Everything You Need To Know About OptiMonk – Is It The Best Ecommerce Retargeting Tool?

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No matter how good your website looks- 98% of your web visitors will leave your site without buying or subscribing. To make matters worse, most of them will NEVER return!

This means that while web traffic is great, it doesn’t mean much for an ecommerce business. What really counts is converting this traffic into sales. To do this you need to understand the type of message your visitor will respond to and deliver it at the right moment.

And that’s what OptiMonk is all about. It helps ecommerce businesses elicit that “now this is what I’ve been looking for all along” feeling to squeeze your visitors down the sales funnel and make a purchase.

How exactly does OptiMonk help me do that?

Find out how you can put the right offer in front of the right people and control their buying journey without ruining their user experience.

OptiMonk Review: What’s It All About?

optimonk homepage

OptiMonk is an on-site message toolkit used to improve conversions using action-based popups ad bars. It does this based on the behavior of web visitors and what you know about them in terms of the pages they visit.

For instance, you can display popups using engagement level, recognition of returning or new visitors, cart abandonment or even using Geolocation.  This helps you send targeted messages and capture their attention.

OptiMonk was started back in February 2014 in Hungary by Csaba Zajdo, an ecommerce conversion guru and Nicole Mezei, the current CEO. The company has since grown its user base to more than 150 countries and it serves over 5,000 ecommerce website where several have become market leaders.

OptiMonk Review: Key Features

To get a sense of how OptiMonk works, let’s look at the key features it has to offer.

Design and customization

OptiMonk’s dashboard offers a clear overview of your opt-ins along with valuable statistics. The backend is very user-friendly that you can effortlessly see all your vital information with just one click.

When it comes to the frontend, popups are easy to navigate. It provides handy pre-made template designs so there’s no need for customization. OptiMonk offers a drag-and-drop editor along with HTML and JavaScript to let you create beautiful on-site messages.

Campaign types

OptiMonk lets you create three types of campaigns: popups, sidebars and the nanobars.

1. Popups

OptiMonk offers a variety of options when it comes to designing your popups. You can make your selection out of the following categories:

  • Popups for subscription
  • Questionnaires popups
  • Popups for cart abandonment
  • Social popups
  • Popups for redirecting traffic

For example, if you want to collect subscribers using email, you can choose the Cannes design, a video popup or the Dublin design that enables you to provide two options for visitors. You may even go for the Vegas template that includes gamification such as the lucky wheel design.

2. Sidebars

Sidebars display a list of choices that typically appear as a column on the left side of your web page or to the right. OptiMonk offers four sidebar templates for collecting subscriptions.

It also provides the option to add social icons, video, countdown timer and animation effects to any sidebar you select.

3. Nanobars

These are the sticky bars that appear either at the top or bottom of the browser. OptiMonk has two templates to choose from plus the option to code your own. You can use the nanobar to create an opt-in, social bar, a GDPR bar or even a rate me bar.

Triggering options

OptiMonk features a number of triggering options to help you grow your email list. The exit-intent option works to capture the attention of visitors who are about to leave your site.

The timed display control displays your message after specified seconds of browsing. On the other hand, the scrolling triggering displays a popup once visitors have scrolled down a defined percentage of the web page.

Lastly, the on click triggering option signals a popup when your visitor clicks on a specific part of the page such as a link, banner, box or button.

Targeting options

Our web visitors are different and it’s a challenge to know the type of campaigns they’ll respond to. This is why you have to target messages to turn web traffic into sales using the right messages delivered to the right people.

OptiMonk helps you segment visitors using its geo-targeting feature. This lets you target visitors based on a specific country or region. In addition, you can use page-level targeting to segment visitors based on the pages they have visited to display related offers.

Similarly, you can leverage OptiMonk’s technology that has visitor recognition to tailor messages for your new and existing customers. The custom variables option lets you target specific audience segments and address them by name or any other option you prefer. This allows you to get personal with your potential clients.

On-site retargeting

On-site retargeting monitor your visitors when they arrive on your site and keeps track of their behavior as they scroll the pages. After this, it detects exit intent and displays a popup overlay.

This remarketing strategy helps you take control of your buyer’s journey to persuade visitors to respond to your messages. For instance, you use onsite retargeting to communicate messages that are relevant to visitors at the awareness, consideration and evaluation stages.

You can forward page visitors to relevant content using onsite retargeting. This will give you many opportunities to boost conversions. For example, you can use it to promote your popular categories. Plus, you can use onsite retargeting to redirect abandoning visitors to your most optimized pages.

Conversion tools

OptiMonk Website Builder

The features you can expect in your conversion toolkit include unlimited A/B testing. This provides the ability to test out different versions of your campaigns to determine what works best.

You will also find the dynamic text replacement option useful to target different segments with the same message but altered to suit their needs.

OptiMonk’s conversion tools also come with features that are specific for ecommerce such as the ability to target based on cart content as well as recommending relevant products to encourage cross-selling.


OptiMonk features a reports section with relevant analytics and key performance indicators. This helps you see how your popups are performing. The statistics are highlighted using a range of graphs and charts that are easy to understand.

Furthermore, the dashboard offers a clear view of your opt-in activity. This helps you get the visual outlook of all the key details using just a couple of clicks.


To make sure that your campaigns are secure, OptiMonk ensures that the on-site messages are GDPR compliant and that they are not affected by ad blockers.

It also offers content preloading that ensures your popups loads as the customer is browsing. Moreover, OptiMonk uses Amazon Web Servers for 99.9% uptime for your campaigns.

Customer support

optimonk customer support

OptiMonk really shines when it comes to customer support. They have a dedicated phone support line, live chat as well as a detailed knowledge base to help you learn the ropes.

The blog has numerous articles to help you learn how to best use it. OptiMonk has also published several case studies of its users across different countries to help you discover their success strategies and how you can use these tips for your business too.

Under the education tab, you will find guides on how to go about certain features. For instance, you will likely find detailed insights about on-site retargeting, campaign types, template options and so forth.


OptiMonk has a number of integrations to boost its effectiveness. It seamlessly integrates with all the major ecommerce platforms including Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and Drupal among others, and it also integrates with the most populat CRM tools such as Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Gets Response and also with Google Analytics.

OptiMonk Review: Pricing

OptiMonk pricing

It has five pricing tiers and all plans offer similar core features. Their difference is that each plan has a cap on the number of visitors you can track as well the number of domains you can register every month. In addition, OptiMonk provides a 14-day free trial for users to give it a try.

Here’s an overview of what each plan has to offer.

Free plan

The free plan offers unlimited campaigns, 5,000 page views and just one domain. You can’t perform A/B testing or link campaigns using this plan.

Essential plan

The essential plan costs $29 each month for unlimited campaigns, 25,000 page views, A/B testing and one domain.

Growth plan

This plan goes for $79 per month for unlimited campaigns, 100,000 page views, A/B testing, cart rules, custom variable, four domains and the ability to link OptiMonk campaigns.

Premium plan

This plan costs $199 every month for unlimited campaigns, 100,000 page views, A/B testing, cart rules, custom variable, ten domains, ability to link OptiMonk campaigns and unbranded option.

Master plan

The master plan is tailored according to the specific needs of different businesses. As a result, you’ll have to contact the OptiMonk team to determine the rates you will be charged.

Regardless, some of the features you can expect here include unlimited campaigns, unlimited domains, A/B testing, custom variable, cart rules, ability to link OptiMonk campaigns and the unbranded option.

OptiMonk Review: Where OptiMonk Needs To Improve

If what you’re looking for is a popup app that is flexible enough to adapt to a lot of different scenarios, then OptiMonk won’t do. Its templates can’t get you that ideal customization because most are geared towards a more basic look.

OptiMonk should improve on this to be able to compete with other popup apps. For instance, Unbounce offers more versatility when it comes to customization.

Who Should Consider Using OptiMonk?

OptiMonk serves both as a lead generation tool and a tool for boosting engagement levels. This makes it a great option for ecommerce businesses and SaaS companies.

Companies that offer marketing or financial services will also benefit using OptiMonk. Its pricing structure makes it possible for startups to use and scale up as they grow.

Even though OptiMonk’s ability to create unique popup pages is wanting, the ability to segment your audience based on their browsing behavior truly stands out.

We would definitely recommend this tool to anyone who wants to grow their email list and boost their conversions.

Do you have any questions, experiences or suggestions about using OptiMonk? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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