Customize the look and feel of your notification bar

To make it as visible as possible, using the right design for your notification bar is really important. That's why you can change the background color and the font color of any item in your notification bar. If you are into that, you can use color codes to do that, but it's probably much easier to play around with the built-in color picker to find the right combination.

Set the font color, font family and font size of the content in your notification bar

Smart Notification Bar also comes with 6 built-in custom font families. Of course, you can use the default font that is defined by the theme of your WordPress site.

Use the color picker and the font select to change your settings

When a simple color is just not enough, you can also use a background image. You can upload and edit the image with the help of the well-known WordPress media library manager.

Set the background color and / or background image of the notification bar

To avoid “covering” all the space on your visitors' screens, you can also define the height of your notification bar.

Set the height of the notification bar

Take a look at all the features that are available in the Smart Notification bar.

Get the plugin

Smart Notification Bar can help you to easily target your visitors with the best message to drive more sales and grow engagement.

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