Top 10 BigCommerce Alternativen (Juni 2021)

In Anbetracht BigCommerce Alternativen? Sie sind an der richtigen Stelle.

Die Wahl der richtigen E-Commerce-Plattform ist kompliziert. Bei so vielen Optionen, darunter Open Source und gehostete Dienste, ist es schwierig zu wissen, welche Lösung die beste ist. Egal, ob Sie ein Tool mit Inventarverwaltung und SEO-Funktionalität suchen oder einfach nur einen Warenkorb zu Ihrer bestehenden Website hinzufügen möchten, an Lösungen mangelt es nicht.

BigCommerce zeichnet sich als eines der attraktivsten Tools auf dem Markt für E-Commerce-Verkäufe aus.
Während BigCommerce ist sicherlich ein starkes und beliebtes E-Commerce-Plattform, kann es eine Reihe von Gründen geben, warum Sie Alternativen zu dieser Plattform für die Erstellung eines neuen Online-Shops oder die Migration eines bestehenden in Betracht ziehen und evaluieren. Wenn Sie hier sind, finden Sie meine Liste der Top 10 BigCommerce Alternativen zusammen mit einer kurzen Überprüfung der einzelnen nützlich sein.

Editor's note: This post was originally published on March 18, 2015 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

BigCommerce Alternativen: Wix

wix E-Commerce - am besten bigcommerce Alternativen

Wix is one of the simpler ecommerce and website building solutions on the market for people who want lots of functionality without the hassle. As a hosted, rather than open-source solution, Wix handles all of the complex parts of running a website for you, while still giving you access to things like a reliable shopping cart, website templates, inventory management, and SEO functionality. Although there are some customization elements missing, it’s an ideal product for beginners.

If you’re looking for an affordable solution as a small business, and you don’t want the complexity of something like Magento damit umgehen, Wix is an excellent pick. Wix has an easy-to-use website builder, lots of plugins and apps, and a wide selection of payment gateways to choose from. You can even connect your store to your social media accounts.

Wix does have some transaction fees to consider, but you also get plenty of bandwidth and an SSL certificate to help sweeten the deal. Overall, we love Wix as a convenient alternative to BigCommerce with plenty of room for growth. You can even get AI help to build your website!

Preisgestaltung ????

Preis für Wix is one of the most appealing things for this online business creator. You can access the Business Plan for $23 per month to start getting some of the features that business owners need. If you want a more feature-rich alternative, there are upgrades available. The more you pay, the more functionality you get.

Vorteile 👍

  • Plenty of drag and drop theme options
  • Secure payment options for your customers
  • Plenty of plugins for business owners
  • Easy all-in-one solution for selling
  • Kostenloser Plan für Anfänger
  • Lots of discount and voucher code options

Nachteile 👎

  • Lacking some ecommerce business features
  • Can be hard to export data

Für wen ist es am besten? ✅

Wix makes sense as a BigCommerce alternative if you’re looking for ease of use and straightforward features. You won’t need a lot of technical knowledge for this ecommerce store builder, and there’s no complicated features to confuse and overwhelm you. You’ll find a wide range of features with this store builder, but you might find it’s a little too basic if you’re a rapidly growing start-up.

mehr zu versuchen Wix kostenlos oder lesen Sie meine vollständige Wix Überprüfen.

BigCommerce Alternativen: Shopify

shopify Startseite - bigcommerce Alternativen

Als ein Marktführer in der E-Commerce-Plattform heute, Shopify ist definitiv eine starke Alternative zu BigCommerce. Der Preis liegt in etwa auf dem Niveau des Branchendurchschnitts (14 USD / Monat bis 179 USD / Monat). Shopify ist eine Plattform, die es wert ist, von jedem Online-Shop in Betracht gezogen zu werden.

Shopify is probably the best-known eCommerce service in the world. With Shopify, you can quickly and easily build a variety of fantastic online store experiences, complete with customizable elements to make your brand stand out. Shopify is one of the most flexible products out there too, with tons of apps and add-ons to transform your site’s functionality.

Ideal for both beginners and growing companies, it’s difficult to find a company that wouldn’t benefit from Shopify.

Preisgestaltung ????

Shopify is a highly affordable product for most beginners. The “Lite” product is available to simply add a button to your website, or you can upgrade to the $29 package for the basic set of tools. There’s a $79 full Shopify service, and even an option for Enterprise companies too.

Vorteile 👍

  • Excellent range of packages for all companies
  • Various options for customization
  • Tons of integrations and add-ons
  • Multi-channel selling opportunities
  • Hosted eCommerce experience

Nachteile 👎

  • Limited ordering options
  • Some limitations to scaling

Für wen ist es am besten? ✅

Shopify is a market-leading tool for eCommerce which should appeal to a wide selection of people. If you’re looking for an adaptable and customizable service that evolves to suit your brand, it’s hard to go wrong with Shopify.

mehr zu versuchen Shopify kostenlos oder lesen Sie meine vollständige Shopify Überprüfen.

beste BigCommerce Alternativen: Ecwid

ecwid Homepage - am besten bigcommerce Alternativen

Probably one of the simplest products on the market for companies in search of a highly flexible sales solution, Ecwid is great for scalable growth. This simple and effective open-source plugin will attach to your existing sites on WordPress, Drupal, and similar platforms. This means that you don’t have to rebuild an entire website from scratch.

Ecwid allows you to start selling online for free, with flexible solutions that ensure you can access all the features you already know and love within your CMS, combined with extra functionality. You also get a range of build-in features to help your business grow, though Ecwid isn’t quite as flexible or advanced as some of the top options.

If you already have a website, the user-friendly environment of Ecwid is an excellent choice to upgrade the experience into something more profitable.

Preisgestaltung ????

Preis für Ecwid is one of its most compelling elements. There’s a free package to allow you to start selling through a wider variety of CMS solutions like WordPress. The price you pay will go up depending on the extra functionality you need.

Vorteile 👍

  • Ideal for existing website owners
  • Lots of user-friendly features for growth
  • Tons of ways to sell your products
  • No product option limits
  • Access to features through a mobile app
  • Verschiedene Zahlungsabwicklungsoptionen

Nachteile 👎

  • Not ideal for the biggest brands
  • No all-on-one builder

Für wen ist es am besten? ✅

If you already have your own website and you want to add the option to start selling products and taking payments, Ecwid is an excellent solution. You can stay ahead of the curve with this service, and access a range of great, flexible features.

Klicken Sie hier, um es zu versuchen Ecwid kostenlos oder lesen Sie meine vollständige Ecwid Überprüfen.

BigCommerce Alternativen: Square Online

square online Homepage - am besten bigcommerce Alternativen

Wenn Sie davon gehört haben Square before, it’s probably for its payment processing and point of sale solutions. However, what some people don’t know is that Square has its own store builder too. Square Online is an online store builder, that is free, and easy to access if you’re looking for a way to start selling online with speed. One of the greatest things about this BigCommerce alternative is how easy it is to sync your inventory with your offline equipment.

You can easily keep track of everything you’re selling both online and offline without having to pay for more advanced premium plans. There are also a range of bonus features available for people who want access to tools for a specific industry, like bookings for your restaurant, and tools for managing your team if you have multiple people to work with.

Square comes with all the features you’d expect from an ecommerce business store builder. You can integrate with email marketing plans, and access various customization options. However, the templates and choices are a little limited compared to some solutions.

Preisgestaltung ????

Wenn Sie bereits verwenden Square as your ideal solution for accepting payments from offline customers. You can use the same service for your online store too. The Square Online is a free-to-use service which comes with everything you might want to quickly sell online. Just pay a small transaction fee whenever someone uses your checkout. However, you can end up paying more for Square Online if you need extra functionality.

Vorteile 👍

  • Convenient choice if you’re already familiar with Square
  • Free to use until you want to upgrade
  • Easy to use for beginners in need of extra functionality
  • Fantastic range of tools
  • Combines online and offline sales options
  • Fantastic AI performance

Nachteile 👎

  • Some limitations for customization
  • Not ideal if you don’t use Square für die Zahlungsabwicklung

Für wen ist es am besten? ✅

If you’re already using other Square products for offline selling, then it makes sense to take the technology online with you too. It’s a great way to easily and quickly sync your products between sales options, and you’ll get to use a system that you’re already comfortable with. There’s also a host of unique features for specific kinds of sales.

mehr zu versuchen Square Online kostenlos oder lesen Sie meine vollständige Square Online Überprüfen.

BigCommerce Alternativen: Squarespace

squarespace Homepage - am besten bigcommerce Alternativen

Tragen Sie wahrscheinlich die niedrigsten Preise in der Branche ($ 8 / mo. Bis $ 24 / mo.), Werden Sie nicht finden Squarespace Schneiden Sie alle Ecken in Bezug auf Funktionen. Über die Standardfunktionen des E-Commerce hinaus Squarespace bietet auch einige spezielle Extras für Profis wie Künstler, Musiker, Blogger usw., was es zu einer würdigen Alternative macht BigCommerce.

Squarespace is often a popular choice for those with a focus on aesthetic appeal. There are tons of gorgeous templates on Squarespace suited to helping you have the best possible impact on your audience. Great for smaller companies and freelancers, Squarespace is easy to use and customizable. There’s also a wide range of plugins available.

Aside from all of the ecommerce store functions you might expect from a modern builder, Squarespace also comes with things like G-Suite integration, and cover-page builders. There’s a Getty image installation component, and tons of features for blogging, so you can present yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Preisgestaltung ????

Preis für Squarespace is based on the kind of functionality you need. The initial package starts at $18 per month with access to fundamental sales too and 24/7 customer support. To sell online, you’ll need at least the Commerce plan, which starts at $26 per month if you’re willing to pay annually for your service. Free domains are included.

Vorteile 👍

  • Stunning professional templates
  • Lots of blogging and SEO functionality
  • Good range of pricing options for beginners
  • Decent range of customization choices
  • Lots of extra features like cover-page building
  • Kostenlose Domain

Nachteile 👎

  • More for freelancers and bloggers than sales
  • Begrenzte Skalierbarkeit

Für wen ist es am besten? ✅

Squarespace will be a top choice among companies in search of a creative way to build a beautiful website. You can really stand out from the crowd with one of these websites, and you don’t have to know any coding to get the experience you want. The templates and functionality are excellent for beginners.

mehr zu versuchen SquareSpace kostenlos oder lesen Sie meine vollständige Squarespace Überprüfen.

BigCommerce Alternativen: AmeriCommerce

americommerce homepage - am besten bigcommerce Alternativen

Trotz der etwas steilen Preise ($ 24 / mo. Bis $ 299 / mo.), AmeriCommerce ist mit Sicherheit eine funktionsreiche E-Commerce-Plattform, die einen Blick wert ist BigCommerce Alternative, zumal sie eine ungewöhnliche Funktion mit sich bringt - die Fähigkeit, mehrere Geschäfte von einem einzigen Konto / Login aus zu verwalten.

An increasingly popular choice among business owners, AmeriCommerce gives business leaders the tools they need to not only handle one store but build multiple sales opportunities across the web. You can run multiple store systems at once, and keep track of all the information you need, including inventory updates, orders, and reporting.

Americommerce is particularly popular because of it’s streamlined and intuitive back-end interface. If you haven’t got a lot of experience with site building, you’ll still feel comfortable in this environment, with a clean and user-friendly dashboard to explore. You can also customize elements of your backend experience to ensure you have all the tools you need.

Preisgestaltung ????

Because AmeriCommerce is intended for building larger stores or multi-store environments, you can expect to pay a little more than some competing options. Prices start at around $24.95 per month, and some packages can range up to $299 per month.

Vorteile 👍

  • Excellent for multi-store environments
  • Intuitive und benutzerfreundliche Oberfläche
  • Viele Funktionen zu erkunden
  • Easy to keep track of store information
  • Convenient range of features

Nachteile 👎

  • Kann teuer sein
  • Some learning required for beginners

Für wen ist es am besten? ✅

You’ll appreciate the features of AmeriCommerce if you’re looking for a convenient tool for managing multiple stores at once. If you’re a growing agency or company which manages a range of stores for clients, this could be the product for you.

mehr um AmeriCommerce auszuprobieren oder lese mein volles AmeriCommerce Überprüfung.

BigCommerce Alternativen: Shift4Shop

shift4shop homepage - am besten bigcommerce Alternativen

Bietet alle Standardfunktionen der E-Commerce-Plattform, Preise, die dem Branchendurchschnitt entsprechen (19 USD / Monat bis 129 USD / Monat), und bietet auch einige seltene Funktionen wie Affiliate-Marketing und drop shipping Unterstützung etc., Shift4Shop kann eine würdige Alternative zu sein BigCommerce.

Previously 3DCart, Shift4Shop stands out as a fantastic BigCommerce alternative, and a great choice for budding business owners. If you have a limited budget for setting up your online stores, there aren’t a lot of high prices to worry about, and there are no transaction fees. The list of features available from Shift4Shop ranges from comprehensive admin capabilities, to store optimization.

Shift4Shop supports companies in accepting more than 300 different payment processing options, with access to features like real-time shipping. You’ll get SEO-optimized sites, plenty of cross-channel selling options, and more. Plus, everything is wonderfully easy to use.

If you want to strengthen your position in the market with thought-leadership articles, Shift4Shop is also well-suited to content marketing and SEO requirements.

Preisgestaltung ????

For the first month, there’s nothing to pay when building a Shift4Shop store. After this, basic packages start at $29 per month, and you can downgrade to a cheaper product at $19 per month if you’re limited in available cash. There’s also a discount for annual customers, so it’s worth signing up for a long-term package if you can.

Vorteile 👍

  • Excellent for content marketing and SEO
  • Lots of cross-channel selling to increase sales
  • Great range of payment providers included
  • Tons of customizations for growing companies
  • Affordable transaction-fee free pricing

Nachteile 👎

  • Not the most scalable store for big companies

Für wen ist es am besten? ✅

If you’re in search of a highly flexible product for online sales, Shift4Shop is an excellent investment. You should have no problems building everything from SEO functionality to cross-channel selling into your store.

mehr to try Shift4Shop for free or read our full 3dCart-Überprüfung.

BigCommerce Alternativen: Big Cartel

big cartel Homepage - am besten bigcommerce Alternativen

Mit den branchenüblichen E-Commerce-Funktionen Big Cartel ist sogar kostenlos, wenn Sie 5-Produkte oder weniger verkaufen. Für den Verkauf einer höheren Anzahl von Produkten (bis zu einem Maximum von 300) werden Sie feststellen, dass ihre monatlichen Pläne ($ 9.99 / mo. Bis $ 29.99 / mo.) Etwas unter dem Branchendurchschnitt liegen.

Big Cartel is another popular ecommerce solution for all kinds of businesses. This ecommerce software comes with a free plan available to get you started, and there are tons of fantastic features to explore. Similar to other market leading tools, Big Cartel will manage a host of sales processes for you, including credit card payments, domain name hosting, and SSL certificates.

Big Cartel provides a fully hosted experience, similar to Shopify and Weebly, so you don’t have to build your own store environment from scratch. This is a product is designed to give you everything you need in a simple package, so you can spend less time learning and more time taking payments from your wide range of customers.

Big Cartel doesn’t have any transaction fees to worry about, and the back end is clean and simple, so you can easily manage unlimited products, and keep track of your inventory. There aren’t quite as many add-on options with Big Cartel to handle things like abandoned cart emails and SEO. However, it’s still one of the best Bigcommerce Alternativen.

Preisgestaltung ????

There’s a free package for selling up to five products without any requirement for credit card details. You can sell up to 50 products for $9.99 per month, and 250 products for around $199.99 per month. For around $29.99 per month, there’s support for up to 500 products with no transaction and listing fees to worry about.

Vorteile 👍

  • Free plan to get you started quickly
  • Support for your own domain
  • Great for unique website design
  • Praktische Backend-Umgebung
  • No transaction fees needed
  • Simple inventory management

Nachteile 👎

  • Requires basic coding knowledge
  • Limited range of customer service options

Für wen ist es am besten? ✅

Big Cartel is a great choice for smaller companies just getting started in the digital world. You can even run a store for free if you’re not selling a lot of products straight away. Everything feels intuitive and simple, and you can even scale at the pace that suits you.

mehr um BigCartel kostenlos zu testen oder lese mein volles Big Cartel Überprüfen.

BigCommerce Alternativen: Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

easy digital downloads Homepage - am besten bigcommerce Alternativen

Wenn Sie digitale Waren wie Software und Apps, Spiele, Lizenzschlüssel usw. über eine Online-Storefront verkaufen, Easy Digital Downloads - Ein kostenloses WordPress-Plugin kann eine gute sein BigCommerce Alternative für Sie.

Easy Digital Downloads is a wonderful solution for selling online, designed to simplify the art of selling digital products. If you’re selling online content, such as eBooks, webinars, and software, this solution is custom-made for you. Easy Digital Downloads simplifies the art of purchasing various downloads at once, with an easy-to-use shopping cart system.

Easy Digital Downloads can work with a wide range of plugins and external software options, because there’s REST API access included. You’ll also be able to browse through options within the Easy Digital Downloads marketplace. You can even create customized account pages for all of your team members.

Easy Digital Downloads supports instant transactions, so your customers get their downloads straight away, and the intuitive shopping cart system means that clients can buy multiple downloads at once. This product is very easy to use, and great if you’re looking for both BigCommerce Shopify Alternativen.

Preisgestaltung ????

Pricing options are varied, to help you develop a store that’s suitable for your specific needs. The initial “personal pass” package starts at $99 per month, and this comes with access to a single site license, email marketing tools, and updates. You can also access extended passes and all-access passes, which are ideal for agencies.

Vorteile 👍

  • Excellent for digital downloads
  • Vollständige Datenberichterstattung
  • Rest API-Zugriff
  • Unbegrenzte Dateidownloads
  • Tons of shopping cart support
  • Marketplace full of integrations

Nachteile 👎

  • Not ideal for physical products
  • Can be more expensive with add-ons.

Für wen ist es am besten? ✅

Easy Digital Downloads is the ultimate product for selling digital solutions online. There are countless easy options included for selling eBooks, and you can even use Digital downloads as an agency to create websites for other companies.

mehr zu versuchen Easy Digital Downloads kostenlos oder lesen Sie meine vollständige Easy Digital Downloads Überprüfen.

BigCommerce Alternativen: PrestaShop

Prestashop Homepage - am besten bigcommerce Alternativen

Diese E-Commerce-Plattform mit den branchenüblichen Funktionen ist nicht nur kostenlos zu verwenden, sondern kann auch zum Erstellen eines selbst gehosteten Geschäfts bereitgestellt werden. Sogar der gehostete Service ist kostenlos verfügbar. Wenn Sie eine gute Alternative zu suchen BigCommercesollten Sie auf jeden Fall überprüfen PrestShop out.

PrestaShop is another impressive pick for any small business who wants to experiment with store building. This website builder competes with Wix WooCommerce for ease of use. There’s the option to go with a hosted or self-hosted product, and you get a range of add-ons available to strengthen your store’s functionality.

PrestaShop works well with a range of user-friendly plugins for social media, analytics, Amazon, eBay and many others. You can plug PrestaShop into existing site building solutions like Magento Wix, and there’s a ton of internal coding for developers to experiment. This means you can customize all the details of your SaaS service.

With a range of payment gateways to choose from and a feature-rich environment, this ecommerce website solution is a great pick for business owners. However, you will need to handle things like hosting and SSL certification yourself. You’ll also need to find a developer to work on your online business store for optimization in some cases.

Preisgestaltung ????

Das Open Source PrestaShop experience is free to use. This doesn’t mean you’ll have nothing to pay however, as you’ll still need to pay for things like checkout security, hosting, and so on. You also need to remember that you’re not getting an all-in-one service with back-end management.

Vorteile 👍

  • Excellent for customization
  • Easy to start building your ecommerce store
  • Minimal technical knowledge necessary
  • Viele Anpassungsoptionen
  • Multiple language and currency support

Nachteile 👎

  • You’ll need to handle hosting yourself
  • Limited scaling
  • Not a lot of customer support

Für wen ist es am besten? ✅

If you’re building an ecommerce business and you already have a developer on board, then the PrestaShop solution might be perfect for you. You can customize your ecommerce store, build in email marketing, show unlimited products and more. However, you will have to deal with things like SSL and web hosting yourself.

mehr to try PrestaShop for free or read our full PrestaShop review.


Es gibt Tonnen von BigCommerce alternatives out there, regardless of whether you’re looking for a simple WordPress website, an open-source ecommerce platform, or something that simple adds selling options to your existing sites

Wie im Titel dieses Artikels angegeben, habe ich 10-Alternativen zu den BigCommerce E-Commerce-Plattform oben. Ich hoffe, mindestens eine davon ist eine gute Option für Ihre Anforderungen.

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