Shopify Releases a Fully Responsive Checkout

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The guys at Shopify are always looking for new ways to make the purchasing process as easy as possible. This is why the company has just announced that they have created a responsive checkout, which in essence is a brand new ecommerce checkout experience for online stores.

Everyone knows that a streamlined checkout area is more likely to generate sales than a confusing and frustrating checkout process. Today, more than 50% of visits to ecommerce sites are now coming from smartphones and tablets, this is why ecommerce platforms such as Volusion and now Shopify have begun making their template designs more responsive.

Responsive Checkout

With Responsive Checkout your site automatically adapts to the size of your screen. As you can see in the sample below, if you are visiting from a desktop with a large screen real estate, then you will see the whole checkout area, including the order summary on the right hand side. On the other hand, if you are visiting from a smartphone, then the order summary will automatically shift to the bottom of the screen. This allows you to focus on the most important things first, such as entering your data into the different fields without having to scroll up and down to find the right section.

Shopify's Older Ckeckout Page

Shopify's Responsive Checkout

In order to get the best possible results, Shopify has worked with a select group of merchants who have implemented the Responsive Checkout into their stores on a test basis. One of the merchants involved actually saw their conversion rate increase from 58% to 65%. While that might not seem like much, this resulted in an increase in their sales by more than ten thousand dollars during the testing phase.

The best thing is that the upgrade is totally free for all customers and can be integrated into any current store. If you have already built your store on the platform, then all you need to do is to preview and upgrade to Responsive Checkout. This is done directly from the dashboard, furthermore, all new stores will automatically have this feature enabled.

Customized Branding

Another very neat feature that Shopify introduced alongside Responsive Checkout is the fact that they have made it possible for their customers to customize the look of their checkout page. The best part about being able to customize the checkout page is the fact that it makes your whole site seem more consistent and complete. In the past many shoppers have been put off by the appearance of a new design, some even wondered if they were being scammed, however, with the option to add your own design, this is all a thing of the past.

Custom checkout pages can be generated without any coding or design skills required. All you have to do is upload your own personal header image, or simply edit the background text, add your logo and add a tagline.


Of course security is the one thing all merchants worry about when there is a change in the checkout process. Well, you can rest assured as the new Responsive Checkout is protected by the same best-in-class, Level-1 PCI compliant security that Shopify is currently using on their platforms. This level of security is also the same security as the one used by large banks.

End notes

Personally, I would say the new Responsive Checkout is making an already very good shopping experience that much better. The fact that your site is now easily adapting to all screen sizes will have a huge impact on how your customers will view your store. If you currently own a Shopify store, then I would recommend you update to the new Responsive Checkout right now. If you would like to see the Responsive Checkout live in aciton, then you can check out this sample store, if you are still wondering whether this platform is the right platform for you, then I would recommend you read my in depth Shopify review.

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