The Ultimate Volusion Ecommerce Review 2016

Volusion was founded in Austin, Texas, by Kevin Sproles, and has been in business since 1999. They provide a fully cloud-based ecommerce shopping platform. The company offers all the basic functions needed to operate your own online store, as well as some features that set them apart from their main competitors.

Famous clients include companies such as Intel, 3M and Slickwraps and they currently power more than 40,000 online retailers. Many consider Volusion to be one of the top ecommerce platforms, read on to see what I think about their features.

Volusion Features

One of the reasons why this platform is so popular among store owners is the fact they have many features built directly into the dashboard, in other words you don’t need to purchase costly add-ons through a separate app store. With the deal of the day feature you can quickly encourage customers to keep checking back. The feature enables store owners to pick a product and offer a limited discount; you can even display a countdown timer to inspire shoppers to purchase the product before it is too late. Another feature that will help retain customers is the MyRewards program; this system allows them to gain points whenever they complete a purchase through your store. These points can then be redeemed at a later time.

With the live and abandoned carts feature, storeowners can quickly gain an overview of which clients are currently completing an order, as well as which clients have abandoned their cart. Volusion encourages you to send emails to the customers who have abandoned their carts, however unlike other platforms that offer this as an automatic process, you need to send these emails manually, and if you have a lot of customers then this can quickly become a rather time consuming process.

If you are away from your computer, then you can monitor your store on the go. This is thanks to their native iOS and Android apps that allow you to check incoming orders as well as keep tabs on inventory levels.

Volusion Review Phone Orders

One feature that I personally became a fan of is the fact that you can process phone orders directly from the dashboard. In other words, if you have a contact number listed on your site, then customers can call you and place their order in person, all you need to do is open the console and enter the required information. While Shopify offers something similar with their POS solution, they don't offer processing of phone orders directly from within the admin panel.

Mobile capability is a strong suit from Volusion, from responsive templates to mobile-optimized checkout modules. This means that shopper and store owners alike can easily navigate Volusion stores from any device.

The final feature that truly stands out with Volusion is the Amazon and eBay integrations:, which offer built-in, native integrations that let you sync inventory and manage Amazon and eBay listings right from your Volusion admin dashboard.

Volusion Ease of Use

The first time I entered the dashboard I was pretty impressed, the interface is clean and easy on the eyes, more importantly it is simple to navigate.

Volusion Main Dashboard

Unlike most companies, this platform doesn't really come with a setup wizard, instead they offer a quick getting started site, which pretty much just links you to the different areas of the dashboard. The guide, however doesn’t deliver any form of support on just how to get started. Personally, I believe it is best if companies offer some form of tutorial at least for beginners, you can always opt out but at least the option should be there.

Most other competitors such as BigCommerce and Shopify have a setup wizard; in fact most companies I have reviewed provide this service. One part I really do like, is the fact that most input fields come with a question mark icon next to them, once you click this icon additional information is revealed about the field. What I like about this is the fact I feel I am constantly learning something without necessarily having to navigate to the support section.

To make it easier for users, Volusion has recently launched a helpful video series that walks users through key areas of the setup for their new Volusion stores.

Volusion Pricing

Volusion offers four different pricing tiers the cheapest plan, Mini, will only cost you $15/month while their most expensive plan the premium plan will cost $135/month. All plans come with free setup and unlimited storage.

volusion payment plans

The cheapest plan allows you to add 100 products to your store while the most expensive allows an unlimited number of products. While the cheapest plan only comes with 24/7 online support all other plans also offer phone support. Unlike AmeriCommerce you can't manage multiple stores within the same dashboard, however, if you run multiple stores hosted on Volusion then you can apply for a 10% discount on each additional store. Furthermore, if you pay up front for a full year you will also receive a 10% discount.

In the past, customers were complaining that they were charging $25/month to remove the “Powered by Volusion” link at the bottom, however thankfully this is a practice they have since abandoned.

Templates and design

Volusion offers 353 themes in total, of these 76 82 are free while the rest range from $50 to $895 for a theme. The first time I reviewed Volusion, I was very disappointed in the quality of their free themes, however thanks to recent changes that is not completely a thing of the past. As you can see below, the guys at Volusion has definitely spent a lot of time and effort on updating their themes. The free themes they now offer look just as stunning as some of their most expensive themes, this means even small businesses can have a stunning looking web store without breaking the bank.

Volusion Ecommerce Theme Example

Other platforms such as CoreCommerce allow you to edit your store simply by dragging and dropping elements, unfortunately this isn’t the case with Volusion. If you prefer to edit the HTML or CSS files for your theme then there is a built in editor called File editor, however, be prepared as this is not a WYSIWYG editor but just a simple text editor where you can edit the theme.

Unless you are a developer and feel comfortable with editing HTML and CSS codes, then chances are you will have a very difficult time editing the theme to your liking. Honestly the company makes something that should be very easy, unnecessarily difficult and that might scare the novice user away.

It's also worth noting that many of the Volusion templates, both free and premium, have mobile responsive capabilities for the optimal performance across all devices. The company has also made updates to its Easy Editor to make customizing a template more straightforward than in the past.

Volusion Inventory

Adding new products to Volusion is relatively easy, unfortunately, however, similar to other platforms such as 3dcart I must admit at first I was a little overwhelmed with all the different settings and options. This is good if you are a veteran storeowner who knows exactly what you want your product information to include, but at the same time it can seem a little daunting for the novice users. Volusion Inventory Management


As you can see in the image above, there is an option to simply add the most basic information about your products and then adding the more advanced information at a later time, if you are just starting out with the platform I would suggest using this approach until you get more acquainted with the process.

Volusion SEO & Marketing

All pricing tiers come with advanced SEO built right into the store. Thanks to SEO optimization, you can quickly earn snippet displays where potential shoppers can quickly see things such as star ratings, product pricing and stock status directly from the search engine results. Similar to Shopify and BigCommerce you can easily sell your products through your own personalized Facebook store.

This means that while customers are looking through their feeds they can view and purchase your products without ever having to leave Facebook. Another way of reaching more clients is through their integration with Amazon. When people search for a product on Amazon your products will appear in their search, and you can easily start selling products through the online store. Similarly, you can sell your products through eBay, this allows you to reach over 100 million new potential customers. You can easily manage inventory of both Amazon and eBay directly from your Volusion dashboard.

Unlike some other platforms, Volusion auto-generates sitemaps for customers, which helps search engines scan your site easier. Volusion also has built-in shopping feed capabilities so merchants can list products on major shopping engines like Google Shopping.

Read this other post if you want to learn more on which is the best ecommerce site builder for SEO.

Volusion Payments

Payment wise you can accept payments from more than 30 different processors, these include PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net, which is a popular payment processor in Europe. You can also sign up for a Merchant account and accept credit cards directly through Volusion.

volusion payment processors

The company doesn't charge any transaction fees, however, as with most other platforms you still need to pay a transaction fee for accepting third party processors. If you sign up for the “in house” payment processor, called Volusion Merchant Services, then the standard rate for transactions is 2.17% whereas it would be 2.9% if you were using PayPal. One negative point about the Merchant account is the fact that you must be a United States citizen in order to sign up for the plan, this pretty much rules out 96% of the world’s population. In defense of Volusion this is the same if you sign up with merchant accounts on competing platforms such as CoreCommerce, if you want to use a program that offers a merchant account to international citizens then you should sign up with 3dcart.

Volusion Security

Before you start operations of your store, you will need to sign up for a Volusion SSL security package, these range between $89 for a year to $199 for three years. Furthermore, you can sign up for Semantic SSL certificates, these however do cost much more and start at $399 for a year if you are located in the United States, and $499 if you are located elsewhere.

Volusion Security Feature

If you have read our Shopify review you will notice that all their pricing plans come with free SSL, which is why I was rather surprised to see this platform charging almost $100 for something I can get for free with other companies. One thing to keep in mind however is that Volusion does offer true custom SSL certificates per store, while other companies such as Shopify offer a shared SSL.

You may be wondering what the difference is between a dedicated and free SSL. With a free (or shared) SSL the shoppers get redirected to a different domain for checkout, whereas the dedicated SSL (offered by Volusion) keeps the checkout on your own domain.

Finally, Volusion is known for its best in class hosting, 99.9+% up-time performance and its in-house hosting, which is ideal for keeping your site secure. In short, Volusion takes security quite seriously.

Volusion Customer Support

Volusion offers some of the best support in the industry. The company provides 24/7 live support via phone, chat, or email, to all pricing plans, except for the mini plan who only receive online support. Furthermore, Pro and Platinum members get priority support, which translates, into shorter wait times.

Volusion Support Feature

I decided to give their live chat support a try and asked a few questions about their security measures, my questions were answered in a professional manner within minutes, and much to my delight within 30 minutes of the chat I was actually contacted over the phone by a member of their support staff. He asked if I needed any additional support, he gladly clarified any questions I had. He even sent me an email with more information.

After having contacted more than 10 different ecommerce platforms in the past, I must say this is the first time I have ever received a follow-up call. The company also offers access to an extensive knowledge base filled with video tutorials and articles to help you get your store up and running. In addition to their video tutorials they also operate a YouTube channel and a community forum. For the developers among their users, they also offer access to a Dev Wiki, where you can find code samples that can easily be incorporated into your storefront.

Since the first review, Volusion has continued adding members to their support team, this in return helps reduce the wait time and improves customer satisfaction.


Volusion Review and Rankings

There are some great features offered by Volusion that I found to be a positive, however overall I just wasn't really happy with the platform as a whole. I liked the fact that I can easily accept orders over the phone directly within the dashboard, however, I was a little disappointed with their templates as well as the fact you need to purchase SSL certificates. I would recommend you give their free trial a run. If you feel comfortable editing HTML and CSS code in order to edit your theme then maybe Volusion is something for you, otherwise you can also read my Shopify overview or BigCommerce overview to see if these platforms offer what you are looking for.


During my initial review, I mentioned several things that annoyed me a little. This included the fact that their free themes looked like something from the 1990's, however thanks to their recent updates I really think their themes are now on par with some of the other ecommerce platforms. My suggestion would still be to give their free trial a spin, that way you can easily see if they features meet your needs.

Volusion Rating: 4.1 - Review by

Catalin Zorzini

I'm a web design blogger and started this project after spending a few weeks struggling to find out which is the best ecommerce platform for myself. Check out my current top 10 ecommerce site builders.

22 Responses

  1. Hello. Thank you very much for your comparison matrix and reviews. However, I think the criteria used is incomplete. I think you need to further explore ecommerce features like product options/variants, cross-selling, API capabilities, etc. to really give today’s savvy store owner a better comparison of these platforms. Keep up the great work!

  2. My favorite is the AutomatedSetup cart, they install the website on your
    hosting, so you are free to redesign it as you want and there is no
    monthly payments. They also offer auto update of inventory, i think,
    that’s why their name is AutomatedSetup.

  3. I do not think Volusion deserve to receive 1 star, let alone 3+ stars. Just trying their trial program and reading their specification/features ARE NOT a way to review a company. You have to use them and see how they perform.

    My company has been with Volusion for 10+ years using their Enterprise plan ($450+/month). We have been with them since their early start. It WAS good, especially you get support from the owner who wrote the program. However as Volusion expanded, moved to Texas, and moved their hosting from Rackspace, the company becomes horrible. Volusion is now an awful and horrible company to host your business store. We have truly horrible experience this past 5+ years. Their support team is one of the worst. Their software is full of bugs. Their server is down many times, especially during peak time such as Black Friday and 1 week before Christmas. They usually are down not just minutes, but hours to days. In addition, there will always be stupid things that their team does that cause problems with the programs.

    Just recently, they had to remove all links and images on all checkout process of their customer’s website for unknown reason. The only reason they give is that the update their security software and links and images that are not from Volusion are not allowed because it causes the customer not able to check out. Yes, for almost one whole day, our customers could not check out and make any purchase. Not sure what kind of security scrip they have, but that is just plain stupid. Crazy and horrible software company.

    Most of their support team do not care about their customer and do not know what they are doing, e.g. Peter. Their supervisor just talk but cannot do the walk. For example, recently I submit request to renew SSL. I called in and submit ticket EVERYDAY to ensure that it is renewed on time. Guess what… they were super slow and late on their timeline. Tried to ensure that it was on time, but tech support, Peter, just closed my tickets ( Not just 1 ticket, but 2 tickets) with a statement that it will done automatically. There is no way to speed up. Everything is automatic. Yeah, sure. If I have an employee like him, I will fire him and make sure that future employee knows that Peter is lazy and do not care about the customers.

    What supposed to be 24-48 hours for me to approve my request to renew the SSL, it took more than 72 hours. Then, the weekend cause more trouble because the billing dept does not work on the weekend. ONLY the billing department can install the SSL even though the delay is from them. The manager or supervisor cannot do it. Imagine that you paid an Enterprise Plan that cost around $500/month and they do not have an Enterprise support team. We had to wait 3 days (Friday, Saturday, and Monday) until the billing team return to work on Monday for it to get resolved. What kind of support is that? Just for a simple SSL renewal/installation?

    There are more crazy things that happened at Volusion during my 10+ years hosting with them. Many times, they tried to hide it and blame it to the web store owners. At one point, they deleted comments/reviews on Facebook because customer complained there. Now, they do not display the customer reviews because almost ALL the customer reviews are negative. If you have time, browse their Facebook page.

    There are tons of bugs such as affiliates. Somehow, people can just join your affiliate program without our approval using link they found on Google and we, the website owner, don’t even know about it. How crazy is that? Overall, the software is full of bugs. When they release updates, they do not tested. Their method of testing is for the customers (web store owners) to test it and, of course, it breaks and causes problem.

    Overall, Volusion is horrible. It was good at the early stage when the owners are the one running it and they hosted their software at RackSpace. Now, they are just …. horrible… horrible… horrible.

    We are planning to move to Shopify Enterprise. However, right now, we are testing their free trial on the regular Shopify commerce site. We hope that this will be a better move for us from Volusion. So far, their platform is pretty flexible with the exception of checkout. However, we believe the enterprise plan is more flexible on the checkout. We will see….

    Just a reminder and warning…. DO NOT USE Volusion OR You will REGRET it!

    If you don’t think this is real, for your own sake, search through Google and checkout the reviews of Volusion from REAL customers and not from authors or websites trying to make money by being an affiliate.

  4. Obviously, you have never used Volusion in the real world. Volusion is one of the worst platforms out there. It is based on technology from 10-15 years ago. Run away, fast. I agree with the previous poster. They do not deserve one star.

    Volusion makes money off of people that know absolutely nothing about ecommerce. Ignorance is bliss. Once these people start to learn about selling online, they quickly realize that Volusion is a ripoff and a very inferior product. Others never make it that far. If you are serious about your business and want to succeed, and have the ability to expand, DO NOT USE VOLUSION!

  5. I had a very bad experience with this company. There is also a $99 cancellation fee buried in the user agreement at the end of the agreement. They do not talk about this on the phone. They will also try to do ACH because they have have your bank account number and routing. You have to stop payment at the bank and dispute it. They also threaten to turn you in to a collection agency and thus get bad credit ratings. They do this periodically and will not give up even months later. Horrible deceptive company. They promise you the moon and do not deliver.

  6. Look,
    I have 2 remarks concerning online shops in general and volusion is particular:

    volusion is more like a freemium model with their templates that don’t work correctly.. most of them have login buttons but no logout buttons for example..
    their SEO doesn’t online shop companies have’s something you ll have to pay Google for ( really expensive ) to get your shop going, and then hope your client come back..personally, the online shop I purchase from, I only visit them like once or twice per year..
    secondly, Volusion offer you paid support but it s extremely expensive.. like 5 or 600$ to make a custom template, something you can outsource for 50$ on freelancer or peopleperhour.

    Now, if you are thinking of opening your online shop to sell on it instead of on Ebay or because you are fed up with them, then you are wasting your time and money my friend…stay on Ebay.
    Ebay Are a**holes yes, and they do charge you 8% commission on your sales, BUT, they are giving you free and easy SEO (just put the right keyword in your listing and pay for the sub title and you’re good) AND their Giant client base…something you’ll have to pay extremely high to promote using Google ads if you open your own shop; or if you want to do it for free, you ‘ll bust your mouse spamming here and there or lose the 8% commission anyways using affiliate programs to drive traffic to your you know, IMO 8% for all that trouble is ok for me..
    plus, Ebay does save your clients in your account, and sends them automatic newsletters with your products…also, you can do that yourself in your ebay account and push your products to your customers yourself..

  7. Dealing with Volusion was a really poor experience for me. Their setup was too complicated for our needs, even after we explained to them what we needed. We never used their service, and they were unwilling to give us a refund. There are many better options out there.

    Hopefully this can serve to steer people clear of them.

  8. Why no one mention Volusion’s monthly bandwidth ? How could you do online business with just 1G or 5G a month on a standard plan ? I know that they charge $7 for every extra GB. That’s a lot when your website traffic goes over 50GB! especially on an Ecommerce website.

  9. I used to use Volusion…right now use Shopify…much better.

    1. Volusion is the WORST!! Charge huge fees for bandwidth…Shopify doesn’t
    2. Volusion doesn’t stay updated-if you need to switch template or change mobile template, you will need to re-do your website! HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. The mobile version template was really BAD BAD BAD!! We wanted to change to a better one and was told we need to pay $$$$ plus redo everything.

    3. They charge $$$ for payments-It may be common industry practice but hey, there’s a better option. Shopify doesn’t charge us monthly credit card processing fees. Volusion is tooo OLD!

    4. Very difficult to close your account-you need to submit multiple tickets then call 3-4 different departments, plus they dont’ give you clear instruction as how to close your account with Volusion. you will end up with few more months billing.

    5. Charge termination fees

    In other words, VOLUSION can’t keep their own clients, but blame the reason clients leave!!!

    my review-1 star ONLY!

  10. I am also a hater of Volusion – I have been with them now for 6 years. In the earlier years I thought they were great, but in the last 2-3 years I have had constants bugs and issues that take months to get fixed. For the last year at least I have had ongoing Checkout issues that actually prevent the customer from purchasing. Each bug fix is taking around 3 months to fix and they generally create a new checkout issue while fixing the other or reintroduce an old checkout issue. But the point is – my website constantly has checkout issues that are preventing sales …. the last one I reported was over 2 months ago still not fixed and they wont even reply to my emails anymore. So you can imagine the amount of Christmas business I am missing out on.

    Volusion are the cause of huge amounts of lost business for me – I do get a large amounts of frustrated customers calling and emailing me on a daily basis (which I am sick of) to tell me they cant check out – at least I can still convert those customers but we all know that the majority of people wont bother if its to hard.

    I’m at the point now of taking my business elsewhere – I feel that 2 years of putting up with bugs and bad support is more than enough. I was just hoping the old Volusion may come back but I’m not so hopeful anymore. Its a shame because they do offer a great admin and their templates are pretty good – but whats the point in having a website if people cant checkout!

  11. I have a question about the date of this review “The Ultimate Volusion Ecommerce Review 2016”. It says that the review was done on 01/25/2016, today is 02/02/2016 for me, but there are comments on this review dating back as old as 12/26/2014. I’m not sure if the review is old and re-dated, or if the comments are about an older review. Are the issues people complain about fixed?

    I have an opensource php/mysql ecommerce site which I’m trying to replace. I have to say that I was attracted to the feature set offered by Volusion out of the box vs. the “curse of a thousand cuts” of having to pay MONTHLY for every decent add-on app in Shopify. I NEED affiliate referral codes, customer based wholesale pricing, and QuickBooks (NOT QBO!! [JUNK]) web connector. The cost of just these three add-ons could cost me $300-400/month on top of the Shopify membership. Yes the potential bandwidth overage cost bugs me, as does having to pay for the SSL cert, but $100/yr for the cert is a drop in the bucket compared to the nickel and dime charges from Shopify.

  12. I am really surprised at all the Volusion haters here. We switched to them from our own custom website after our admin passed away and we could not find someone who could update and keep the website going.

    We choose Volusion after a careful study of many other options including Big Commerce and Shopify. There are some things about V that I don’t like, the “integration” for eBay and Amazon only really works if you don’t already have products listed there. If you do then you have to relist everything through the V store, which is very time consuming and doesn’t allow the level of customization we need for our eBay store. It also would wipe out all your previous history which is one of the ways eBay guides their search.

    I have a developer who took a template about 2 years ago and we customized it like crazy. It allowed us to have the front end look as we wanted, but leave all the back end work to V. I have NEVER had a bad experience with their support, they are always prompt, and quick. The first line guys don’t always know everything, but they will do what they can to help and open a ticket as needed.

    It’s a “box” solution, not a a try custom website, so now 2 years in, we are having an outside developer with 10+ years of V experience create an new “template” for the website, as well as make some changes to a few things that bug me (no link to reviews on the actual product page, larger product photos by removing our left nav that we need on the front page but nowhere else and a few other things.)

    Overall I would also give V 4 stars, it’s not perfect by any means, and I would strongly advise that you use an outside developer to change it the way you want. But we have not experience any down time problems that come to mind at all, unlike the first reviewer. Nor have either myself or my developer had anything but good-excellent interactions with their support.

  13. Is this review paid for by Volusion or one of their affiliates? Because it’s a HORRIBLE bait-and-switch company that’s riddled with hidden fees! Basically everything on the Volusion website and everything the sales people tell you is inaccurate and intentionally misleading. Absolutely do NOT sign up for their Merchant Account – it looks like a feature of their monthly plan but it isn’t! You’re actually signing up for a 3-YEAR contract that’s at least $33.50 per month, with a $99 cancellation fee! The term is not in the contract anywhere, it’s on a separate page on their website that you will never find until you get the contract. Who reads contract terms, especially when they link to additional terms? No one, and that’s what they’re counting on. Don’t pay them for a website that looks like garbage to start with, and definitely stay away from any contracts with them. They will intentionally mislead you – even if you ask questions about their services, the sales reps know how to avoid giving direct answers. I have never been tricked into something like this, and I’m so embarrassed and depressed that I was taken advantage of so easily by these scam artists.

    1. Wow sorry to hear that ktb, thanks for sharing this with us! If any other readers had similar experiences please get in touch! My review is obviously based on my own experience with the product.

  14. I am a freelance e-commerce solution provider. I have years of experiencing migrating data from one platform to another via CSVs like Bigcommerce, Magento, eBay, Amazon, Channel Advisor, Shopify etc. But Volusion spreadsheet import system is really awful – I havn’t seen in recent history.

    First of all you cannot upload product pictures via spreadsheets. If you want you have to upload them in the backend via FTP. There are strict rules that you should follow regarding picture naming and sizing. So to avoid renaming and resizing thousands of product pictures I took a long route i.e. putting items ONE BY ONE. Throwing aside the option of spreadsheets I started to add products manually. But what a ***! You cannot select multiple pictures simultaneously. So I just have to upload one picture, wait for few seconds, then again I click ‘browse’ then select second picture then wait. This way I have to upload 5-6 pictures per item. It looks like the internet is in early evolution periods when you use their system.

    If you want to assign categories to your items it is again fairly difficult.

    If your items has size / color variations god help you.

    I won’t recommend this platform to any of my future clients.

  15. Volusion is okay for smaller online businesses to get started with. I’ve been with them since 2011. There are a lot of headaches to deal with.

    *If you’re using multi child add to cart products, it wont work with the new responsive templates.
    * One item in the cart can mess up checkout – like shipping rates not showing up.
    * Customers will sometimes call up and say that there is no checkout button, or free shipping/UPS overnight shipping is not showing up etc. -very frustrating, because you’ll see abandoned shopping carts, that left right at checkout. Volusion has told me it has problems with some versions of Explorer, i think it might be more web browsers than that.
    * If you switch to a new template, be ready to update many pages including homepage etc. Pictures and text move all over the place, and are missing.
    * They need to include some way to lock the credit card history on order page for the admin only, so the credit card payment/Debit/Void/credit button can not be used after say 90 days. Right now anyone that has access to your admin area could void/credit back all of your past orders.
    * The ASP platform that volusion uses is outdated and not SEO friendly. I’ve tried for years to get on the first page of Google generic.
    * You have to pay for the SSL license each year.
    * Volusion charges bandwidth fees over their minimum for certain plans .

    If I had the chance to go back and start over, I would use Shopify. I have a business friend that uses it and loves it. He is an amateur at using Indesign and Photoshop, but his site looks amazing. Plus his Shopify site it on the first page of Google for many generic search terms, with little effort on his part.

  16. This company is terrible. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE TO CHOOSE THEM FOR YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS OR MERCHANT SERVICES. SQUARE IS 1 MILLION TIMES BETTER. They will rob you of your money and find a way to make up charges whenever they can.
    Also, when you cancel with them, make sure you cancel all of their services from all departments because they will continue to charge you for things if you don’t.
    For example: I canceled my online store and was never told to cancel the merchant account with them until I called back after seeing charges on my bank statement. They then told me to call, who they use for merchant services, to cancel and stop the charges. I immediately did that and thought I was ok then until I saw more charges on the following statement.
    Apparently, I was suppose to also cancel with Volusion Merchant department which no one mentioned to me. Just did that.. Let’s see what kind of charges I’m going to see next month.
    I’m so glad i switched over to Big Commerce and Square for my merchant services.

  17. We talked extensively to sales personal before we decided to switch to Volusion. We were assured over and over again that Volusion could do what we needed it to do. We needed customers to select their delivery date at checkout, we needed shipping options that could accommodate perishable vs non perishable items and reflect shipping costs accordingly, and we needed customers to be able to place one order with multiple receipients (ie a company sending 1 item to 30 employees). These were my first questions I asked every company I talked to. They said YES to each and every one of them. Then we switched, paid for a customized template…because you can’t not use your own branding on a website….so even the $900 options wouldn’t work for us because we needed branding and logos. So we paid well over $1500 for a template. The website can’t do what we needed. We were told that since we spoke with their sales team over the phone that we can’t prove that they misled us. Now we’ve found out that our $1500 site DOESN’T WORK ON CELL PHONES! This. Is. INSANE. We will have to pay again to have our site redesigned in order to have a phone that works on cell phones. What a disaster.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Shopify has some of the best looking and ready to use templates that are optimized for mobile as well.


      Bogdan – Editor at

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