Shoppinggives’ Change Commerce Donation App Review – Everything You Need to Know

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If you’re running a non-profit company, or you’re searching for ways to build your relationship with your customers, you need the right tools to enable this functionality on your website. Accepting donations is a very different process than taking payments for regular ecommerce transactions.

Often, you’ll need an application in place that allows your donators to choose how much they want to give, while ensuring you can manage the end-to-end donation process.

Shoppinggives' Change Commerce is an app on the Shopify app store specifically designed to assist with your donations. With the Shopify Change app, you can give customers the option to select a non-profit that they want to donate to when buying something in your store.

Unlike standard donation solutions intended specifically for non-profits, Change Commerce by Shoppinggives gives every business a chance to get involved in something great. Shopify companies can select a range of causes that their customers can choose a donation for.

Shoppinggives Change Commerce Review: How Does it Work

Change Commerce shopify app store

Change Commerce is a donation app that also happens to be a PayPal Giving Fund Partner ON Shopify. It’s also the only donation app that was picked by Shopify to feature in the “Launching your store” collection.

The Change Commerce app supports more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations, and you can choose a selection of them for your customers to choose from. Your customers can donate to things like COVID-19 relief groups, PRIDE, Racial Equality, and even local or international registered causes that are relevant to your company.

Shoppinggives‘ Change Commerce empowers more effective giving straight from your online store. You give your audience the opportunity to choose the charity they want to support, which makes every purchase they make with you way more meaningful.

When your customer purchases something from your brand, they choose the non-profit they want to donate to from the options you’ve added to your store. Change Commerce’s connection with the PayPal Giving fund ensures that your donations will reach the right charities.

Customers can track their donations and share information about their purchases on social media too, which helps to improve the word-of-mouth buzz around your company.

Shoppinggives Change Commerce Review: Features

The Change Commerce app is designed to fit seamlessly with your ecommerce store, supporting frictionless giving to help your organisation grow. You can provide customers with the perfect range of choices on which charity they want to support, and every purchase drives more engaging, authentic moments with your customer.

Features include:

  • Fully managed end-to-end donation process
  • Tax-deductible donations
  • Options to choose up to 6 non-profits to support
  • Customizable donation amounts
  • Exclude or multiply donations for certain causes
  • Get exclusive data and insights
  • Activate influencers using dynamic URLS
  • Offer customers the option to redeem loyalty points
  • Use round-up donations to help customers donate more

Change Commerce is a massively flexible application for Shopify store owners. You can choose from thousands of non-profits to support, and let your customers determine how much they want to donate or set flat dollar amounts. The service connects to your existing loyalty program, and you can get influencers involved for more market awareness too.

Change Commerce also comes with customization options that allow you to change the appearance of your widget to suit your brand image. Don’t worry, your customers can still shop just as they would normally when the app is activated too.

The Change Commerce app for Shopify comes with various solutions designed to help you transform your business with altruism. Once you set up your preferred design, you’ll also have access to a fantastic set of reports and data insights. This will allow you to explore things like the average order value, conversion rates on donation, and so on.

Customers that return an item purchased from your shop, however, will also lose their opportunity to donate. One great way to give your clients more ownership over their donations is to integrate the Loyalty and Rewards app from Yotpo, so your clients can track their activity.

Who is the Change App For?

Change Commerce is an app for companies striving to become more memorable in a cluttered marketplace. Today’s customers want to be able to build connections with companies based on their shared values. The Change App supports this and allows your clients to feel good about themselves by doing something valuable for the community.

The Change app is just one way that business leaders can strengthen their connection to clients in the modern world by giving them access to a new set of features. You can link your Change app to other loyalty systems too, so your customers can track any points they receive for making a donation, or keep an eye on how much they’ve sent to their favorite non-profit.

Consumers actively say that they believe corporations should make more of an effort to support courses and make the world a better place. With Change Commerce, you can amplify your connection with your community and potential increase your bottom line too.

Does the Change Commerce App Cost?

Change Commerce app pricing

If you’re worried about pricing, the Change Commerce starts off pretty inexpensive. It’s free to install the app initially, and transaction fees are waived for the initial 20 donations. After that, the cheapest plan is “Impact Starter” which is a pay as you go solution with 20 free orders per month.

On the Impact Starter plan, you pay a 0.5% transaction fee on all orders that include donations. The second package is Impact Plus, which is $270 per month, with a 5% discount. This is intended for larger companies with a more significant marketing presence.

Impact Partner is $850 per month with a 10% discount and support for scaling companies. Although this might sound a little expensive at first, it does come with a lot of features, including 100% donation to non-profits, transaction verification, and more.

You may even be able to get some tax relief on the donations you make.

Should You Try Change Commerce by Shoppinggives?

Change Commerce isn’t just a basic way to add donations to your transaction process. Although the main benefit of this solution is the extra impact it adds to your sales, it also comes with a host of other great features, like dynamic donation widgets, thank-you emails, support for up to 6 courses each, reporting and analytics, and so much more.

You can integrate various loyalty solutions and Google Analytics, there’s also a knowledgebase full of webinars and how-to emails to help you out if you get confused. However, the chances are you won’t need much support as the app is very simple to set up and use.

Our advice would be to try the app and see what you think. Since you don’t pay anything for the first 20 donations, it’s hard to complain!

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