SendPro Online Review – Shipping Solution from Pitney Bowes

Here's what Pitney Bowes SendPro Online can provide for you and your online business.

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If you need a shipping solution, then Pitney Bowesโ€™ SendPro Online could be the software for you, especially if youโ€™re a smaller or medium-sized business. Intrigued?

Continue reading this SendPro Online review for more info.

Let's dive in!

Who's Pitney Bowes?

Pitney Bowes is a pretty impressive organization. They've been up and running for over 95 years and have more than 3,300 workers dotted across the globe. But, more impressively, they've served over 90% of Fortune 500 companies and support over a million businesses!

The key to their success?

They identified a problem, well, a few problems actually.

Namely, that shipping for online sellers can be hard — especially, when they don't have a centralized mailroom.

There are a lot of necessary but tedious and time-consuming steps involved in sending each and every package:

  • Filling out shipping labels
  • Retyping a regular recipientโ€™s name and delivery address.
  • Arranging pick-up and/or drop off with customers and warehouses.

That's without delving into issues like increasing shipping rates. These days you're hit with costly surcharges for fuel and delivery address correction.
Not to mention, the challenge of comparing USPS, FedEx, and UPS services. It can take ages to accurately scour through shipping prices and find the most cost-effective option.
So, Pitney Bowes decided to come up with a solution.

Cue, SendPro Online.

SendPro Online: Key Features

For your convenience we've listed some of Pitney Bowes' critical features for their service ‘SendPro Online‘.

It's easy to get the shipping rate that's best for you. Within minutes you can compare costs across a whole array of couriers including, USPS, FedEx, and UPS all from one convenient interface.

You'll also automatically save 5ยข on every stamp you buy and save up to 40% on all the USPS Priority Mail labels you print.

On the subject of USPS, this carrier tends to be the best option for entrepreneurs needing to send further, quicker — and at a cheaper rate. There aren't any surprise fees. The quote you get is the price you pay.

There aren't any nasty shocks when you look at your bank statement a month later. You won't see a ton of delivery area and dimensional surcharges. You don't even have to pay any extra for Saturday, holiday or P.O. Box deliveries.

From the same dashboard we just spoke about, you can also check the status of your shipments, deliveries, and how much you've spent on shipping.

Gone are the days entrepreneurs had to waste time and energy, making trips to the post office. With SendPro Online, you can buy and print postage from your laptop. As you can imagine, this saves a ton of money and stress, so you can focus on meeting, nay exceeding the demands of your expanding business.
Interestingly, Pitney Bowes also specializes in handling customer shipping needs during promotional periods. If you receive a sudden surge in orders, say due to a holiday, Pitney Bowes can help.

From a branding perspective, Pitney Bowes stands out from the crowd. They make it their business not to form direct relationships with YOUR customers. So, you, as the merchant, can utilize the shipping and delivery process to enhance the experience of your customers further.
You'll also get a free scale that can measure packages weighing up 10 lbs.

The SendPro interface is nothing short of intuitive. Its user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for virtually anyone to get to grips with. Rest assured, you'll have your staff shipping like pros in next-to-no time.Tracking your packages is also pretty simple. SendPro consolidates all your USPS, FedEx, and UPS tracking numbers onto your sending hub. This means you can access all this essential info in one place.
Pitney Bowes' tracking system also enables you to:

  • Email the recipient to notify them that their item's on its way.
  • Provide real-time tracking for both you and the recipient.
  • Track packages from any device. You just need an internet connection!

Last but not least, you can also monitor shipping expenses. SendPro monitors all your previous shipping costs with USPS, FedEx, and UPS. With this info at your disposal, you'll better understand your complete sending spend.

This is How it Works

In a nutshell, this is how SendPro works:

  1. Log onto the SendPro portal
  2. Select your desired shipping options. Your package type, the location of the recipient, pick-up date, delivery date, and whether a signature is required when the customer receives their package, or if morning delivery is necessary.
  3. Label your products: You can upload your electronic address books or CSV documents onto SendPro's built-in address book. Then type the recipientโ€™s name and/or address into SendPro, select it, and they'll standardize and validate the address. This works wonders for ensuring you ship orders to the correct addresses and helps you avoid costly surcharges for incorrectly addressed items. This can be as much as $13 per delivery for some carriers!
  4. Print your shipping label.
  5. Track your deliveries from SendPro's dashboard.
  6. Your customer receives their goodies!

Voila, that's it!

Sendpro Online Pricing: How Much Will SendPro Online Set Me Back?

SendPro Online starts at an incredibly reasonable $4.99 a month. But, never fear, you can try before you buy by taking advantage of their 30-day free trial. Plus, youโ€™ll get a free 10 lb scale!

This entitles you to:

  • The printing of discounted USPS stamps and shipping labels, as well as UPS and FedEx shipping labels
  • The viewing of consolidated reports

How handy is that?!

Who Uses SendPro Online?

Pretty much, everyone. Businesses, non-profits, government entities, you name it if you need to ship out packages SendPro can probably help.

Ready to Start Using Pitney Bowes?

We hope having read this article, you now have a clearer idea of what Pitney Bowes SendPro Online can provide for you and your business.
Have you ever used this platform before? If so, we'd love to know how you found them. Would you recommend them to a friend? Let us know in the comments box below and kickstart the convo!

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