SellerBooster Review: An Automated Drop Shipping Platform That Does Everything For You

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Dropshipping has become all the rage in the ecommerce world, but dropshippers are often stuck with slow shipping speeds, higher pricing, poor return policies, and more. 

SellerBooster is working to change all of that. In this SellerBooster review, we'll talk about how this revolutionary dropshipping platform allows you to sell name-brand products without the poor delivery times and messy product descriptions.

What is SellerBoosterMulti-channel Product Uploads

sellerbooster homepage

Their service allows for multi-channel product uploads and is also compatible with eBay, and, Walmart, Jet, Bonanza, and Wish.

One-click Product Uploads to Your Store

Upon finding a product that you want to sell on your website or marketplace, a button is shown to Upload the product to that site. For this example, I have my Shopify store linked to SellerBooster. Therefore, I can click on the Upload to Shopify button, then jump over to Shopify to see it as one of my products. This is a one-click process, and it works the same way for other marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and more.

A bulk-upload feature is currently available for sellers on every marketplace except Shopify and Bonanza:

Pre-Written Product Listings

Another problem with dropshipping is that the product descriptions are usually pulled directly from the manufacturer, and many times they are cluttered, poorly written, or downright don't make sense.

SellerBooster does a wonderful job of providing well-written product descriptions and feature lists. You'll probably want to spice them up a bit for your own branding purposes, but these descriptions are great for getting started and giving your customers the information they need.

SellerBooster also provides some excellent product images and feature graphics for some of the products. For example, the following hiking backpack page is filled with images to show what the bag can be used for, how big it is, and how it's designed to help your back.

Automatic Order Imports

Once you receive an order from a customer, these order details are sent directly to SellerBooster for processing. Therefore, you don't have to send or type in any of the order details in any way. It's all done for you, making the dropshipping process as streamlined as possible.

The only requirement is to pay the SellerBoost wholesale price to begin the process. So, technically there is that wholesale fee after an order is made, but since you've made a sale, that money covers it (and hopefully you made a profit).

Auto-syncing for Marketplaces

A strong advantage of the SellerBooster platform is how it automatically syncs your listings with popular marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and Jet. This way, all you have to do is create your own storefronts for those marketplaces and not worry about uploading new product listings to every one of them.

This saves time for a wide variety of reasons, but it's also helpful for keeping your product selections the same across all marketplaces and eCommerce stores.

Fast Shipping (Rare for Dropshippers)

One of the biggest problems I've had with dropshipping is the fact that your products take weeks or months to get delivered to customers. Not only that, but you often can't provide shipping details, so the customer is stuck waiting for a product without any information at all.

SellerBooster, on the other hand, has warehouses and shipping centers in Los Angeles, Denver, and Newark, New Jersey. SellerBooster partners with FedEx, UPS, and USPS, along with quality brands for the products.

This means that you're not waiting around for some random Chinese manufacturer to package and ship your products. Each product you decide to sell has a list of shipping options, many of which are free and fast. For instance, let's say I plan on selling a two-person tent and I want to make sure that customers have multiple, and reasonable, shipping options.

On the SellerBooster product page, it tells me that free economy shipping is available, and that the product gets delivered within 2-9 business days. Several other shipping options are shown as well for people who are willing to pay a little more for faster delivery.

SellerBooster Pricing (And How You Make Money)

With SellerBooster, you don't have to pay any monthly or signup fees. It's completely free, so the website doesn't even have any information about it. You signup for SellerBooster, link to your website or marketplace, then start uploading products to the website or marketplace. The only fees you'll have to worry about are any credit card transaction fees and the monthly rates for Shopify if you have a Shopify website.

As for making money, a wholesale price is listed for each of the products in SellerBooster. This is listed under Your Price. A recommended List Price is shown, along with the profit you would receive after selling one of the items. You do have the option to change that List Price to whatever you want, so you can increase or decrease your profit willingly.

Return Requests

Another huge problem with dropshipping is what happens when a customer wants to return the product. Some suppliers don't take any responsibility, so you're stuck accepting the item back and basically losing money on the transaction.

SellerBooster takes a different approach, with a Return Request tab included in the dashboard. All you have to do is find the order to be returned and create a return request. The customer can then send the item back and receive a refund without you having to touch the item or take a loss.

Who Should Consider SellerBooster?

I like SellerBooster for those dropshippers who are frsutrated with a few things:

  • Slow shipping speeds.
  • Low quality products.
  • Difficulty with returns.
  • Junky product descriptions.

If you're interested in dropshipping, I definitely recommend looking into SellerBooster. I did some pricing comparisons to places like Amazon, and you'll have trouble competing with some products. However, after you complete a little research for reasonably priced items, and if you're able to provide some extra value (like a great blog) you could absolutely turn this into a great money maker.

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  1. This article helped me understand potential issues and pitfalls that may occur with other drop shippers. I was very concerned with return issues and this article addressed that in great detail. Also it was quite honest about the fact that it may not be that profitable for all categories. Thanks for all of the info.

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