Grow your conversion rate from search by surprising your visitors with a discount code

Probably everybody likes gifts. Especially when they don't expect to get one. With the help of Smart Notification Bar, you can give a small (or big, it's up to you) present to your visitors by showing a discount code at the top of your website.

When someone is actively searching for a product they are in the phase when it's easier to convert them into customers. So if you display a notification bar with a discount code to those who arrived at your site from Google, they more likely will purchase the product from you than from a competitor.

To create a notification bar that acts like this all you need to do is toย select an additional settingย after you created it. It's as easy as turning the lights on or off.

Showing a discount code is just one option to surprise your visitors, you can also drive them to a free product or a hidden product category. It's up to your imagination.

Want to give it a try?

If you'd like to learn more, view all the featuresย that you can use to get more customers and drive more sales.

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Smart Notification Bar can help you to easily target your visitors with the best message to drive more sales and grow engagement.

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