The Best Minimal Shopify Themes for 2023

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Shopify sellers have a choice of 129 themes (a mix of free and paid-for), 32 designed in a minimal style, and aimed at a wide selection of industries. 

As the name suggests, minimal themes offer clean web design, fast speed, and responsiveness. 

Interested? If so, continue reading as I look at some of our favorite minimal Shopify themes. 

But first:

What Is a Minimal Shopify Theme?

Thereโ€™s no set definition of what a minimal Shopify theme is. But, generally speaking, it's a Shopify theme designed with simplicity at the forefront. 

When you go about picking such a theme, you might want to consider the following factors:

  • Customization options: To what degree can you modify the theme's look and functionality? 
  • The simplicity of design: Is it a modern Shopify theme? Will it showcase your product pages in the best possible light? A high-quality, minimal design should be unfussy, uncluttered, and easy on the eye. 
  • Fast loading speed: Quicker page load times will help increase conversion rates and facilitate a better user experience. 
  • SEO-friendly: Like any decent theme, your minimal theme should be optimized for SEO for maximum organic exposure in search engines.
  • Mobile-responsive design: Your website should look just as good on mobile devices as on a tablet, laptop, or desktop. 

In each of the themes below, I looked to ensure they include all the above aspects. They've also been speed tested and approved to meet Shopifyโ€™s performance standards.

Please note: All prices quoted below are for a one-time payment.

With all that said, let's take a gander at some of the best Shopify themes on the market:

What are the Best Minimal Shopify Themes?

Be Yours – Clean and Contemporary Shopify Minimal Themes

minimal shopify theme

Be Yours is designed for dropshipping and brands offering in-person selling. It provides five theme styles: 

  1. Sweet
  2. Peace
  3. Dark
  4. Beauty
  5. Trendy

Each style is clean and contemporary, with plenty of space for high-quality product images. Thereโ€™s no coding required, and you can customize your store using drag-and-drop blocks and sections.

Multiple features are available across the following categories: 

  • Cart and checkout
  • Marketing and conversion
  • Merchandising
  • Product discovery

Such features include quick-buy, preordering, blogging, countdown timers, promo popups, uploading product videos and image galleries, and more. 

Be Yours costs $280, with an unlimited free trial until you publish your store. 

illustration of a cat climbing a ladder

Baseline – Bold, Minimal, and Modern Shopify Theme

minimal shopify theme

This themeโ€™s focus is on typography and comes in three choices of design: Bold, Minimal, and Modern. In addition, you can build pages using drag-and-drop blocks and sections. 

Baseline also offers pre-built customizable templates designed for anyone wanting to include longer-form text sections to support visual brand storytelling. 

Features fall into four categories: 

  1. Cart and checkout pages
  2. Marketing and conversion
  3. Merchandising
  4. Product discovery

Said features include blogging, promo banners, product image zoom, product videos, product filtering, slideshows, etc.

Baseline retails at $320 with an unlimited free trial until youโ€™re ready to publish. 

illustration of a cat climbing a ladder


minimal shopify theme

Split is aimed at visual brands with a story to tell. There are three theme designs to choose from:

  1. Cuber
  2. Looker
  3. Jagger

Split offers split-screen page layouts that you can customize using drag-and-drop blocks and sections. You can add videos, images, text, and more, with no coding required. You might, for example, utilize this layout to showcase products commonly purchased together. 

Features include countdown headers, promo banners and popups, customizable contact forms, dynamic cross-selling, quick buy, animation, image rollover and zoom, slideshows, product videos, and more. 

Split costs $300 with an unlimited free trial, again, where you only pay when you publish. 

illustration of a cat climbing a ladder

Stockholm – Clean and Minimalist Shopify Theme

minimal shopify theme

This clean and minimalist design is ideal for fashion stores and eCommerce websites selling homeware goods. That's as well as entrepreneurs involved in in-person selling. 

Five theme styles are available:

  1. Default
  2. Beauty
  3. Style
  4. Accessories
  5. Crafts 

Pages are customizable using drag-and-drop blocks and sections. You can also add free high-resolution images from Shopify Burst to create image rollovers, galleries, slideshows, blogs, and more. 

Additionally, you can insert animations, offer product filtering, and show recently viewed and recommended products. Other tools include quick view, quick buy, and promo banners. 

Stockholm costs $320 with an unlimited free trial until you publish your store. 

illustration of a cat climbing a ladder

Kingdom – Attractive, Modern and Stylish Shopify Theme

minimal shopify theme

Hereโ€™s an attractive, modern, stylish theme that offers lots of space for large images and product descriptions. 

It's designed around an interactive sidebar, with ample image space to the right. You can use drag-and-drop sections and blocks to construct custom About, FAQ, Cart, Checkout, Contact pages, etc. This includes being able to add quotes, images, videos, etc. Other great features include pre-designed SEO-optimized templates, popups, promo banners, and recommended products. 

Kingdom costs $300 and offers an unlimited free trial. You only pay when you publish your store. 

illustration of a cat climbing a ladder


minimal shopify theme

This theme is ideal if you want to showcase products creatively. There are three theme styles:

  1. Modern
  2. Single
  3. Art 

The layouts are clean, minimal, and responsive. Again, you can drag and drop sections and blocks to add images, videos, brand details, and promotions to your pages.

Other features include a parallax vertical slider and an asymmetrical product grid, allowing you to showcase special promos and products. 

You also benefit from optimized pages that allow you to include longer product descriptions, product filtering, shopping cart and checkout pages, animation, image galleries, promo popups, image rollover, and more. 

Highlight costs $300. Again, thereโ€™s an unlimited free trial until you publish your store. 

illustration of a cat climbing a ladder

Zest – Flexible and Modern Shopify Theme

minimal shopify theme

This theme offers a flexible and modern design to increase mobile conversions. It's ideal for the retail and beauty industries. Zest has four design options:

  1. Flairy
  2. Cosmo
  3. Gusto
  4. Fleek 

The designs are attractive and can be customized using drag-and-drop blocks and sections. You can add images and animations, customize header and product layouts and colors, and add longer-form text to support brand storytelling. 

Other features include in-store pickups, quick buys, blogging, countdown timers, recommended products, quick view, stock counter, image zoom, product videos, and more.

Zest costs $250 with an unlimited free trial until you publish the theme to your Shopify store. 

illustration of a cat climbing a ladder

Editions – Simple, Clean, and Modern Shopify Minimal Theme

minimal shopify theme

A simple, clean, and modern design where images take center stage. The setup is simple, with no coding needed. The drag-and-drop blocks and sections allow you to effortlessly add pictures, videos, quotes, and products to your pages.

Aside from eCommerce stores, Editions is also designed for online stores that sell in-person and nonprofits. 

There are three theme styles: Light, Spring, and Modern. Key features include a blog, infinite scroll, product filtering, promo banners, image rollover, image galleries, slideshow, and more. 

Editions comes in at $250, but again, you have an unlimited free trial and only have to pay when you publish. 

illustration of a cat climbing a ladder

My Final Thoughts

Hopefully, my list of minimal Shopify themes has whetted your appetite to design a contemporary and unfussy-looking store. The beauty of the above minimal themes is that they're all user-friendly, uncluttered, mobile-friendly, need no coding, and give you plenty of room to showcase your products with lovely images and descriptions. 

Which of these do you like the look of? Let me know in the comments box below!

Rosie Greaves

Rosie Greaves is a professional content strategist who specializes in all things digital marketing, B2B, and lifestyle. She has over three years of experience crafting high-quality content. Check out her website Blog with Rosie for more information.

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