved with using a dropshipping app like DSers can be complicated. After all, it’s not just the subscription fees you need to consider. You also need to account for the base cost of your products, shipping fees, and even the price of running your own ecommerce store.

What is DSers?

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DSers is a dropshipping application, designed to help companies source products from suppliers, and add them to their store in an instant.

It’s actually the official dropshipping partner for AliExpress, one of the largest wholesale marketplaces in the world. It’s also the number one dropshipping app recommended by Shopify, after Oberlo shut down.

DSers provides users with instant access to millions of products and suppliers on AliExpress, and allows users to instantly import products to their stores on Wix, Shopify, or WooCommerce. Used by 3.9 million dropshippers worldwide, DSers is packed with useful features, such as:

  • The Supplier Optimizer: DSers’ supplier optimizer helps you to rapidly find the best, most affordable suppliers for your niche or product category.
  • Bulk or single orders: There are no minimum order quantities with DSers, but you can place 100s of orders with AliExpress suppliers in a few seconds with the bulk order feature.
  • Variant mapping: Map store products to any AliExpress supplier instantly, without changing anything on your store.
  • Order bundling and BOGOF: Map multiple suppliers to one variant of your product to create bundle offers, or use DSers to create buy-one-get-one offers.
  • Automatic tracking number syncing: With a PayPal integration, you can track the movement of supplies and orders all over the world.
  • Automatic updates: Update the status of your products instantly, and automatically adjust pricing to maintain your profit margins.
  • Shipping settings: Set custom shipping methods for each customer, according to the order destination, and let fulfillment run on autopilot.
  • Multi store management: Link and manage multiple different stores with a single DSers dropshipping account.
  • Affiliate marketing: Integrate your website with Admitad to get a commission whenever you place an order on AliExpress.
  • Integrations: DSers automatically integrates with WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, PayPal’s order tracking service, and AliExpress.

DSers also includes tools for managing all of your imported products in one place, hiding products when supplies aren’t available, and even dividing products into multiple variants.

What You Get from the Free Plan?

Like many dropshipping solutions, DSers offers a simple “free plan” to beginners, known as the “Basic” plan. This is an ideal option for AliExpress dropshipping companies looking to keep their initial startup costs as low as possible.

Notably, while the use of the dropshipping tool is free on the Basic plan, you will still need to pay for the base cost of the products you sell, and any shipping fees. You’ll also need to account for the costs of running your online store (such as paying for an ecommerce platform subscription).

The free plan allows users to:

  • Process orders in bulk
  • Access 24/7 live chat and email support
  • Manage up to 3,000 products per account
  • Manage up to 3 stores at the same time
  • Create 1 PayPal account connection
  • Manage 1 supplier APP account
  • Map up to 2 suppliers to each product (with no target region mapping)
  • Manually change product prices in bulk once every 30 days
  • Automatically change prices with fixed or percentage increases
  • Receive automatic notifications on price updates
  • Receive notifications for inventory changes
  • Receive notifications once every 48 hours

All plans, including the free plan, also come with access to shipping method pre-selection, automated address fixing, automatic order status updates, and a DSers chrome extension. You’ll also be able to automatically sync tracking numbers to PayPal and sales channels, send message templates to suppliers, set up tracking in shipping confirmation emails, and access the supplier optimizer.

The free plan, as well as all other DSers plans, also includes access to the import list, trending suppliers, product splitting, bulk product publishing, and time zone and currency settings.

The Paid Subscription Options

dsers pricing

While DSers’ free plan is pretty generous, there are a lot of limitations. If you want to scale your business, and access more advanced features, there are three paid plans you can choose from. Keep in mind, you get a discount on an annual plan, which adds up to two months of access to the service for free. All plans also come with a 14-day free trial, with no credit card required.

Here’s what you can expect from each one.

The DSers Advanced Plan: $19.90 per month

Available for $19.90 per month, the Advanced plan is the cheapest paid package available from DSers. It includes all of the features included in the free plan (as mentioned above), as well as some bonus extras. For instance, you can process orders in bulk at higher speed.

Other extra features on the Advanced plan include:

  • First priority customer support
  • Logistics tracking for every order
  • Support for managing up to 20,000 products per account
  • Management for up to 10 stores
  • Connections for 2 PayPal accounts
  • 3 APP accounts per DSers subscription
  • Variant mapping according to target region
  • Advanced mapping for different suppliers according to destination countries
  • BOGO and bundle mapping options
  • Manually change product prices in bulk 4 times per month
  • Automated pricing rules based on profit margins, and shipping costs
  • Automatic inventory management
  • Product image management
  • 5 staff accounts
  • Notifications every 12 hours
  • Send product and shipping cost to Shopify
  • Affiliate support

The DSers Pro Plan: $49.90 per month

The Pro plan, for $49.90 per month, is intended for companies looking to scale their dropshipping business. If you want to take your Shopify store to the next level, manage more AliExpress products, and leverage more advanced automation, this is the plan for you.

Alongside all of the features included in the Advanced plan, the Pro plan also offers:

  • Support for 3 platforms per DSers account
  • Up to 75,000 products per account
  • 25 store limit (ideal for companies selling in different niches)
  • 5 PayPal account connections
  • 5 supplier APP accounts
  • Manual product price changes 10 times every 30 days
  • 10 staff accounts

The DSers Enterprise Plan: Starting at $499 per month

Finally, the Enterprise plan from DSers is intended for the largest dropshipping businesses only. It comes with a custom price, based on your specific needs, but fees start at around $499 per month. Alongside all of the features included in the “Pro” plan, the Enterprise plan comes with a host of solutions to help scale your store, such as:

  • Support for up to 5 platforms per account
  • 100,000 products per account
  • 50 store limit on each account
  • 10 PayPal account connections
  • 10 Supplier APP account connections
  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Advanced customization options (for an extra fee)

Other DSers Pricing Factors to Consider

As mentioned above, one important thing to remember when choosing the right DSers subscription for your business, is the monthly fee isn’t the only cost you’ll need to pay.

You’ll also need to account for:

  • Product costs: Since DSers offers access to suppliers on AliExpress, the core cost of your items is usually reasonably low. However, there will still be an expense to consider. In some cases, you may be able to get discounts on bulk orders.
  • Shipping fees: Shipping products to your customers will always have a cost. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to embed that cost into the price of your products, to offer free shipping, or charge it to your customers.
  • Ecommerce fees: To sell products through DSers, you’ll need an ecommerce store. This means creating a website with WooCommerce, Wix, or Shopify. All three have monthly fees to consider, which can vary depending on your feature needs.
  • Payment processing fees: When processing payments on any ecommerce website, there will be fees to account for. This is true regardless of whether you’re using PayPal, Square, or another payment processing company.
  • Additional expenses: You’ll also need to think about the costs of paying for customer service experts, marketing campaigns, and anything else that might help you to run your business more effectively.

On the plus side, DSers does make it relatively easy to maintain strong profit margins. Depending on your plan, you can set automatic pricing rules which ensure you always get the right revenue from every sale. You can automatically price your products based on a specific markup amount or percentage, and whenever a supplier changes their product prices, your prices will update too.

There are FAQs and guides available to help you navigate the basic, standard, and advanced pricing rules available from DSers. It’s worth checking them out if you’re a beginner.

Is DSers Worth It? The Verdict

So, is DSers worth it? Well, first of all, you can access the app and most of its features for free, so if you’re struggling with a low budget, there’s really no risk. Of course, if you want to access a wider range of products and more advanced automation tools, you will need to pay a bit extra.

That being said, the subscription price for DSers is relatively reasonably, considering all the functionality you get. The app doesn’t just help you to find dropshipping suppliers, it makes it easier to run your entire store. If you’re thinking of starting a dropshipping business, and you’re interested in leveraging AliExpress, DSers is well worth consideration.

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