LearningCart Review: Everything You Need to Know

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One might say that LearningCart is a little different than those ecommerce platforms you hear most often about.

Sure it has hints of Shopify, like with the ecommerce functionality and customer profile customization. However, you'll find far more that caters to the whole learning management system (LMS) aspect of things.

In fact, a significant amount of the LearningCart users are selling both regular products and courses.

What's interesting about LearningCart is that the company is seemingly better than any learning management program that also doubles as a moneymaking tool.

Some competing programs are only for schools and organizational learning, while others are smaller plugins with simple functionality for getting courses published quickly on a website.

After taking a look at LearningCart, it's clear that a significant amount of work and planning went into the system, seeing as how layers upon layers of features seemed to popup, right when I thought there could be no more.


So, if you're interested in selling courses, or having the potential to do so with your ecommerce website, keep reading to learn more about the intricacies of LearningCart.

LearningCart Pricing

LearningCart offers both annual and “pay as you go” pricing. The annual plans are obviously a better value, and we'll be covering those in this article. You don't get any free trial, and you'll have to contact the company in order to get all setup. Here are the plans for you to choose from:

  • Silver – $179 per month for 100 active users, unlimited courses and products, 5GB of storage, an ecommerce storefront, a SCORM Compliant LMS, content management, a customizable template, and email and online support.
  • Gold – $299 per month for 500 active users, 10GB of storage, everything in the previous plan, custom configuration, a custom URL, single sign-on, administrator level phone support and custom reporting. This is the most popular plan.
  • Platinum –  $509 per month for 1,000 active users, 30GB of storage and everything in the previous plan.
  • Enterprise –  for companies over 1,000 users. Please contact LearningCart for this pricing.

LearningCart Features

The Perfect Combination of Modules


I would be doing you a disservice by only mentioning a few of the modules included in LearningCart. Yes, you get an LMS, and it looks pretty darn great. However, you'll also have access to ecommerce functionality with support for payment gateways like Authorize.net, Stripe and PayPal. So, in a sense it's giving you even more than a platform like Bigcommerce or Shopify.


In addition, a full content management system boosts your ability to share blog posts, construct content on your homepage and develop items like forms, images and calendars. The blog engine has most elements you would expect from a tool like WordPress, such as Google Analytics support, multi-blog support, social media integration and unique templates for each blog.


Student Progress Viewing


This is one of my favorite parts of LearningCart. It lets users see progress for all course-takers. So if one of your customers has a group of employees who have to take a sexual conduct course, it's easy to check which of those people have completed the process. Along with progress indicators and user management, this is something you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Quiz and Form Building


The quiz builder can be implemented on certain sections of your courses, serving as benchmarks that check how much information people have retained.


The form builders are just as intuitive, and they have options for accepting all types of information.

Course Completion


LearningCart delivers a simple, yet essential, course completion area. For example, you can have completion certificates that are sent to people whenever they finish a course. This comes in handy for organizations, and you have the tools on the backend for customizing the certificates in Microsoft Word.


A Simple Design


One template is given out to all LearningCart users. It's clean, modern and useful for organizing the courses you're going to have listed on the website. The template has a responsive design for viewing on mobile devices, which is pretty cool for students on the go.

Therefore, users can quickly choose this out-of-the-box option. However, they can also get more technical by managing simple HTML on the backend. You're not going to receive a giant library of templates, but beginner developers are covered with the one template, while advanced developers can do pretty much anything they want with the design.


We're not going to cover everything that SCORM entails, but basically it's a set of technical standards for e-learning program developers. Its purpose is to make the files and tools you use in one program work well with other similar software and tools.

LearningCart is built using SCORM, so if you have any materials from a different SCORM-compatible LMS, you can transfer them over to LearningCart and vice versa.

It's similar to Photoshop, except for instructional designers. SCORM compliance is essential for compatibility and working with general courses.

Click here to learn more about SCORM.

LearningCart Support

Email and phone support is offered in the Gold Package and above, but the entry level package only has online and email support. Regardless, you have access to a qualified team of professionals who are willing to talk you through any problems that arise. The support portal is your standard knowledge base, and it lets you get logged in with an email and password or your own social media accounts.

Use this area to complete your own research, and search through the various documents that have been made based on previous user tickets.

Who Should Be Using LearningCart?


LearningCart is primarily for organizations that want to put a hard focus on selling online classes. The pricing coincides with companies that crave more than just a few simple tools for quickly uploading courses to a website. Most LearningCart users are making good money from the courses they sell, so the $299 per month Gold Package seems like a great deal to me.

If you would like to explore more information about LearningCart, click here. You can also drop a line in the comments section below if you have any questions.


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