Marketing Tactics to Skyrocket Your Online Sales. An Infographic

Marketing tactics to skyrocket your online sales infographic

Show me an ecommercer who doesn’t want to drive his/her online sales, and I’ll show you a liar. For professionals who invests most of their time and energy in their online businesses, this is not the kind of topic somebody’s talking about only over a pint at the end of the day.

So, I’ll start the conversation now, with the help of this infographic created by the guys at ReferralCandy that invites us to “visually” browse and discuss these 14 marketing tactics to drive online sales. Some are quite obvious like “keeping in touch often with your customers, or “improving your store’s design”. Others are less obvious, like “include a gifting section” or “engage with Instagram” or even “launch a Facebook store”.

I like that they don’t forget the “word-of-mouth” vintage form of marketing, and this is still massive, because consumers trust their family and friends more than they trust marketers. Correct?!

I would print it and post it somewhere in the office, so I don’t forget to act on them. Or at least keep them in mind for further reference.

14 Marketing Tactics To Drive Online Sales and Apps to Execute them

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