Target visitors from specific channels

While universal notification bars are also a great way to show valuable information to your visitors and grab their attention, targeted ones could be more effective when it comes to lead generation.

Smart Notification Bar can recognize visitors who came from Facebook or Google, and you can also target specific sources with the help of URL parameters.

Define your targeting options

Targeting by URL parameters is the most flexible way to identify visitors from a specific source.

For example, if you used Google Ads and auto-tagging, Google automatically added a gclid param to your URL. With Smart Notification Bar you can target that parameter by adding it to the “Parameter rules” field.

Why is this feature great to you? Let's say someone visited your website from a Google ad and you want to make sure that they'll purchase something. You can easily facilitate that by displaying a notification bar with a discount code for your visitor. Just target the gclid parameter and add the discount code to the content of your notification bar.

Facebook ads have similar options and if you send an email campaign by adding UTM parameters to the links in it, those can be targeted as well.

You are not limited to use only the parameters used by Google or Facebook, you can also add your own parameters to the URLs and you can target those.

Take a look at all the features that are available in the Smart Notification bar.

Get the plugin

Smart Notification Bar can help you to easily target your visitors with the best message to drive more sales and grow engagement.