20 Amazing Personal Infographics

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This is a guest post by Tiago Veloso, the founder of Visual Loop, a collaborative digital environment for everything related to information design and data visualization. He lives in Brazil, and you can connect with him online on Twitter.

Not so long ago, we brought some examples of infographic resumes, showing how designers promote their skills in a visual format. Today we'll be featuring another kind of work that, despite not being as useful for job seeking as the resume, it could definitely open doors and leave a good impressiona about your talent and skills.

Personal Infographics are becoming indeed more popular. Nicolas Felton was responsible for that, back in 2005, when he published his first Feltron Annual Report. Since then, either for school assignments, or just for the fun of mapping your habits, lifestyle and daily routines, this type of exercise is also a great way of practising and perfecting information design.

Digging in to our archives, we rounded up 30 examples of the art of mapping personal habits. Here's a sample of that selection:

Self-Portrait | Minjeong An

Self-Portrait, personal infographic by Stephanie Mari
(infographic: Minjeong An)

Cosmographies | Carlos Romo Melgar

Cosmographies, personal graph by Carlos Romo Melgar
(infographic: Carlos Romo Melgar)

Personal Knowledge database | Santiago Ortiz

Partial screen capture of Santiago Ortiz
(image: Santiago Ortiz)

Everywhere Iโ€™ve Been | Aaron Parecki

Everywhere Iโ€™ve Been, personal infographic by Aaron Parecki
(infographic: Aaron Parecki)

Watch Y*ur Mouth | Derek Munn

Watch Your Mouth, personal graph by Derek Munn
(infographic: Derek Munn)

Emotion | xkcd

Emotion, personal graph by xkcd
(image: xkcd)

Eye contact | Minjae Park

Eye contact
(infogrรกfico: Minjae Park)

Sleeping Chaos | Elisa Wong

Sleeping Chaos, personal graph by Elisa Wong
(infographic: Elisa Wong)

Timeline | Colleen Griffiths

Timeline, personal graph by Colleen Griffiths
(infographic: Colleen Griffiths)

The Pattern of my Life | Jane Manchester

The Pattern of my Life, personal graph by Jane Manchester
(infographic: Jane Manchester)

Lifelines | Joe Nagle

Lifelines, personal graph by Joe Nagle
(infographic: Joe Nagle)

This Is My Life | Michelle Delaney

This Is My Life, personal graph by Michelle Delaney
(infographic: Michelle Delaney )

You'd say I'm a geek | Francesca Oddenino

(infographic: Francesca Oddenino)

Curiosity | Cristina Vasquez

Curiosity, personal graph by Cristina Vasquez
(infographic: Cristina Vasquez)

My Emotional Spectrum | Rebecca Liebert

My Emotional Spectrum, personal graph by
(infographic: Rebecca Liebert )

My character traits | Noel Chian

My character traits, personal graph by Noel Chian
(infographic: Noel Chian)

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PS: if you want to print your designs – like for example your personal infographic – make sure you prepare vectorial files for the print shop, especially if you're after a 48 hour print.

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